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Aircraft are increasingly using cameras to aide flight navigation and document flights. Military aircraft are often equipped with thermal imaging cameras. These cameras detect infrared energy (heat) and convert it into an electrical signal. The signal is then processed and appears as an image on a video monitor located in the cockpit. The heat data can be easily quantified and analyzed. Infrared data can then be used to detect any large aircraft or hazard that may be below the aircraft. The US military first used line scanners, which were a form of infrared scanners. In general, infrared cameras are used on military planes as a means of both attack and defense.

Another type of camera that is becoming increasingly common on aircraft are GoPros. GoPros are mini, portable cameras that are often used to record various outdoors activities such as skiing, biking and even under water activities. GoPros cameras are also becoming a popular way to document activities and journeys.

For example, drivers are placing GoPro cameras inside their cars as a means to record unsafe driving. Amateur pilots are positioning GoPros inside the cockpit or even on the nose of the plane. The amateur pilots may use the recording for training purposes or simply for entertainment. GoPro has a number of accessories that are hands free. Examples include headsets, chest fasteners, curved mounts, adhesive mounts, and hand straps.

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Part No Category Description QTY RFQ
11-11472 mounts wingit mount for cessna Avl RFQ
11-14395 mounts nflightcam ball-head exterior mount for gopro Avl RFQ
11-15053 mounts double suction cup mount for gopro and virb cameras Avl RFQ
11-12364 accessories pilot usa gopro hero 3 / 3+ / 4 to lemo headset recording adapter Avl RFQ
11-12142 gopro gopro head strap mount with quick clip Avl RFQ
11-13168 accessories gopro hero 4 dual battery charger Avl RFQ
11-07917 mounts fat gecko mini camera mount Avl RFQ
11-11398 mounts gopro handlebar mount Avl RFQ
11-12143 gopro gopro suction cup mount Avl RFQ
11-11964 mounts gopro grab bag of mounts Avl RFQ
11-14386 mounts nflight cockpit propeller filter Avl RFQ
11-14385 accessories nflight surface mount spud for sku 525 Avl RFQ
11-15045 accessories camera hood for drift and virb elite Avl RFQ
11-11585 accessories gopro gear box 7 Avl RFQ
11-07112 flightcam360 flightcam360 4 camera shockbox digital video system Avl RFQ
11-12141 mounts gopro junior chest mount harness Avl RFQ
11-11418 sd cards maxflash micro sd 64gb action cam memory card Avl RFQ
11-15193 garmin garmin virb® 360 waterproof spherical camera Avl RFQ
11-14723 accessories gopro hero 5 protective lens replacement Avl RFQ
11-13814 accessories garmin virb x / xe remote control Avl RFQ
11-12823 accessories blurfix 3 plus 55 adapter Avl RFQ
11-13174 gopro gopro sportsman mount Avl RFQ
11-14666 360fly 360fly vented helmet mount black Avl RFQ
11-15050 mounts slim tie down mount for gopro and virb cameras Avl RFQ
11-14823 gopro gopro micro sd card reader lightning connector Avl RFQ
11-12824 accessories blurfix 3 so adapter Avl RFQ
11-13682 gopro crazedpilot helicopter audio recording cable for gopro hero2 & 1/8" mic cameras Avl RFQ
11-12335 gopro nflightcam propeller filter for gopro hero3+ and hero4 Avl RFQ
11-14722 gopro gopro hero 5 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
11-14731 gopro gopro hero 5 black the frame Avl RFQ
11-15228 gopro pilot usa helicopter bose 6 pin lemo headset recording adapter for gopro hero 5 Avl RFQ
11-13680 accessories crazedpilot cockpit audio recording cable for gopro hero3 / hero3+ / hero4 - helicopter Avl RFQ
11-12270 accessories pilot usa virb to dual ga headset recording adapter Avl RFQ
11-12971 gopro gopro lexar high performance 64gb sd card Avl RFQ
10-05785 garmin garmin virb usb power adapter Avl RFQ
11-13196 accessories gopro hero 4 rechargeable battery Avl RFQ
11-13810 garmin garmin virb x / xe aviation bundle - americas Avl RFQ
11-14822 gopro gopro micro sd card reader type c connector Avl RFQ
11-14719 gopro gopro hero5 black 4k ultra hd camera system Avl RFQ
11-12821 accessories blurfix 3 plus tiffen filter pack Avl RFQ
11-15227 gopro pilot usa helicopter u-174 headset recording adapter for gopro hero 5 Avl RFQ
11-14570 360fly 360fly 4k surround video camera system Avl RFQ
11-11518 gopro gopro hero5 black - pilot / flight school kit Avl RFQ
10-05784 accessories garmin lithium ion battery charger Avl RFQ
11-13205 accessories maxflash micro sdhc 64gb action hyperspeed Avl RFQ
10-05797 garmin garmin audio / video cable for garmin virb Avl RFQ
11-14876 gopro nflightcam metal cage for hero 5 black / hero 6 black Avl RFQ
11-14721 gopro gopro dual battery charger and battery for hero 5 black Avl RFQ
11-14388 accessories nflightcam gopro cockpit kit Avl RFQ
11-11583 gopro gopro gear box 3 Avl RFQ
11-14811 accessories nflightcam prop filter for gopro hero5 black / hero6 black Avl RFQ
11-12271 accessories pilot usa virb usb to helicopter headset recording adapter Avl RFQ
11-12970 sd cards gopro lexar high performance 32gb sd card Avl RFQ
11-13813 garmin garmin virb x / xe headset audio cable Avl RFQ
11-15048 mounts slim surface mount for gopro and virb cameras Avl RFQ
11-14724 gopro gopro hero 5 super suit Avl RFQ
11-12339 gopro nflightcam suction cup mount Avl RFQ
11-14729 gopro gopro hero 5 session replacement door Avl RFQ
13-19525 mounts mgf sport gopro / garmin virb adapter Avl RFQ
11-13193 accessories gopro micro hdmi cable Avl RFQ
11-13203 gopro maxflash micro sdhc 32gb action hyperspeed Avl RFQ
11-11413 gopro gopro flat and curved adhesive mount Avl RFQ
11-13817 accessories garmin virb x / xe large adhesive base Avl RFQ
11-15043 accessories glass prop filter 52 Avl RFQ
11-15047 mounts suction cup mount for gopro and virb cameras Avl RFQ
11-13179 accessories gopro the tool thumb screw wrench Avl RFQ
11-14880 accessories garmin virb / virb elite car charger Avl RFQ
11-15041 accessories glass prop filter 52 Avl RFQ
11-07877 mounts fat gecko camera mount Avl RFQ
11-16703 gopro gopro hero 7 silver action camera Avl RFQ
11-14841 garmin garmin virb ultra 30 round prop filter Avl RFQ
11-14726 gopro gopro hero 5 / hero 6 pro 3.5mm mic adapter Avl RFQ
11-11404 mounts gopro wifi remote mounting kit Avl RFQ
11-15064 mounts gopro strut/skid stand ball mount and steel strap Avl RFQ
11-13796 gopro gopro hero 4 session the frame mount Avl RFQ
11-13681 garmin crazedpilot headset audio recording cable for garmin virb - helicopter Avl RFQ
11-14727 gopro gopro hero 5 screen protector Avl RFQ
11-11403 gopro gopro hero 3 wifi remote charging cable Avl RFQ
11-12208 accessories gopro floaty backdoor Avl RFQ
11-14120 flightcam360 flightcam360 4 cam hd wireless waterproof live video system Avl RFQ
11-11584 accessories gopro gear box 5 Avl RFQ
11-08138 flightcam360 flightcam360 blind spot eliminator Avl RFQ
11-14879 mounts nflightcam ultimate action camera cockpit mounting kit Avl RFQ
11-12825 accessories blurfix neutral density filter Avl RFQ
11-11565 accessories pilot usa dual ga headset recording adapter for gopro hero 3 / 3+ / 4 Avl RFQ
11-14828 accessories gopro standard frame for hero session Avl RFQ
11-09358 flightcam360 flightcam360 1080p single camera with quick release cable & lcd Avl RFQ
11-12659 accessories garmin virb prop filter Avl RFQ
11-14878 mounts nflightcam strut clamp mount Avl RFQ
11-14668 360fly 360fly mobile vr headset Avl RFQ
11-14725 gopro gopro hero 5 black replacement side door Avl RFQ
11-13192 gopro gopro anti fog inserts Avl RFQ
11-14833 gopro gopro portable power pack Avl RFQ
11-12337 accessories nflightcam gopro hero 3/3+/4 headset audio recording cable Avl RFQ
11-15226 accessories pilot usa dual ga headset recording adapter for gopro hero 5 Avl RFQ
11-12660 accessories garmin virb headset audio cable Avl RFQ
11-13176 gopro gopro gooseneck mount Avl RFQ
11-11830 accessories knob & nut kit for gopro Avl RFQ
11-15051 mounts slim robby clamp mount for gopro and virb cameras Avl RFQ
11-11397 gopro gopro chest mount harness Avl RFQ

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