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At ASAP Axis, you can count on us to provide the largest selection of aircraft structural components on the market. With over 3 billion new and obsolete parts featured on our database, we provide our clients with immediate access to top items including a comprehensive selection of aircraft radio and servos parts. We readily offer aircraft radio and servos parts including 9468000035-0, 119000005-0, 258000024, 9045000012-0, 9571000128-0 and manufactured by FrSky, Turnigy, Power HD, HobbyKing, SANWA. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 0056B certified enterprise. With an unmatched supply-chain network, we meet mission critical and AOG requirements with ease. Additionally, we maintain a 100% supplier rating from members within our client base. Are you ready for a quote? Submit an Instant RFQ for aircraft radio and servos parts.

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
236000104-3 frsky frsky taranis q x7 digital telemetry radio system 2.4ghz accst (black-no plugs) (eu) Avl RFQ
9114000078-0 turnigy turnigy gt5 6ch 2.4ghz afhds 2a receiver (gyro) Avl RFQ
068000024-0 power hd power hd storm-4 storm-5 high voltage digital servo combo pack Avl RFQ
9236000162-0 frsky frsky r9 slim long range telemetry receiver (international version) fcc compliant Avl RFQ
333000010-0 hobbyking signal converter module sbus-ppm-pwm (s2pb) with alarm Avl RFQ
032000010-0 sanwa sanwa/airtronics rx-472 2.4ghz 4ch fh4t super response receiver w/sanwa synchronized link (ssl) Avl RFQ
AM2004-15x5 top manufacturer twisted 15cm servo lead extention (jr) 22awg (5pcs/set) Avl RFQ
MG14 hextronik hextronik mg-14 digital aircraft servo 23t 2.6kg / 0.11sec / 14g Avl RFQ
236000094-2 frsky frsky horus x12s (eu version) accst 2.4ghz digital tele radio system (mode 1) (texture) (uk plug) Avl RFQ
9171000901-0 orange orangerx r620x v2 6ch 2.4ghz dsm2/dsmx comp full range rx w/sat, div ant, f/safe & sbus Avl RFQ
9914000008-0 jumper jumper t12 transmitter w/jp4in1 multi protocol transmitter module (mode 1) Avl RFQ
333000011-0 hobbyking signal converter module sbus-ppm-pwm (s2pw) Avl RFQ
9236000151-0 frsky frsky taranis x-lite - black (int) Avl RFQ
9225000029-0 hobbyking hobbyking™ hk15178l slow speed digital servo 0.18kg / 0.11sec / 9.8g Avl RFQ
HK15298B hobbyking hobbyking™ coreless digital hv/mg/bb servo 11.5kg / 0.17sec / 66.4g Avl RFQ
9617000001-0 orange orangerx ga400f futaba fasst compatible 4ch 2.4ghz receiver with rssi and sbus Avl RFQ
9236000130-3 frsky frsky horus x10s accst 2.4ghz digital telemetry radio system (mode 2) Avl RFQ
AM2002-45x10 top manufacturer 45cm servo lead extension (jr) 26awg (10pcs/set) Avl RFQ
RP4S1-40 corona corona synthesized receiver 4ch 40mhz (v2) Avl RFQ
BMS-965DMG bluebird bms-965dmg coreless digital metal gear high torque servo 5.7kg / .11sec / 29.5g Avl RFQ
HK47011DMG hobbyking hobbyking™ mi digital high torque servo 25t mg 11.8kg / 0.07sec / 61g Avl RFQ
15000010 top manufacturer 60cm servo lead extention (jr) with hook 26awg (5pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
236000032-3 frsky frsky ac/dc us charge adapter Avl RFQ
TSSR-3 turnigy turnigy 3 channel servo speed/direction regulator Avl RFQ
171000709-0 top manufacturer flat 26awg servo wire 100cm (r/b/y) Avl RFQ
BMS-20304 bluebird bms-20304 plastic gears for bms-306 / bms-306bb / bms-371 & bms-308bb Avl RFQ
474000001-0 top manufacturer servo tape (clear) 25mm x 1m Avl RFQ
032000006-0 sanwa sanwa/airtronics rx-371w 2.4ghz fh-2 3ch waterproof receiver Avl RFQ
450000943-0 hobbyking smartphone transmitter mounting bracket (white) Avl RFQ
236000113-0 frsky frsky xm micro ultra-light 16 channel full-range s.bus receiver (us) Avl RFQ
HK-HA2J hobbyking heavy duty alloy 2in 23t servo arm - jr (red) Avl RFQ
9318000008 turnigy turnigy transmitter muff - black Avl RFQ
9563000040-0 trackstar trackstar water resistant transmitter bag for sanwa mt-4 Avl RFQ
421000003-0 arkbird arkbird 433mhz 10 channel fhss uhf module / repeater station with receiver Avl RFQ
476000013-0 futaba futaba r7008sb 2.4ghz fasstest receiver Avl RFQ
9468000035-0 turnigy turnigy tgy-811 slim wing ds/mg servo 25t 8.2kg / 0.12sec / 30g Avl RFQ
119000005-0 turnigy turnigy tgy-s403p 180° digital robot servo 15.3kg / 0.19sec / 67g Avl RFQ
258000024 top manufacturer 120mm molex 1.25 servo extension (5pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
9045000012-0 turnigy turnigy™ mx-341s mini mg servo 3kg / 0.12sec / 19g Avl RFQ
9571000128-0 top manufacturer flysky fli14 2.4ghz 14ch nano receiver w/rssi output (afhds-2a) Avl RFQ
236000096-0 frsky frsky ass-70 airspeed sensor w/smart port Avl RFQ
TGY-1440A turnigy turnigy™ tgy-1440a analog servo 20t (v2) 0.8kg / 0.10sec / 4.4g Avl RFQ
9114000017-0 hobbyking hobbyking gt2e afhds 2a 2.4ghz 2 channel radio system w/ receiver Avl RFQ
720000009-0 scherrer scherrer rx700lr long range uhf system - spare parts - rc adapter graupner / jr Avl RFQ
TGY-1259TG turnigy turnigy 1259tg digital titanium gear servo 25t 16kg / 0.14sec / 57g Avl RFQ
9295000015-0 orange orangerx ga800hv futaba fasst compatible 8ch 2.4ghz receiver Avl RFQ
922000044-0 trackstar trackstar ts-621mg digital 1/8 scale truggy steering servo 25t 21kg / 0.16sec / 57g Avl RFQ
FR5BANT frsky frsky 2.4g v8 series 5db module antenna Avl RFQ
HK47010DMG hobbyking hobbyking™ mi digital high speed servo 25t mg 5.6kg / 0.04sec / 58g Avl RFQ
9355000063-0 turnigy turnigy™ tgy-1509mg hv/bb/ds/mg car servo 12.8kg / 0.07sec / 55g Avl RFQ
026000010-0 top manufacturer aluminum double servo arm for hitec servos (25 spline) Avl RFQ
9225000052-0 hobbyking hobbyking™ hk-5320s ultra-micro digital servo 0.075kg / 0.09sec / 1.7g Avl RFQ
9114000062-0 turnigy turnigy tgy-ia6b v2 receiver 6ch 2.4g afhds 2a telemetry receiver w/sbus Avl RFQ
9215000109-0 hobbyking hobbyking marine hydrotek racing boat replacement 9g metal gear rudder servo 20t Avl RFQ
171000705-0 top manufacturer twisted 22awg servo wire red/black/white (100cm) Avl RFQ
563000060-0 futaba futaba 8j 8-channel 2.4ghz computer radio system w/ r2008sb receiver (mode2) Avl RFQ
AM2001-40x10 top manufacturer 40cm servo lead (futaba) 32awg ultra light (10pcs/set) Avl RFQ
192000188-0 hobbyking servo arm full arm 1-3/4" 23t blue color (jr) sh-sch51j Avl RFQ
HK002-5 top manufacturer carbon fiber servo arm 40mm (2pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
HK28013-G hobbyking hobbyking™ mi hk28013dmg servo replacement gear set 25t Avl RFQ
015000128-0 top manufacturer twisted 60cm y servo leads (futaba) 24awg (5pc) Avl RFQ
9236000143-0 frsky frsky rx8r pro full duplex telemetry receiver (eu) Avl RFQ
258000025 top manufacturer 60mm jst-sh1.0 servo extension (5pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
616DMG-HS bluebird bms-616dmg+hs digital buggy servo (mg) 10.2kg / .12sec / 51g Avl RFQ
9914000010-0 jumper jumper sf410 sfhss/fhss compatible 2.4ghz 4ch receiver w/s.buss Avl RFQ
OR021-01102 top manufacturer servo lead lock (5pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
9114000058-0 turnigy turnigy evolution digital afhds 2a radio control system w/tgy-ia6c receiver black mode 1 Avl RFQ
HD-SWITCH-S hobbyking power switch and charge port with pre-cut fuel dot Avl RFQ
9171000538-0 orange orangerx switchable 2.4ghz transmitter module (futaba compatible) Avl RFQ
9029000274-0 orange orangerx dsmx/dsm2 compatible 2.4ghz diy transmitter module Avl RFQ
192000185-0 hobbyking servo arm full arm 1-3/4" 23t silver color (jr) Avl RFQ
236000002 frsky frsky vd5m 2.4ghz 5ch micro receiver Avl RFQ
14000020 corona corona r6fa-sb 2.4ghz fasst compatible s.bus receiver Avl RFQ
9236000150-0 frsky frsky xmr receiver (international version) Avl RFQ
9215000063-0 top manufacturer hydropro affinity rg65 racing yacht - winch servo set 25t Avl RFQ
258000051 top manufacturer servo splitter lead 1 female to 5 male (6cm) Avl RFQ
9107000233-0 dr mad thrust dr. mad thrust electronic on/off switch Avl RFQ
AM1052-30CM top manufacturer jr y servo lead 30c length (5pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
9171000559-0 top manufacturer round 2-way switch (long) (2pcs) Avl RFQ
OR022-00501 hobbyking receiver/system switch Avl RFQ
9171000552-0 hobbyking current sensor for orangerx telemetry system Avl RFQ
236000023-0 frsky frsky delta 8 2.4ghz 8ch multi-brand receiver d8/v8 futaba s-fhss/fhss hitec afhss compatible Avl RFQ
BMS-380MG turnigy turnigy™ 380mg micro mg servo 3.6kg / 0.15sec / 16.3g Avl RFQ
TFR4 frsky frsky tfr4 4ch 2.4ghz surface/air receiver fasst compatible Avl RFQ
OR16-3001x2 hobbyking rc controller stick ends. (jr) Avl RFQ
9171001382-0 orange orangerx r610v2 lite dsm2 compatible 6ch 2.4ghz receiver w/cppm (version 2) Avl RFQ
17000159 top manufacturer servo lead tidy - 2pc Avl RFQ
9171000874-0 orange orange rx openlrsng 433mhz receiver module Avl RFQ
236000067-0 frsky frsky x6r 6/16ch s.bus accst telemetry receiver w/smart port (eu) Avl RFQ
HK-HA1F hobbyking heavy duty alloy 1in 25t servo arm - futaba (red) Avl RFQ
122000006 hobbyking color servo mounting screw set (orange) Avl RFQ
14000014 corona corona ds-918mp digital servo 1.8kg / 0.06sec / 9g Avl RFQ
9225000037-0 turnigy turnigy™ tg9e replacement servo gear set Avl RFQ
621DMG-HS bluebird bms-621dmgplushs high speed digital servo (mg) 7.2kg / .10sec / 46.5g Avl RFQ
487000019-0 top manufacturer pick n pull foam (diy customizable foam) (10 sheets per pack) Avl RFQ
9458000003-0 turnigy turnigy™ tgy-180d 180 degree digital servo 2.2kg / 0.10sec / 12g Avl RFQ
9878000003-0 trackstar trackstar handle wrap tape 1100 x 25mm (blue) Avl RFQ
9171000295-0 turnigy turnigy™ servo signal reverser Avl RFQ
XTR01 hobbyking usb simulator cable xtr/aerofly/fms Avl RFQ
9914000009-0 jumper jumper t12 transmitter w/jp4in1 multi protocol transmitter module (mode 2) Avl RFQ

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