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At ASAP Axis, you can count on us to provide the largest selection of aircraft structural components on the market. With over 3 billion new and obsolete parts featured on our database, we provide our clients with immediate access to top items including a comprehensive selection of aircraft radio and servos parts. We readily offer aircraft radio and servos parts including BMS-20312, BMS-20315, BMS-20319, BMS-20321, BMS-20502 and manufactured by Corona, HobbyKing, Bluebird, Top Manufacturer, Turnigy. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 0056B certified enterprise. With an unmatched supply-chain network, we meet mission critical and AOG requirements with ease. Additionally, we maintain a 100% supplier rating from members within our client base.

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
014000035-0 corona corona ds928hv servo 1.7kg / 0.09sec / 9g Avl RFQ
014000036-0 corona corona ds-236mg metal gear servo 7.0kg / 0.12sec / 27g Avl RFQ
014000037-0 corona corona ds-843mg digital high torque micro servo 4.8kg / 0.10sec / 8.5g Avl RFQ
014000038-0 corona corona dt236hv high voltage digital metal gear park servo 6kg / 0.15sec / 27g Avl RFQ
014000043-0 corona corona r4dm-sb dmss compatible 4ch receiver w/sbus Avl RFQ
017000435-0 hobbyking cnc aluminum servo arm - futaba (black) Avl RFQ
017000436-0 hobbyking cnc aluminum servo arm - futaba (gold) Avl RFQ
122000002 bluebird bms-35a high voltage (7.4v) coreless digital servo 35.5kg / .14sec / 74g Avl RFQ
122000005 hobbyking color servo mounting screw set (blue) Avl RFQ
122000006 hobbyking color servo mounting screw set (orange) Avl RFQ
122000007 hobbyking color servo mounting screw set (red) Avl RFQ
122000019-0 bluebird bms-a56v high voltage slim wing (metal gear) 8.6kg / .12sec / 28.4g Avl RFQ
122000020-0 bluebird bms-21hv high voltage micro servo (metal gear) 3.2kg / .09sec / 15.2g Avl RFQ
122000021-0 bluebird bms-22hv high voltage micro servo (metal gear) 2.5kg / .05sec / 16g Avl RFQ
14000002 corona corona ds538hv digital metal gear servo 8kg / 0.12sec / 58g Avl RFQ
14000003 corona corona ds558hv digital metal gear servo 14kg / 0.18sec / 58g Avl RFQ
14000004 corona corona ds339hv digital metal gear servo 5.1kg / 0.13 sec / 32g Avl RFQ
14000005 corona corona ds329hv digital metal gear servo 4.5kg / 0.09sec / 32g Avl RFQ
14000008 corona corona ds-239mg digital slim wing servo (metal gear) 4.6kg / 0.15sec / 22g Avl RFQ
14000010 corona corona ds-319mg digital metal gear servo 4kg / 0.06sec / 34g Avl RFQ
14000012 corona corona cs-239hv analog slim wing servo (metal gear) 4.6kg / .13sec / 22g Avl RFQ
14000013 corona corona ds-239hv digital slim wing servo (metal gear) 4.6kg / 0.13sec / 22g Avl RFQ
14000014 corona corona ds-918mp digital servo 1.8kg / 0.06sec / 9g Avl RFQ
14000015 corona corona cs-918mp analog servo 1.8kg / 0.06sec / 9g Avl RFQ
14000016 corona corona r14fa 2.4ghz fasst compatible reciver Avl RFQ
14000021 corona corona ds633bp digital micro 0.82kg / 0.12sec / 6.2g Avl RFQ
343000001 top manufacturer clip on soft ferrite rings (5pc) Avl RFQ
616DMG-HS bluebird bms-616dmg+hs digital buggy servo (mg) 10.2kg / .12sec / 51g Avl RFQ
621DMG-HS bluebird bms-621dmgplushs high speed digital servo (mg) 7.2kg / .10sec / 46.5g Avl RFQ
660DMG-HS bluebird bms-660dmgplushs super strong digital servo (mg) 14.2kg / .17sec / 52g Avl RFQ
820DMG-HS bluebird bms-820dmg+hs high performance digital metal gear 9.2kg / .09sec / 59g Avl RFQ
9598000003-0 hobbyking cellmaster 7 digital battery health checker Avl RFQ
BMS-1715 bluebird bms-1715 hv coreless digital mg servo (7.4v high voltage) 28.2 kg / 0.15sec / 66g Avl RFQ
BMS-20304 bluebird bms-20304 plastic gears for bms-306 / bms-306bb / bms-371 & bms-308bb Avl RFQ
BMS-20309 bluebird bms-20309 plastic gears for bms-380 Avl RFQ
BMS-20312 bluebird bms-20312 metal gears for bms-380mg Avl RFQ
BMS-20315 bluebird bms-20315 metal gears for bms-380max & bms-385dmax Avl RFQ
BMS-20319 bluebird bms-20319 plastic gears for bms-373 / 373bb / 375dd / 376ddg / 376ddg+hs Avl RFQ
BMS-20321 bluebird bms-20321 metal gears for bms-373mg & bms-375dmg Avl RFQ
BMS-20502 bluebird bms-20502 metal gears for bms-l530 series & bms-l560dmg+hs Avl RFQ
BMS-20506 bluebird bms-20506 metal gears for bms-555mg & bms-555dmg Avl RFQ
BMS-20605 bluebird bms-20605 plastic gears for bms-631 Avl RFQ
BMS-20608 bluebird bms-20608 metal gears for bms-621mg & bms-621dmg+hs Avl RFQ
BMS-20610 bluebird bms-20610 metal gears for bms-631mg Avl RFQ
BMS-20618 bluebird bms-20618 metal gears for bms-617mg+hs & bms-617dmg+hs Avl RFQ
BMS-20701 bluebird bms-20701 plastic gears for bms-705 & bms-760dd Avl RFQ
BMS-20707 bluebird bms-20707 metal gears for bms-706mg & bms-761dmg Avl RFQ
BMS-20708 bluebird bms-20708 plastic gears for bms-136bb Avl RFQ
BMS-20806 bluebird bms-20806 metal gears for bms-830dmg+hs Avl RFQ
BMS-20808 bluebird bms-20808 metal gears for bms-862dmaxplus hs Avl RFQ
BMS-306 bluebird bms-306 micro servo 0.8kg / .11sec / 6g Avl RFQ
BMS-306DMAX bluebird bms-306dmax digital micro servo (extra strong) 1.6kg / .13sec / 7.1g Avl RFQ
BMS-308DB bluebird bms-308db digital dual ball bearing micro servo 1.2kg / 0.10sec / 6g Avl RFQ
BMS-371 bluebird bms-371 micro servo 1.5kg / .12sec / 8.4g Avl RFQ
BMS-371S bluebird bms-371 micro precision servo 1.5kg / .12sec / 9.2g Avl RFQ
BMS-373 bluebird bms-373 micro servo 1.8kg / .08sec / 9.1g Avl RFQ
BMS-373MG bluebird bms-373mg micro servo (metal gear) 1.6kg / .13sec / 11.3g Avl RFQ
BMS-376DDG bluebird bms-376ddg digital servo 1.5kg / .11sec / 9.8g Avl RFQ
BMS-385DMAX bluebird bms-385dmax digital servo (metal gear) 4.2kg / .15sec / 16.5g Avl RFQ
BMS-390DMH bluebird bms-390dmh high performance digital servo (extra strong) 5.4kg / .11sec / 22.5g Avl RFQ
BMS-396DMH bluebird bms-396dmh high performance mg digital mini servo 2.5 kg / 0.16sec / 22.5g Avl RFQ
BMS-410STD bluebird bms-410std standard servo 4.4kg / .22sec / 42g Avl RFQ
BMS-620 bluebird bms-620 high torque servo 9.1kg / .15sec / 45g Avl RFQ
BMS-620MG bluebird bms-620mg high torque servo (metal gear) 9.1kg / .15sec / 51g Avl RFQ
BMS-621 bluebird bms-621 high speed servo 6.4kg / .13sec / 41g Avl RFQ
BMS-630MG bluebird bms-630mg super strong servo 13kg / .17sec / 49g Avl RFQ
BMS-631 bluebird bms-631 super fast servo 5.0kg / .10sec / 43g Avl RFQ
BMS-631MG bluebird bms-631mg super fast servo (metal gear) 5.0kg / .10sec / 46g Avl RFQ
BMS-705 bluebird bms-705 low profile high torque servo 6.0kg / .18sec / 28g Avl RFQ
BMS-705MG bluebird bms-705mg low profile high torque servo (metal gear) 6.0kg / .18sec / 36g Avl RFQ
BMS-760DD bluebird bms-760dd low profile digital servo 5.6kg / .18sec / 28g Avl RFQ
BMS-955DMG bluebird bms-955dmg digital low profile high speed metal gear servo 5.2kg / 0.08sec / 45g Avl RFQ
BMS-965DMG bluebird bms-965dmg coreless digital metal gear high torque servo 5.7kg / .11sec / 29.5g Avl RFQ
BMS-966DMG bluebird bms-966dmg digital metal gear high speed servo 3.4kg / 0.06sec / 29g Avl RFQ
BMS-L530DMG bluebird bms-l530dmg digital servo (mg) 19.8kg / .15sec / 140.5g Avl RFQ
BMS-L530MG bluebird bms-l530mg 1/5 scale servo 19.8kg / .15sec / 140.5g Avl RFQ
C-DS-929MG corona corona digital servo ds-929mg 2.2kg / 0.11sec / 12.5g Avl RFQ
CAH35 hobbyking cnc alloy servo arm short (futaba) Avl RFQ
CR4D-2.4-II corona corona 2.4ghz 4ch receiver (v2 dsss) Avl RFQ
CS238MG corona corona cs238mg metal gear servo 4.6kg / 0.14sec / 22g Avl RFQ
CS939MG corona corona 939mg metal gear servo 2.5kg / 0.14sec / 12.5g Avl RFQ
DS538MG corona corona 538mg digital metal gear servo 7.0kg / 0.13sec / 53g Avl RFQ
DS929MG-HV corona corona ds929hv (7.4v) mg digital servo 2.4kg / 0.09sec / 12.5g Avl RFQ
DS939MG-HV corona corona ds939hv digital metal gear servo 2.8kg / 0.12sec / 12.5g Avl RFQ
HI-LONG-ARM hobbyking cnc alloy servo arm long (hitec) Avl RFQ
HI-SHORT-ARM hobbyking cnc alloy servo arm short (hitec) Avl RFQ
HK002-1 top manufacturer carbon fiber servo arm 58mm (2pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
HK002-5 top manufacturer carbon fiber servo arm 40mm (2pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
HK002-8 top manufacturer carbon fiber servo arm 53mm (2pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
JR-DBL-ARM top manufacturer cnc alloy double servo arm x-long (jr) Avl RFQ
MF35H6P top manufacturer cnc alloy double servo arm x-long (futaba) Avl RFQ
MF40H6P turnigy cnc alloy double servo arm x-long (futaba) Avl RFQ
MH40H6P top manufacturer cnc alloy double servo arm x-long (hitec) Avl RFQ
MJ40H6P top manufacturer cnc alloy double servo arm x-long (jr) Avl RFQ
R2_T4.0440B top manufacturer cnc rudder 2 tray 4.0 inch (#4-40) black Avl RFQ
R2_T4.5M3B top manufacturer cnc rudder 2_tray only (m3) black Avl RFQ
RD820II-35 corona corona 8ch dual conv. rx 35mhz (without crystal) Avl RFQ
RP8FII-2.4G corona corona 2.4ghz futaba module & rx (v2 dsss) Avl RFQ
RTArms5M3TiS top manufacturer cnc rudder mount arm 5.0 inch (m3) ti silver Avl RFQ
TOCAH002 hobbyking cnc alloy servo arm long (futaba) Avl RFQ

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