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Bearings help support and guide the rotating or sliding element of a machine, and aircraft bearings is crucial in aerospace industries. There are numerous types of bearings that each help to reduce friction within a machine. Instead of two stationary materials sliding past one another, a bearing streamlines the movement as the surface area of moving parts is reduced, thereby reducing friction and increase efficiency. The efficiency of the machine is increased as the bearings mitigate the amount of power the moving element uses.

Aircraft Bearings come in all different shapes and sizes. Ball bearings, roller bearings, ball thrust bearings, mounted bearings, slide bearing, and jewel bearings are all different categories.

Many different industries use bearings; for example, ball bearings are used in the wheels of inline skates. There are industries that use bearings, and different types of bearings, in most of their machines. These industries are: the aerospace, automotive, and marine industries.

We, at ASAP Axis, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supply aviation bearing parts from top manufacturers worldwide. A few of the manufacturers that provide high-quality bearings are SKF, NTN Bearing Corp, RBC, and Timken.

Bearings in Aerospace:
If you were to dismantle an aircraft or an unmanned aerial vehicle, you would find multiple aircraft bearings. The bearings used in an aircraft would most likely differ from those found in the UAV. This is because the material of the bearing is carefully considered in relation to the conditions in which it is working. The amount of thrust that an aircraft produces is greater than the amount of thrust a UAV produces. As a consequence, the bearing in an aircraft must be able to withstand more friction. To be deemed airworthy by the FAA, using the correct type of bearing for the equipment is important. If an ill-suited bearing is used in an aircraft, the overall standard of the aircraft could be compromised.

Fixed Wing Aircraft Bearings:
Bearings can be found in aircraft landing gear. Upper and lower bearings are located in the main landing gear structure. The bearings are designed to absorb shock as the plane touches the runway during landing. Bearings are also used to manipulate control surface such   as ailerons.

Rotary Wing Aircraft Bearings:
Motor rotor bearing are specific to rotary wing aircraft. Tail rotor bearings, main rotor swashplate slider bearings and main rotor pitch link bearings are all examples.

Bearings in Automotives:
Similar to aircraft, bearings are used in the moving parts of an automotive: water pumps, transmissions, and wheels. A closer inspection of the inside of a car will show bearings being used in the gearbox, wheels, suspension and clutch.

Bearing in Marine Craft:
Salt is the important element to note with the use of bearings in marine craft. Bearings such as thrust pad bearings, main bearings, and pedestal bearings must have some level of resistance to corrosion. Bronze bearings, tri metal bearings, and bi-metal bearings are popular choices of marine craft bearing material. Bearings can be found on passenger vessels, container vessels and battleship amongst many other marine craft.

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spacer bearing lock connector bearing press bearing hand capstan bearing
liner bearing actua yoke and bearing b drive assy inner race bearing lower bearing assy 5th o size
bearing flange 75 x 1 25 bearing probe bearing wheel inner bearing equipped 9507 550
spacer bearing beve bearing and pin uni bearing head assemb inc bearing nadella
bracket and bearing assy bearing assembly ai shield bearing hinge and bearing assembly
bearing insert assy inc bearing linear bearing ram housing bearing t r g b
locknut bearing retaining tool set bearing staking bearing roller frt pump hyd bearing 15mm x 24mm
bearing rh rod and bearing ass bearing small flap mod puller bearing gearbox pinion
heim bearing rod end cover rear bearing pin upper bearing r grease bearing hi temp 14oz
bearing crank and c bearing x6185 bearing slotted adapter bearing assy
bearing torque slip bearing retainer elevator cover end bearing bearing upper mlg
rework bearing bearing upper one race cup bearing bearing cam transla
inner gimbel bearing bearing fan shaft brasses bearing bearing assycamshaf
ball bearing r44 t r p c insert bearing hook cone and rollers bearing xc02638cb housing bearing con
bearing housing black oxide hsg bearing swash lower fc ring of bearing bearing lever input
25 bearing 62715 03 lower bearing nlg 3rd oversize lower bearing assy bearing plate fore f
s n bearing input shaft bl bearing bearing and cap assy needle bearing airc
bearing parking brake bearing use 6203f685m16 dummy bearing bearing tool assemb
tool bearing pivot bolt assembly mast bearing housing roller bearing cover bearing flange sleeve
equipped r h self aligning bearing bearing assembly sh bearing connecting rod to 18m26105 bearing rh assy
bearing retainer plate assy bearing aircraft plate bearing assem bearing assembly rod end
bearing rudder pedal spacer med bearing support bearing flap bearing drum
sa bearing guide bearing retainer inter bearing shell main bearing rod end inl
cam follower needle bearing bearing assembly th bearing shelf life n a spacer assy bearing
spacer bearing m ai pusher bearing inne pipe end bearing fe bearing 25gfr155s
bearing ball douplex intermediate bearing lu bearing sleeve bse de bearing r
strip bearing hydra strip bearing assem retainer bearing br spindle bearing fue
roller and bearing bearing ball anular retainer bearing tr block bearing removal
bearing mat bearing plain flanged lh bearing puller turbine front bearing l
bearing yoke actuat bearing cover aircr bearing sleeve torque arm outboard bearing conical
bearing sleeve modified cone bearing a le v shield bearing turb bearing ball type 626 2z c3
bearing split race bearings fixed matched set small s bearing grease 2oz lower bearing 2nd oversize
bearing retainer split bearing assy sleeve shim pack bearing h plate rear bearing
bearing ball annular flanged d bearing end ay bearing pump drive bearing gear assemb
hanger bearing airc housing bearing driven compresso bearing strut assem distance bearing ind r bdi 36
kit seal bearing lwr nlg fixture bearing measurement bearing liquid sp double bearing
gasket bearing cart cup locking bearing seal air bearing bearing de a340
housing bearing unit bearing outer equipped bracket bearing oil bearing roller axle
seal fixed bearings small stage ball bearing clutch assy bearing assembly ar bearing cross end
retainer bearing oi bearing ball 9mm bore puller bearing seal pinion and bearing kit
bearing sferical adapter bearing the shaft bearing immobilizin bearing ball shiel
cyclic bearing bearing structure door parts kit bearing lock plate bearing
bearing side top puller rear bearing support bearing jac com 3 11 bearing aurora
adapter bearing str bearing aileron bearing gasoline en support assem bearing door hinge
cup bearing wheel assembly bearing radial swivel cage bearing assemb bearing drive
liner bearing hinge bushing bearing sleeve bearing general rod end bearing option ic
bearing liner no3 bearinglower mainl drift comp front bearing outer bearing ball conrad
bearing turbine ste gage bearing cage top bearing bearing wear ring
bearing needle with seal brg bearing roll caging bearing and shaft s extractor bearing pitch cont
baffle rear bearing main bearing set spherical bearing seal bearing oil cr

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