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Bearings help support and guide the rotating or sliding element of a machine. There are numerous types of bearings that each help to reduce friction within a machine. Instead of two stationary materials sliding past one another, a bearing streamlines the movement as the surface area of moving parts is reduced, thereby reducing friction and increase efficiency. The efficiency of the machine is increased as the bearings mitigate the amount of power the moving element uses.

Bearings come in all different shapes and sizes. Ball bearings, roller bearings, ball thrust bearings, mounted bearings, slide bearing, and jewel bearings are all different categories.

Many different industries use bearings; for example, ball bearings are used in the wheels of inline skates. There are industries that use bearings, and different types of bearings, in most of their machines. These industries are: the aerospace, automotive, and marine industries.

We, at ASAP Axis, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supply aviation parts from top manufacturers worldwide. A few of the manufacturers that provide high-quality bearings are SKF, NTN Bearing Corp, RBC, and Timken.

Bearings in Aerospace:
If you were to dismantle an aircraft or an unmanned aerial vehicle, you would find multiple bearings. The bearings used in an aircraft would most likely differ from those found in the UAV. This is because the material of the bearing is carefully considered in relation to the conditions in which it is working. The amount of thrust that an aircraft produces is greater than the amount of thrust a UAV produces. As a consequence, the bearing in an aircraft must be able to withstand more friction. To be deemed airworthy by the FAA, using the correct type of bearing for the equipment is important. If an ill-suited bearing is used in an aircraft, the overall standard of the aircraft could be compromised.

Fixed Wing Aircraft Bearings:
Bearings can be found in aircraft landing gear. Upper and lower bearings are located in the main landing gear structure. The bearings are designed to absorb shock as the plane touches the runway during landing. Bearings are also used to manipulate control surface such   as ailerons.

Rotary Wing Aircraft Bearings:
Motor rotor bearing are specific to rotary wing aircraft. Tail rotor bearings, main rotor swashplate slider bearings and main rotor pitch link bearings are all examples.

Bearings in Automotives:
Similar to aircraft, bearings are used in the moving parts of an automotive: water pumps, transmissions, and wheels. A closer inspection of the inside of a car will show bearings being used in the gearbox, wheels, suspension and clutch.

Bearing in Marine Craft:
Salt is the important element to note with the use of bearings in marine craft. Bearings such as thrust pad bearings, main bearings, and pedestal bearings must have some level of resistance to corrosion. Bronze bearings, tri metal bearings, and bi-metal bearings are popular choices of marine craft bearing material. Bearings can be found on passenger vessels, container vessels and battleship amongst many other marine craft.

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anode bearing carri asna0185 052a spherical bearing adapter bearing tur 7bearing roller
asna0137 35e1 bearing 4016034 bearing grease 1 10 aay bearing assy a005 3 spindle bearing 2 blades
a0019 0961mv spherical bearing 551253 ball bearing aay bearing and housing assy anvil bearing
asna0134 10e bearing a0212cg20e2ar end ball bearing adjuster bearing rh 101 126 127 rb bearing
asna0137 35e2 bearing adapter ring roller bearing adapter bearing the aay shaft bearing assy
abec 7 angular contact bearing 12 24v starter bearing overhau a184 3 bearing assy o h aay mechay shaft and bearing assy
0 026 shim bearing adats actuator bearing analysis am 3m 5 bearing aurora a2 a3 distance bearing
ag6e bearing ag16g20 bearing ball airframe agn17esp1g20 bearing a0019 0952mv spherical bearing
a184 3 bearing assy oh exch 8 bearing retaining plate aay mech drum and bearing assy asna0185 062a spherical bearing
6th oversize lower bearing assy assembly bearing cup outboard assembly bearing tu 101 127tdb end ball bearing
ap12sp5g20 bearing adapter block and bearing adapter bearing a0019 965mv spherical bearing
adapter bearing adjuster 0750118442 bearing angle lower bearing leading edge a041 damper bearing rem instl ki
adapter bearing nose landing gear shock strut abutment bearing 7th oversize lower bearing assy adjuster bearing
1bearing sleeve agt ring lower bearing static 8 bearing spanner nut angular contact bearing
6013 2rs bearing 649144a bearing ag12esp2g20 bearing adapter bearing inp
2 part bearing angle lower bearing asna0136 16e2 bearing 27bearing ball annular
25 bearing 62715 03 101 127t end ball bearing asna0126 15e bearing adapter fitting bearing block
asna0185 123a spherical bearing 8 bearing and sleeve assy 36461 1 end ball bearing a0019 0965m spherical bearing
adapter torque shaft bearing 4th oversize lower bearing assy a0212cd20e2as end ball bearing assembly bearing co
8231 timken bearing ag12esp1g20 bearing aft pad bearing acme nut detent bearing
asna0186 201a bearing swivel 5 bearing spanner nut adaptor bearing 2 bearing package
agn12g20 bearing 31306712002 bearing 101 127gt end ball bearing a0212cd10e2ar end ball bearing
adapter mounting bearing adapter bearing oil 6th oversize lower bearing s a 9503000113 bearing ball
a062 1 tr hub bearing elastomeric adapter bearing m r g b asna0185 121a spherical bearing adapter bearing pressure tube
7 bearing spanner nut 101 126tm end ball bearing 5th oversize lower bearing assy asna0213kd06a roller bearing
asna0134 17e bearing 50 bearing 7th oversized lower bearing s a assembly bearing
asna0137 32e2 bearing 02 27 01 bearing agn15esp3 bearing a0212cd20e1ar end ball bearing
ajusting spherical bearing asna0136 35e2 bearing adapter bearing sha 20 bearing ball
assembly bearing surface anvil bearing tool a0019 0961m spherical bearing assembly bearing cup
a11 bearing filter accelerometer diff no1 bearing a184 3 bearing o h kit aay bearing and hsg assy
asna0136 32e2 bearing 7bearing ball 101 126tmg end ball bearing anvil bearing remov
11 13 00 screw frong bearing retai a008 4 tr blades and hub bearing el 20 bearing oilite adptr adapter bearing
2 part bearing cone and cup adapter bearing t adaptor bearing cup anti torque bearing
asna0136 25e2 bearing arbor bearingizing agn8 bearing adapter bearing nos
5 bearing reinforcement 105 21831 eng bearing support assy assembly bearing spherical adapter sleeve bearing
624ee bearing asna0185 141a spherical bearing aay mechay shaft and bearing assem ap8 11eg20 bearing
2nd oversized lower bearing assy 0 025 shim bearing 7cup bearing 1 bearing roller
4 and 5 bearing package adapter bearing sho 0 035 shim bearing a181 4 bearing o h kit
1st oversize lower bearing s a adapter tool bearing removal 07100 bearing a005 5 mr hub bearing and journal
angle assy bearing cover a181 4 bearing oh exch 101 126gdbt end bearing assembly pcb bearing
a0019 0952m spherical bearing 0 020 shim bearing asna0137 40e2 bearing angle retaining bearing
a2 a3 bearing distance adapter bearing block asna0134 12e bearing a0019 0955mv spherical bearing
3 4 bearing cage am 4m 13 bearing a0212cg20p2ar end fitting bearing 649323b bearing
adapter bearing str ag8g20 bearing a0212cd20e2ar end ball bearing 11 02 06 bearing
31606203003 spacer bearing 07 30 04 flange bearing adapter bearing pos adapter bearing sle
10 bearing ps 10065 40 asna0136 20e2 bearing 3rd oversize lower bearing assy 36k bearing
2004 102 bearing needle a005 4 mr hub 6 a648 bearings aircraft bearings 101 128tm end ball bearing
101 126dbt end bearing asna0185 171a spherical bearing a030 1 tr hub bearing 7208 1av bearing
a008 2 tr blades and hub bearing se asna0186 121a bearing swivel adapter bearing assy 1st oversize lower bearing assy
adapter bearing bre adapter bearing upp 2 bearing cover 04 16 01 bearing

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