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Fasteners form a solid connection between two different objects. They are usually a small piece of hardware that secures objects together without creating a permanent joint. What differentiates a fastener from a rope  or hinge, is the fixed nature of the fastener. Ropes and clips are maneuverable, whereas a fastener is rigid in nature. A rope can help tow a car, but the nature of the rope is flexible, making it structurally less sound. In comparison, a fastener, such as a lock bolt fastener are very sturdy pieces of hardware that can withstand high strength standards.

Due to the large number of different types of fasteners, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) created a uniform manufacturing standard. Fasteners must be uniform in shape, material, and composition. Similarly, the Military has a set of standards that all fasteners must be compliant with. The most important standard for fasteners for military purposes is traceability. The Military must be able to trace the fastener all the way back to the manufacturer and supply chain.

Fasteners come in all different shapes and sizes. Most people would recognize a screw, clip, clasp, pin or ring. The shape of these pieces can vary, therefore alternating the applicability of the fastener. For example, hex bolts are typically used in machinery and construction, whereas, wood screws are used in carpentry.

Types of screw fasteners include hex bolts, wood screws, sheet metal screws and socket screws. Washer types include flat, fender, finishing, split lock, square and dock.

We at ASAP Axis, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, supply aviation parts from top manufacturers worldwide. A few of the manufacturers that provide premium fasteners are PCC Fasteners, Arconic, Eaton, HI Shear, Monogram, and Huck International.

Fasteners Used in Aerospace:
As an aircraft climbs higher into the air, the pressure level and altitude cause a shift in the shape of the aircraft body. Due to this environment, the fasteners used in an aircraft must be more durable than a simple binder clip. Fasteners can be defined by the type of joint the fastener will be connected to. For example, is the fastener required to be load bearing? The material of the fastener is chosen in regard to the location of the fastener. Aluminum is a popular material as it is lightweight and inexpensive. The temperature range, however, is not the most optimum.  An example of an aluminum fastener is the Jo-Bolt fastener that is used in difficult riveting jobs.

In comparison to aluminum, steel is a more reliable material considering the condition of an aircraft. Steel is able to withstand higher levels of corrosion; however, it is heavier than aluminum.

Fasteners in Automotives:
The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sets out a list of guidelines that all automotive fasteners must comply with. The most common fasteners used  in the automotive industry include bolts, nuts and studs.

Bolts are described in terms of the head, thread and grip. The head has various designs and shapes. The grip on a bolt is longer than the thread to ease the application. Nuts fall under two categories: self-locking and non-self-locking. They also differ in shape and size depending on their use. Nuts are easy to distinguish between bolts as they are usually square or hexagonal in nature, with a hole in the middle. Nuts are used to secure bolts.

In comparison to bolts, studs are threaded on each end, with an unthreaded middle. Studs are used in automotive engines where bolts are not applicable.

Fasteners in Marine Craft
The biggest consideration when using fasteners in marine craft is the level of corrosion. Fasteners must be made out of a material that is durable  enough to withstand high levels of salt. Unlike in aircraft and automotives, wood is commonly used in marine craft, therefore the material of the  fasteners is more specific.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Stainless steel is a popular material choice of marine craft fasteners. Stainless steel has a high tolerance to corrosion. An example of a stainless-steel fastener is the 316 grade stainless steel series.

An alternative material to stainless steel is silicon bronze. An alloy copper and tin, silicon bronze is well matched to the conditions on a marine craft. It is very resistant to corrosion, strong, and durable.

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botton fastener catch fastener side fastener ay captive cap snap fastener
3030 10 fastener cup cowl fastener fabric fastener dzus fastener
blind fastener eyelet fastener eyelet turnlock fastener fastener belt
button fastener snap style fastener assy brkt assem cowl fastener cover fastener
anvil fastener inst fastener assy self 840 2 0 inch loop fastener cowling fastener na
bolt fastener fastener actuator curtain fastener ki blind bolt fastener
840 2 0 inch hook fastener clip lead fastener fastener ball stud fastener assembly
fairing fastener forward radome 55110 2 quick locking fastener cap fastener 8630 3426 fastener
fastener 1 4 turn panel ae5 50 fastener dzus fastener black fastener assy fwd
fastener assembly c aircraft fasteners aj6 70dkn dzus fastener fastener assembly cowl
51l1 1 1aa fastener snap chain fastener fastener assy panel captive fastener
camloc fastener 1 in interlocking fastener fastener assy captive fastener 1 4 tn assy
eyelet snap fastener fastener assy capti driver fastener sle bolt blind fastener
fastener angle adc 850 button snap fastener belt fastener 26s40 1 pin fastener
fastener aircraft m chuck fastener inst block fastener bracket fastener modification inle
fastener assy pin collar bracket fastener support fastener assembly turnlock fastener adapter
15cdv6 front fastener cup fastener expandable fastener asna0082 201 fastener blind
212685 0 fastener core fastener speci 100 schrew fastener 40s5 10 fastener
1 4 turn fastener fastener blade comp durable dot fastener equipped tab higher fastener
bracket fastener catch fastener fairing fastener click bond fastener
clinch plate snap fastener aj6 80dkn dzus fastener asna2154c01 fastener 2600 16 pin fastener
eyelet fastener snap style cover assy fastener frame prtctn equipped c8 fastener pin equipped rear fastener
dual lock fastener tape 1 in fastener baffle attachment fasteners cowling fastener nacelle
expandable fasteners 840 1 0 inch hook fastener 50 yd equipped lower fastener 2 in interlocking fastener 5
chain fastener angl 2 in interlocking fastener fastener barrel 3m scotchmate fastener loop
fastener airframe assy fastener bracket 13 0404 00 fastener stop package 3 16 hex nut fastener
canloc fastener c3655 fastener bracket assy cowl fastener 3 1 2 stud fastener assem panel po
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angle fastener supp fastener bead chain fastener 1 4 turn fastener air inlet hoop
dzus fastener blk epoxy ca 840 1 0 inch loop fastener 50 yd cleco pushbutton fastener clip fastener
40s5 12 fastener 60138 fastener fastener assy toggle 3m scotchmate fastener hook
fastener asy blade fastener cleco fastener baffle fastener

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