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ASAP Axis, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, offers our clients a next-generation parts purchasing platform. We readily provide Caterpillar Inc items such as 118-1655, 174-0654, 5B5744, 4H5402, 5L4195. As an industry-leading distributor, we provide a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts. Our clients rely on us to provide high quality parts to meet their Aviation parts requirements, as such, we are a trusted FAA AC-0056B accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Additionally, we are a member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), and maintain a No China Sourcing Policy on all of our products.

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Part No RFQ
118-1655 RFQ
174-0654 RFQ
5B5744 RFQ
4H5402 RFQ
5L4195 RFQ
137-2819 RFQ
5H8285 RFQ
6E1108 RFQ
9Y6546 ITEM 55 RFQ
7R7616 RFQ
2124892 RFQ
7B6787 RFQ
7C7852 RFQ
7B207 RFQ
8D2593 RFQ
1N7004 ITEM 40 RFQ
8S9223 RFQ
5K3494 RFQ
5B4316 RFQ
9S5214 RFQ
1U-8826 RFQ
7S8302 RFQ
4N5342 RFQ
6P7709 RFQ
8B3009 RFQ
353-2752 RFQ
9B2295 RFQ
126-1774 RFQ
5T1244 RFQ
4W8090 RFQ
1F6208 RFQ
117-7114 RFQ
7N2443 RFQ
7K7195 RFQ
7N5984 RFQ
109-0624 RFQ
7F5075 RFQ
9F1680 RFQ
2W7566 RFQ
4B8141 RFQ
1H1547 RFQ
1T0902 RFQ
4H3186 RFQ
9Y6910 ITEM 7 RFQ
212-4953 RFQ
3P7899 RFQ
1U1967 RFQ
8J1022 RFQ
8D5216 RFQ
4P-9944 RFQ
1M0991 RFQ
5P7592 RFQ
5P9514 RFQ
6H4058 RFQ
8M0341 RFQ
167-4228 RFQ
213-6687 RFQ
3F3874 RFQ
5P9066 RFQ
1295620 RFQ
7B4812 RFQ
1602247 RFQ
1T1278 RFQ
9V-3043 RFQ
103-8134 RFQ
7J1334 RFQ
2P4698 RFQ
254-1434 RFQ
5P5167 RFQ
8N9066 RFQ
104-5047 RFQ
6F6854 RFQ
9H9848 RFQ
1T0805 RFQ
1M1216 RFQ
2F2399 RFQ
3F8913 RFQ
6K4717 RFQ
5S5270 RFQ
223-7471 RFQ
1B1585 RFQ
2P1005 RFQ
1W7524 RFQ
4W6502 RFQ
9M9760 RFQ
9F7891 RFQ
1J2087 RFQ
1P3934 RFQ
8S5448 RFQ
687263 RFQ
6V7668 RFQ
6V8797 RFQ
5A2063 RFQ
6B0768 RFQ
2L-7103 RFQ
1552270 RFQ
1W6005 RFQ
3S0777 RFQ
2135407 RFQ
5S4863 RFQ
5M2807 RFQ
1035962 RFQ
9W-1794 RFQ
8J7650 RFQ
8F4631 RFQ
119-2138 RFQ
9J0112 RFQ
3H6849 RFQ
1V5326 RFQ
4D6640 RFQ
5F1076 RFQ
7J6862 RFQ
4I-0453 RFQ
3D4505 RFQ
2332577 RFQ
9V6374 RFQ
826739 RFQ
2F2360 RFQ
1F2439 RFQ
2A0304 RFQ
8E8296 RFQ
8G1029 RFQ
3L1869 RFQ
8F6921 RFQ
9N5925 RFQ
4H8697 RFQ
0347897 RFQ
8N2487 RFQ
8T0209 RFQ
3J3953 RFQ
7M7659 RFQ
7C6967 RFQ
1F0908 RFQ
9S3321 RFQ
6V0663 RFQ
105-0254 RFQ
9T5086 RFQ
1F3279 RFQ
7M4925 RFQ
4J5695 RFQ
3J3989 RFQ
8V1596 RFQ
7C6965 RFQ
118-5844 RFQ
3K6662 RFQ
5P4921 RFQ
7W5561 RFQ
9F2330 RFQ
7C6969 RFQ
6G0733 RFQ
1077332 RFQ
1661990 RFQ
1F2437 RFQ
9L8338 RFQ
3J695 RFQ
9Y4754 ITEM 3 RFQ
9S6616 RFQ
3B6400 RFQ
01P232 RFQ
4N5341 RFQ
101-3846 RFQ
687219 RFQ
9F1026 RFQ
160-7689 RFQ
3F6889 RFQ
3G3156 RFQ
1H2754 RFQ
1177252 RFQ
8E3431 RFQ
2H7009 RFQ
5H454 RFQ
1F929 RFQ
1W4738 RFQ
7S9182 RFQ
8N4780 RFQ
7H6874 RFQ
220-1012 RFQ
200-0809 RFQ
1W6589 RFQ
6V6686 RFQ
8C-8052 RFQ
6V9191 RFQ
3J0695 RFQ
119-2141 RFQ
7B9454 RFQ
8J0098 RFQ
0780164 RFQ
646370 RFQ
9S684 RFQ
9M5239 RFQ
4B2404 RFQ
200-2282 RFQ
1M9695 RFQ
1W2332 RFQ
1P0465 RFQ
2M7100 RFQ
1K6692 RFQ
7W6335 RFQ
8B2923 RFQ
2942017 RFQ

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