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ASAP Axis, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, offers our clients a next-generation parts purchasing platform. We readily provide Intel Corporation items such as TXN132211013D45, TXN132202013D42, TXN1322540133, TXN132243015BX5, TXN132281015A42 and NSN . As an industry-leading distributor, we provide a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with items such as Fiber Optic Transmitters Receivers ..., Miscellaneous Electronic Components. Our clients rely on us to provide high quality parts to meet their Aviation parts requirements, as such, we are a trusted FAA AC-0056B accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Additionally, we are a member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), and maintain a No China Sourcing Policy on all of our products.

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Part No RFQ
TXN132211013D45 RFQ
TXN132202013D42 RFQ
TXN1322540133 RFQ
TXN132243015BX5 RFQ
TXN132281015A42 RFQ
TXN132211013A43 RFQ
TXN1322140135 RFQ
TXN132213015CX5 RFQ
TXN132272013A42 RFQ
TXN132282015D41 RFQ
TXN132254015C45 RFQ
TXN1322130132 RFQ
TXN132243013A41 RFQ
TXN132252013B43 RFQ
TXN132272015C42 RFQ
TXN1322140132 RFQ
TXN132242013DX1 RFQ
TXN132203013AX2 RFQ
TXN132274015A45 RFQ
TXN132201015AX5 RFQ
TXN132282013MX3 RFQ
TXN132201013MX1 RFQ
TXN132244015BX5 RFQ
TXN132251013B42 RFQ
TXN132271013BX2 RFQ
TXN132244015CX1 RFQ
TXN132251015DX3 RFQ
TXN132202013CX5 RFQ
TXN132212015C45 RFQ
TXN132282013CX3 RFQ
TXN132211013AX5 RFQ
TXN132271015MX1 RFQ
TXN132273015DX2 RFQ
TXN132282015CX2 RFQ
TXN132253013D42 RFQ
TXN1322140131 RFQ
TXN132242013C43 RFQ
TXN132203015AX2 RFQ
TXN132243015D45 RFQ
TXN132254015A42 RFQ
TXN1322720151 RFQ
TXN132201015D45 RFQ
TXN132252013AX5 RFQ
TXN132271013D41 RFQ
TXN132283013D42 RFQ
TXN132272015B42 RFQ
TXN132213013B41 RFQ
TXN132242013C42 RFQ
TXN132251013B43 RFQ
TXN132242015MX2 RFQ
TXN132252013C45 RFQ
TXN132283015CX1 RFQ
TXN132242015MX5 RFQ
TXN132284013MX3 RFQ
TXN132272015A43 RFQ
TXN132284013AX1 RFQ
TXN132274015DX5 RFQ
TXN132244013B41 RFQ
TXN132271013C43 RFQ
TXN132253013C45 RFQ
TXN132272013BX1 RFQ
TXN1322030133 RFQ
TXN132253013C42 RFQ
TXN132281013C43 RFQ
TXN132212013BX2 RFQ
TXN132274015MX5 RFQ
TXN132284013DX1 RFQ
TXN132243015D42 RFQ
TXN132274013B42 RFQ
TXN132282015A45 RFQ
TXN132244013AX3 RFQ
TXN132242015BX5 RFQ
TXN132273013CX1 RFQ
TXN132242013CX2 RFQ
TXN132283015DX1 RFQ
TXN132203013C43 RFQ
TXN132283015M45 RFQ
TXN132282013M45 RFQ
TXN132242013M45 RFQ
TXN132243013CX1 RFQ
TXN132254015DX5 RFQ
TXN132244013C43 RFQ
TXN132272013MX5 RFQ
TXN132242013CX3 RFQ
TXN132213015D42 RFQ
TXN132273013M45 RFQ
TXN132212013BX5 RFQ
TXN132284015MX3 RFQ
TXN132201015MX1 RFQ
TXN132284015A45 RFQ
TXN132281015D43 RFQ
TXN132242013AX3 RFQ
TXN132212015AX1 RFQ
TXN132284013D45 RFQ
TXN132203015M45 RFQ
TXN132244015D43 RFQ
TXN132283013D45 RFQ
TXN132254015B41 RFQ
TXN132282013BX2 RFQ
TXN132251015D42 RFQ
TXN132271015M45 RFQ
TXN132254015M42 RFQ
TXN132213015CX2 RFQ
TXN132253013D45 RFQ
TXN132204015CX3 RFQ
TXN132243015CX5 RFQ
TXN132271013DX2 RFQ
TXN132271015DX1 RFQ
TXN132213013D42 RFQ
TXN132213013C41 RFQ
TXN132272013D41 RFQ
TXN132242015B41 RFQ
TXN132213013D45 RFQ
TXN132204015MX1 RFQ
TXN132272015AX3 RFQ
TXN132251013MX1 RFQ
TXN132272015A41 RFQ
TXN132204015D42 RFQ
TXN132274013DX2 RFQ
TXN132254013B41 RFQ
TXN132251013BX5 RFQ
TXN132282013DX2 RFQ
TXN132254015C43 RFQ
TXN132244013A43 RFQ
TXN132282015B45 RFQ
TXN132253015AX2 RFQ
TXN132211013MX1 RFQ
TXN132284015CX5 RFQ
TXN132273015MX1 RFQ
TXN132251013AX1 RFQ
TXN132202015DX1 RFQ
TXN1322830153 RFQ
TXN132251015C41 RFQ
TXN132281013BX2 RFQ
TXN132272013CX5 RFQ
TXN132282015DX5 RFQ
TXN1322020131 RFQ
TXN132242015CX2 RFQ
TXN132273015A41 RFQ
TXN132244015M45 RFQ
TXN132243013M45 RFQ
TXN132204013AX1 RFQ
TXN132253013AX3 RFQ
TXN132273015DX5 RFQ
TXN132202013MX3 RFQ
TXN132284013A41 RFQ
TXN132243013B42 RFQ
TXN132271015AX2 RFQ
TXN132252015AX3 RFQ
TXN132282015MX1 RFQ
TXN132211013B41 RFQ
TXN132281015AX3 RFQ
TXN1322430135 RFQ
TXN132282015AX3 RFQ
TXN132244013DX1 RFQ
TXN132252015DX1 RFQ
TXN1322010151 RFQ
TXN132282015CX1 RFQ
TXN132282013CX1 RFQ
TXN132274013CX2 RFQ
TXN132202015MX5 RFQ
TXN132242013B43 RFQ
TXN132274015BX5 RFQ
TXN132213015D45 RFQ
TXN132272015M43 RFQ
TXN1322830132 RFQ
TXN132271013CX1 RFQ
TXN132243013MX1 RFQ
TXN132281015C42 RFQ
TXN132251013BX2 RFQ
TXN1322840151 RFQ
TXN132253015MX1 RFQ
TXN132271013M41 RFQ
TXN132202013M43 RFQ
TXN1322720153 RFQ
TXN132271013MX1 RFQ
TXN132253013A42 RFQ
TXN1322540151 RFQ
TXN1322430153 RFQ
TXN132282015C45 RFQ
TXN1322020151 RFQ
TXN1322430132 RFQ
TXN132243015MX1 RFQ
TXN132284015AX5 RFQ
TXN132211015CX1 RFQ
TXN132204013BX5 RFQ
TXN132281013BX5 RFQ
TXN132202013B41 RFQ
TXN132252015A41 RFQ
TXN1322510133 RFQ
TXN132242015DX5 RFQ
TXN132253013MX5 RFQ
TXN132242015CX5 RFQ
TXN132212013CX1 RFQ
TXN132201015B41 RFQ
TXN132202013CX1 RFQ
TXN132243013AX1 RFQ
TXN132283015MX1 RFQ

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