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ASAP Axis, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, offers our clients a next-generation parts purchasing platform. We readily provide Martin Marietta Corp items such as ST25D61-16, 7435989P11, ST25D60-16-27, 7542321P1, 13084150. As an industry-leading distributor, we provide a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts. Our clients rely on us to provide high quality parts to meet their Aviation parts requirements, as such, we are a trusted FAA AC-0056B accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Additionally, we are a member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), and maintain a No China Sourcing Policy on all of our products.

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Part No RFQ
ST25D61-16 RFQ
7435989P11 RFQ
ST25D60-16-27 RFQ
7542321P1 RFQ
13084150 RFQ
28F1-61 RFQ
119A2290-154 RFQ
119A2290-157 RFQ
ST25D60-14-13 RFQ
171B629-1 RFQ
119A2290-145 RFQ
119A2290-159 RFQ
R2479P23 RFQ
31888 RFQ
R2479P11 RFQ
58A8-19 RFQ
481274-3 RFQ
R2479P73 RFQ
43A3-8 RFQ
58A8-5 RFQ
10607430-1 RFQ
R2232P55 RFQ
R2479P85 RFQ
R2479P94 RFQ
10599378-1 RFQ
ST57D96-2 RFQ
R2479P63 RFQ
58A8-10 RFQ
ST57D92-3 RFQ
25-2AD3-9 RFQ
ST57D92-1 RFQ
R2479P74 RFQ
172A1358-2 RFQ
28A8-6-11 RFQ
119A2290-160 RFQ
R2479P72 RFQ
R2479P29 RFQ
R2479P70 RFQ
7230941-P58 RFQ
58A8-13 RFQ
58A8-22 RFQ
ST25D59-12-8 RFQ
7571899P4 RFQ
7230941-P34 RFQ
486019-3 RFQ
58A8-24 RFQ
ST25D60-16-15 RFQ
R2479P83 RFQ
7055675P032 RFQ
ST57D96-1 RFQ
R2479P86 RFQ
58E84-9 RFQ
7509373P2 RFQ
119A2290-164 RFQ
119A2290-148 RFQ
R2479P66 RFQ
1273048-501 RFQ
R2479P30 RFQ
539D601P9 RFQ
PC360700002-3 RFQ
58A8-18 RFQ
33A7-098 RFQ
25-2AD3-8 RFQ
58A17-3 RFQ
58A8-31 RFQ
119A2290-162 RFQ
R2479P12 RFQ
691C654P104 RFQ
ST25D60-12-21 RFQ
119A2290-163 RFQ
10013275-1 RFQ
119A2290-147 RFQ
119A2290-168 RFQ
R2479P88 RFQ
119A2290-149 RFQ
119A2111-2001 RFQ
R2479P28 RFQ
58A8-26 RFQ
ST25D60-16-24 RFQ
ST25D60-8-6 RFQ
58A-12 RFQ
481274-15 RFQ
100101P3 RFQ
481274-22 RFQ
ST25D60-16-13 RFQ
ST25D60-16-23 RFQ
58A8-17 RFQ
ST25D60-12-17 RFQ
ST25D60-16-18 RFQ
7230941-P31 RFQ
58A8-21 RFQ
7230941-P62 RFQ
ST57D93-1 RFQ
1628A89717 RFQ
R2479P3 RFQ
ST25D60-80-4 RFQ
R2479P7 RFQ
10315143 RFQ
R2479P1 RFQ
R2479P69 RFQ
119A2293-7 RFQ
962C419PT2 RFQ
R2479P14 RFQ
ST25D60-6-11 RFQ
R2311P5 RFQ
7230941-P29 RFQ
ST25D61-14 RFQ
481274-70 RFQ
927C824-1 RFQ
R2479P24 RFQ
R2479P67 RFQ
43A3-8-197 RFQ
R2479P6 RFQ
58A-21 RFQ
33A14B26 RFQ
ST25D60-16-14 RFQ
119A2290-150 RFQ
ST25D61-12 RFQ
25-2AD3-3 RFQ
ST2D60-12-21 RFQ
58A8-12 RFQ
7230941-P54 RFQ
58A8-23 RFQ
113B3216P1 RFQ
R2479P68 RFQ
F1270063 RFQ
ST25D61-6 RFQ
R2479P4 RFQ
R2479P22 RFQ
58A8-15 RFQ
ST25D60-14-21 RFQ
984058 RFQ
119A2290-143 RFQ
928C389P3 RFQ
7230941-P26 RFQ
8386407 RFQ
R2479P82 RFQ
R2479P61 RFQ
481274-61 RFQ
R2479P9 RFQ
58A8-11 RFQ
7408010P25 RFQ
58A8-14 RFQ
R2479P71 RFQ
119A2290-142 RFQ
R2479P87 RFQ
539D900-3 RFQ
58A8-32 RFQ
R2232P5-4 RFQ
58A8-33 RFQ
MS20819-4 RFQ
R2479P92 RFQ
481274-71 RFQ
962C419PT1 RFQ
ST25D60-16-28 RFQ
7840547-32 RFQ
58A8-30 RFQ
R2479P65 RFQ
540A8400015-009 RFQ
ST25D60-8-8 RFQ
481274-63 RFQ
119A2290-158 RFQ
ST57D93-3 RFQ
MMSE052-24-9 RFQ
R2479P89 RFQ
N0028P13006C6 RFQ
R2174P2 RFQ
43F1112CA4 RFQ
7230941-P59 RFQ
8914340-48 RFQ
R2479P5 RFQ
ST25D60-80-5 RFQ
ST259-6-10 RFQ
R2479P90 RFQ
135B6151-13 RFQ
GT519403-2-19 RFQ
R2479P91 RFQ
R2479P84 RFQ
885C894B4 RFQ
R2479P62 RFQ
7094496P007 RFQ
R2479P10 RFQ
R2479P34 RFQ
119A2290-152 RFQ
ST25D60-5-5 RFQ
ST25D60-16-17 RFQ
7230941-P24 RFQ
1273052-502 RFQ
100101P1 RFQ
58A8-28 RFQ
R10562P3 RFQ

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