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ASAP Axis, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, offers our clients a next-generation parts purchasing platform. We readily provide Sierracin Sylmar items such as 34024J-6, HSKBAR0N, H9855-06, 34024G06, HSKCITATI0N. As an industry-leading distributor, we provide a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts. Our clients rely on us to provide high quality parts to meet their Aviation parts requirements, as such, we are a trusted FAA AC-0056B accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Additionally, we are a member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), and maintain a No China Sourcing Policy on all of our products.

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Part No RFQ
34024J-6 RFQ
H9855-06 RFQ
34024G06 RFQ
35055VN08 RFQ
HMD10450E08 RFQ
35044PN16 RFQ
H10076-12 RFQ
H10021A-12 RFQ
35235VN10 RFQ
500770-09 RFQ
H10178-04 RFQ
H10035D0805 RFQ
HMD10178E06 RFQ
FX93-20Z RFQ
35044VN20 RFQ
H10041-0604 RFQ
H10055-121012 RFQ
34024G05 RFQ
34021G05 RFQ
34024G10 RFQ
178600-07 RFQ
H10045-0604 RFQ
H10054-08 RFQ
182500-04 RFQ
7D0107W06 RFQ
H10137-12 RFQ
35235VN16 RFQ
35044PN08 RFQ
164300-103 RFQ
H10021A-10 RFQ
H10036-06 RFQ
H10054-04 RFQ
101-384025-24 RFQ
178500-15 RFQ
H10021A-08 RFQ
34023J08 RFQ
FX93-10Z RFQ
34023JJ08 RFQ
HMD10023E101008 RFQ
H10076-121212 RFQ
H10055D121206 RFQ
34024J06 RFQ
177200-02 RFQ
35025PN08 RFQ
34021J05 RFQ
35025VN20 RFQ
34021G10 RFQ
H10007D12 RFQ
34023J05 RFQ
HMD10023E080810 RFQ
H10054-06 RFQ
H10045-0806 RFQ
H10021A-16 RFQ
NP161601-2 RFQ
H10021A-04 RFQ
34023G06 RFQ
35235VN06 RFQ
34021J08 RFQ
35044VN16 RFQ
HMD10023E121012 RFQ
7D0028PV06 RFQ
34024J05 RFQ
H10019-10 RFQ
34023JJ04 RFQ
NP139321-16 RFQ
H9855-05 RFQ
172800-05 RFQ
34024J-04 RFQ
34024G12 RFQ
HMD10019E08 RFQ
35025PN04 RFQ
211400-01 RFQ
34021J04 RFQ
177400-01 RFQ
177300-02 RFQ
HMD10045E0804 RFQ
ART11-34P-152 RFQ
H10036-08 RFQ
163500-117 RFQ
163500-118 RFQ
158700-60 RFQ
35235V10 RFQ
158700-59 RFQ
H10055-060406 RFQ
34021G08 RFQ
34021G04 RFQ
177100-01 RFQ
HMD10054E0806 RFQ
182500-01 RFQ
177300-01 RFQ
34023J-04 RFQ
H10008-10 RFQ
H10076-060606 RFQ
H1001904 RFQ
H10082-060606 RFQ
HMD10034E06 RFQ
34021G12 RFQ
H10055-060604 RFQ
152700-09 RFQ
35235VN08 RFQ
NP161602-3 RFQ
196600-01 RFQ
35025PN16 RFQ
183600-01 RFQ
34023G08 RFQ
35235 RFQ
H10057-0806 RFQ
H10021A-06 RFQ
H10019D10 RFQ
34023JJ06 RFQ
H10008-04 RFQ
114-384020-6 RFQ
5-52096-6 RFQ
34023G05 RFQ
211600-01 RFQ
H9855-04 RFQ
H10055D101006 RFQ
35068-08 RFQ
152600-09-0VHL RFQ
500709-09 RFQ
H10082D060604 RFQ
178500-16 RFQ
H9855D05 RFQ
34023J06 RFQ
211400-02 RFQ
149000-101 RFQ
HMD10177E1216 RFQ
ART11-34P-501 RFQ
34024G04 RFQ
34023G04 RFQ
144-34-501 RFQ
35025VN04 RFQ
164300-104 RFQ
34023JJ12 RFQ
NP161602-4 RFQ
HMD10137E12W RFQ
H10036D08 RFQ
H10036-04 RFQ
149000-102 RFQ
HMD10023E101006 RFQ
H10019E24 RFQ
H10054-12 RFQ
35044PN20 RFQ
H10023D080606 RFQ
H10137-10 RFQ
H10007-10 RFQ
35055VN16 RFQ
H10019D16 RFQ
H10054-10M RFQ
H10055-101008 RFQ
H10057-0608 RFQ
34024G08 RFQ
35235V06 RFQ
35235V16 RFQ
H10007-04 RFQ
34024J08 RFQ
HMD10023E121208 RFQ
35025VN16 RFQ
35025VN06 RFQ
H10176-04 RFQ
H10019D12 RFQ
35235-16 RFQ
H10019-08 RFQ
HMD10055E060404 RFQ
H10036D10 RFQ
HMD10019E06 RFQ
H10007-08 RFQ
5-89357-3023 RFQ
H10153-04 RFQ
H10137-08 RFQ
HMD10019E10 RFQ
35056-08WL RFQ
9910214-200 RFQ
H10041-0806 RFQ
H10027AD05 RFQ
183700-01 RFQ
H10041-0608 RFQ
HMD10019E12 RFQ
H10007-06 RFQ
604-33030-26 RFQ
178600-01 RFQ
167800-52R RFQ
34023JJ10 RFQ
H9855D06 RFQ
H10006J06 RFQ
34021G06 RFQ
H10019D08 RFQ
H10055J080804 RFQ
H11076-04 RFQ
178600-08 RFQ
H10055-060608 RFQ
H10057-1008 RFQ
9910214-2 RFQ

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