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Are you in the market for Adesso parts such as AKB-110B, AKB-110EB, AKB-110W, AKB-120EB, AKB-131HB? ASAP Axis can meet all your sourcing needs with our inventory of over six billion parts from trusted manufacturers. ASAP Axis is an ASAP Semiconductor owned and operated website and serves the aerospace and defense markets within the Aerospace, Marine, and Commercial industries and is the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing pledge. Each and every one of our Adesso parts is subjected to rigorous quality assurance testing and we inspect every item before it is shipped out so that our customers get exactly what they need. If you are ready for a quote, send us an Instant RFQ for Adesso electronic parts.

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Part No Description Part Type QTY RFQ
AKB-110B mini usb keyboard ,with ps/2 adaptor , retail box NA Avl RFQ
AKB-110EB adesso slimtouch 3 rgb colors illuminated mini usb keyboard , 2 NA Avl RFQ
AKB-110W adesso mini usb keyboard with ps/2 adaptor ( white) NA Avl RFQ
AKB-120EB adesso keyboard akb-120eb usb 3-color illuminated compact multim NA Avl RFQ
AKB-131HB adessodesktop multimedia usb keyboard with 2 usb hub NA Avl RFQ
AKB-132PB adesso keyboard akb-132pb ps/2 desktop multimedia keyboard retai NA Avl RFQ
AKB-132UB adesso keyboard akb-132ub usb desktop multimedia keyboard retail NA Avl RFQ
AKB-132UY adesso easyview luminous high contrast 4x large print yellow key NA Avl RFQ
AKB-135EB adesso keyboard akb-135eb usb 3-color illuminated multimedia gam NA Avl RFQ
AKB-150EB adesso easytouch 3 rgb colors illuminated ergonomic usb keyboard NA Avl RFQ
AKB-210 adesso foldable/ waterproof mini usb keyboard w/ps2 adaptor (bl NA Avl RFQ
AKB-212UB adesso antimicrobial waterproof foldable 87-key mini size usb ke NA Avl RFQ
AKB-220 adesso flexible/waterproof compact size usb keybaord w/ps2 adapt NA Avl RFQ
AKB-222UB adesso keyboard akb-222ub usb slimtouch antimicrobial waterproof NA Avl RFQ
AKB-230 akb-230 - keyboard - 109 - cable - usb; ps/2 - black NA Avl RFQ
AKB-230W adesso flexible/ washabel/ waterproof usb keyboard with ps/2 ada NA Avl RFQ
AKB-232UB adesso antimicrobial waterproof foldable 120-key full size usb k NA Avl RFQ
AKB-270UB waterproof usb touchpad keyboard NA Avl RFQ
AKB-310UB adesso keyboard akb-310ub mini usb with optical trackball black NA Avl RFQ
AKB-410PB adesso slimtouch mini keyboard with built-in touchpad NA Avl RFQ
AKB-410UB adesso keyboard akb-410ub usb mini slimtouch touchpad black reta NA Avl RFQ
AKB-410UW adesso slimtouch usb mini keyboard with touchpad ( white) NA Avl RFQ
AKB-421UB adesso industrial compact scissor-switch usb touchpad keyboard NA Avl RFQ
AKB-421UB-MRP adesso 19in 1 u rackmount drawer with scissor-switch usb touchpa NA Avl RFQ
AKB-430UG wintouch full size usb touchpad keyboard NA Avl RFQ
AKB-440UB adesso slimtouch usb full size touchpad keyboard NA Avl RFQ
AKB-530UB adesso slimmedia full size usb multimedia keyboad with built-in NA Avl RFQ
AKB-901 akb-901 - keyboard - qwerty - 88 - cable - usb; ps/2 NA Avl RFQ
AKP-150 adesso 19 keys usb numeric keypad w/retractable core NA Avl RFQ
AKP-160 adesso 19 keys usb numeric keypad with built in calculator NA Avl RFQ
AKP-218 adesso 18-keys usb waterproof numeric keypad with retractable ca NA Avl RFQ
AKP-220B adesso keyboard akp-220b usb mechanical numerical keypad retail NA Avl RFQ
EZSCAN1000 adesso 5 megapixel film&slide scanner,convert film/slide into di NA Avl RFQ
NUSCAN1200U adesso nuscan1200 handheld linear image usb barcode scanner NA Avl RFQ
NUSCAN2100U adesso handheld long range ccd usb barcode scanner NA Avl RFQ
NUSCAN-21HB slim handheld ccd barcode scanner holder NA Avl RFQ
NUSCAN3200U barcode scanner - 80 scans per second - laser - usb NA Avl RFQ
NUSCAN3300U adesso nuscan 3300 laser long scanning range barcode scanner wit NA Avl RFQ
NUSCAN4000B adesso nuscan4000 bluetooth hand-free long range laser barcode s NA Avl RFQ
NUSCAN500 adesso 5 megapixel 6 in 1 visual presenter . shooting up to a4 s NA Avl RFQ
NUSCAN5000U adesso nuscan5000 handheld 2d long range ccd usb barcode scanne NA Avl RFQ
NUSCAN510 adesso 5 megapixel 6 in 1 visual presenter, shooting up to a3 si NA Avl RFQ
NUSCAN-5HB scanner holder for nuscan3200u/ nuscan3300u/nuscan5000u NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSEE1 adesso vertical illuminated ergonomic usb mouse , contour shape NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSE E10 2.4 ghz wireless vert ergo mse 3 btn -available NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSE G1 blue illuminated optical gaming mouse -available NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSE G25 adesso mouse imouse g25 2.4ghz wireless ergonomic laser mouse re NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSE G3 adesso mouse imouse g3 usb 6buttons optical sensor illuminated g NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSEM10 adesso imouse m10 2.4ghz rf wireless desktop optical metalscroll NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSE M20 adesso mouse imouse m20 5 button 2.4ghz wireless ergonomic optic NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSE M30 adesso mouse imouse m300 2.4 ghz rf wireless optical mouse retai NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSE M300W bluetooth 3-button mouse - glossy white -available NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSES100 adesso imouse s100 bluetooth wireless mini optical metal scroll NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSES20 adesso 2.4ghz wireless 5-buttoms ergonomic mini optical scroll m NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSE S30 adesso mouse imouse s30 3 button 2.4ghz wireless ergo optical mo NA Avl RFQ
IMOUSET1 adesso 1.8 ergonomic optical usb trackball mouse NA Avl RFQ
WKB-1000BA bluetooth 3.0 ultra-slim scissor-switch aluminum keyboard for al NA Avl RFQ
WKB-1000BW bluetooth 3.0 ultra-slim scissor-switch aluminum keyboard for al NA Avl RFQ
WKB-1000DB compagno3 keyboard with case for ipad 2/3/4(black) NA Avl RFQ
WKB-1000DW comapgno3 keyboard with case for ipad 2/3/4 ( white) NA Avl RFQ
WKB-1000SB compagno 3s keyboard with case for samsung slate pc xe700t1a ser NA Avl RFQ
WKB-1000XB adesso campagno x scissors-switch aluminum black bluetooth keybo NA Avl RFQ
WKB-1010BW bluetooth 3.0 slim scissor-switch keyboard for ipad, iphone & al NA Avl RFQ
WKB-1020DB compagnoair bluetooth keybard w/case for ipad air adesso compagn NA Avl RFQ
WKB-1200UB 2.4ghz rf wireless compact keyboard & mouse adesso 2.4ghz rf wi NA Avl RFQ
WKB-1300UB adesso wkb-1300ub 2.4ghz wireless desktop keyboard and mouse com NA Avl RFQ
WKB-1500GB adesso keyboard wkb-1500gb 2.4ghz wireless ergonomic keyboard an NA Avl RFQ
WKB-2000BA adesso bluetooth 3.0 waterproof mini keyboard for ipad & other b NA Avl RFQ
WKB-2000CD compagno2 keyboard with case for ipad 2/3/4 ( black) NA Avl RFQ
WKB-2000CW compagno2 keyboard with case for ipad 2/3/4 ( white) NA Avl RFQ
WKB-3000U adesso keyboard wkb-3000u 2.4ghz rf wireless mini laser trackbal NA Avl RFQ
WKB-4000BB adesso slimtouch bluetooth wireless mini touchpad keyboard with NA Avl RFQ
WKB-4000BM adesso slimtouch bluetooth wireless mini touchpad keybaord for m NA Avl RFQ
WKB-4000UB adesso keyboard wkb-4000ub 2.4ghz wireless mini touchpad black r NA Avl RFQ
WKB-4000US slimtouch wireless 2.4 ghz rf mini touchpad keyboard - keyboard NA Avl RFQ
WKB-4200UB slimtouchpro 2.4 ghz rf wireless multimedia keyboard with touchp NA Avl RFQ
WKB-4210UB adesso slim touch 2.4ghz rf wireless compact size scissors switc NA Avl RFQ
WKB-4400UB adesso slimtouch 2.4ghz rf wireless full size touchpad keyboard NA Avl RFQ
XTREAMH2B xtream h2b - headphone - wireless - 140 hz to 20khz - bluetooth NA Avl RFQ
XTREAMH2W xtream h2w - headphone - wireless - bluetooth - stereo - 140 - 2 NA Avl RFQ
XTREAMH3B xtream h3b - headphone - wireless - bluetooth - stereo - 80 - 20 NA Avl RFQ
XTREAMH3W xtream h3w - headphone - wireless - bluetooth - stereo - 80 - 20 NA Avl RFQ
XTREAMR1 adesso xtreamr1 portable bluetooth 3.0 audo receiver , change or NA Avl RFQ
XTREAMS1B xtreams1b black waterproof bluetooth speaker adesso xtreams1b po NA Avl RFQ

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