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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 06324

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 06324

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
749-401-941 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0334 Avl RFQ
749-402-880 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-500-9968 Avl RFQ
749-880 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-583-8123 Avl RFQ
749NC691NFT08H21A32-60 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-549-2717 Avl RFQ
749NC691NFT11F24A48-72 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-549-2735 Avl RFQ
749NC691NFT11H21A48-60 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-549-2750 Avl RFQ
750-011NF16-115 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-302-8284 Avl RFQ
G920P-22 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-496-4802 Avl RFQ
G9213H241NF4 cap protective dust and moisture 5340-01-514-6854 Avl RFQ
G9225-09H4-6W cover electrical connector 5935-01-221-1931 Avl RFQ
G9225-21H5-4W cover electrical connector 5935-01-217-7856 Avl RFQ
G9232-4L4N backshell electrical connector 5935-01-245-9448 Avl RFQ
G9255F124NF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-417-9256 Avl RFQ
G9255F225NF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-417-9255 Avl RFQ
G9255H1910NF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-492-4663 Avl RFQ
G9255H4016NF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-414-8134 Avl RFQ
G9263AA1003KNF adapter connector 5935-01-243-9135 Avl RFQ
G9263AA1404KNF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-241-9377 Avl RFQ
G9263AA1605KNF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-241-9375 Avl RFQ
G9263AA1805KNF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-241-9374 Avl RFQ
G9263AA2005KNF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-242-6110 Avl RFQ
G9263AS1003KNF3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-241-9373 Avl RFQ
G9263AS1204KNF3 adapter cable clamp to connector 5935-01-243-9151 Avl RFQ
G9263AS1404KNF3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-241-9371 Avl RFQ
G9263AS1805KNF3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-241-9369 Avl RFQ
G9263AS2005KNF3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-241-9368 Avl RFQ
G9263AS2007KNF3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-241-9367 Avl RFQ
G9263AS2206KNF3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-241-9366 Avl RFQ
G9263AS2808KNF3 adapter connector 5935-01-247-5167 Avl RFQ
G9263FA1010HNF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-365-1341 Avl RFQ
G9263FA1210HNF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-365-0670 Avl RFQ
G9263FS1010HNF4 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-366-0129 Avl RFQ
G9263FS1203KNF3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-365-0660 Avl RFQ
G9263FS1404KNF3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-365-0661 Avl RFQ
G9263HA1103KNF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-365-0665 Avl RFQ
G9263HA1303KNF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-364-9316 Avl RFQ
G9263HA1310HNF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-569-2494 Avl RFQ
G9263HA1912HNF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-445-6510 Avl RFQ
G9263HA2320HNF backshell electrical connector 5935-01-569-2495 Avl RFQ
G9263HS1310HNF4 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-365-3726 Avl RFQ
G9263HS1504KNF4 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-365-3727 Avl RFQ
G9263HS1706KNF3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-365-0677 Avl RFQ
500-008M3J cover electrical connector 5935-01-400-0763 Avl RFQ
500-008M3JL cover electrical connector 5935-01-507-8655 Avl RFQ
500-008M4R1 cover strip 5340-01-578-5753 Avl RFQ
500-008N1GJE cover electrical connector 5935-01-578-5826 Avl RFQ
500-008N1R3GD-01 cover electrical connector 5935-01-467-0661 Avl RFQ
500-008N1R3GK-01 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-577-8466 Avl RFQ
500-008N1R7GJ cover electrical connector 5935-01-533-2621 Avl RFQ
500-008N2GH cover electrical connector 5935-01-587-1635 Avl RFQ
319FS036NF1611P backshell electrical connector 5935-01-445-8161 Avl RFQ
500-008N2GJE cover electrical connector 5935-01-575-9716 Avl RFQ
500-008N2R4GKE cover electrical connector 5935-01-549-2062 Avl RFQ
500-008N3GJ cover electrical connector 5935-01-522-9957 Avl RFQ
500-008N4G cover electrical connector 5935-01-514-4385 Avl RFQ
500-008N4R4GKE cover electrical connector 5935-01-549-2063 Avl RFQ
500-008N5G cover electrical connector 5935-01-514-1398 Avl RFQ
500-008NF1FU-01 cover electrical connector 5935-01-559-5840 Avl RFQ
500-008NF1J-07-465 cover electrical connector 5935-01-523-8559 Avl RFQ
500-008NF1KU-01 cover and guard electrical conne 5935-01-573-0878 Avl RFQ
500-008NF3-01 cover electrical connector 5935-01-485-0383 Avl RFQ
500-008NF3KU-01 cover and guard electrical conne 5935-01-573-0883 Avl RFQ
500-008NF3KU-05 cover and guard electrical conne 5935-01-534-0824 Avl RFQ
500-008-NF3R3GN cover electrical connector 5935-01-538-3561 Avl RFQ
500-008NF5 cover electrical connector 5935-01-534-3666 Avl RFQ
500-008NF5JU cover electrical connector 5935-01-534-3767 Avl RFQ
500-008NF5KU-06-8 cover protective dust and moistu 5340-01-582-3384 Avl RFQ
500-008NF6KU-01 cover and guard electrical conne 5935-01-573-0872 Avl RFQ
500-008Y1R3GK cover electrical connector 5935-01-569-1626 Avl RFQ
500-009H backshell electrical connector 5935-01-491-4829 Avl RFQ
500-016NF25BF6-02 backshell dummy connector 5935-01-559-6423 Avl RFQ
500-016NF31BF9-00 backshell dummy connector 5935-01-485-1695 Avl RFQ
500-016NF51BF9-00 backshell dummy connector 5935-01-485-1716 Avl RFQ
500-016NF51FF6-02 backshell dummy connector 5935-01-559-6317 Avl RFQ
G8728 249N backshell electrical connector 5935-01-150-8793 Avl RFQ
750-S001MF12F12-20-300-165-2 insulation sleeving electrical 5970-01-243-5416 Avl RFQ
750-S001MF14F14-24-540-165-2 insulation sleeving electrical 5970-01-243-5417 Avl RFQ
759-192-0240 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-3730 Avl RFQ
759-192-035 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-1527 Avl RFQ
759-192-041 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-1529 Avl RFQ
759-192-0410 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-1518 Avl RFQ
759-192-050 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-3342 Avl RFQ
759-192-068 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-3351 Avl RFQ
759-192-1 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-4647 Avl RFQ
759-192-10 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-4648 Avl RFQ
759-192-103 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-3723 Avl RFQ
759-192-105 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-250-3809 Avl RFQ
759-192-11 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-368-3052 Avl RFQ
759-192-12 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-367-9587 Avl RFQ
759-192-134 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-367-8659 Avl RFQ
759-192-14 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-4651 Avl RFQ
759-192-145 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-319-5500 Avl RFQ
759-192-147 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-367-9589 Avl RFQ
759-192-151 conduit assembly nonmetallic ele 5975-01-320-2564 Avl RFQ
759-192-152 conduit assembly nonmetallic ele 5975-01-322-6363 Avl RFQ
759-192-18 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-1521 Avl RFQ
759-192-2 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-3727 Avl RFQ
759-192-22 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-367-9591 Avl RFQ
759-192-29 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-3339 Avl RFQ
759-192-38 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-368-1114 Avl RFQ

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