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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 06324

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 06324

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
440HJ069NF1705B backshell electrical connector 5935-01-562-2846 Avl RFQ
447-233-2P08N05 adapter connector 5935-01-562-2448 Avl RFQ
380FB003NF2016M3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-493-8709 Avl RFQ
380FB003NF2016M backshell electrical connector 5935-01-493-8709 Avl RFQ
390DS012N1403L4 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-493-8145 Avl RFQ
749-401-939 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0345 Avl RFQ
749-401-938 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0349 Avl RFQ
749-401-927 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0304 Avl RFQ
749-401-922 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0305 Avl RFQ
749-401-919 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0307 Avl RFQ
749-401-918 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0321 Avl RFQ
749-401-917 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0325 Avl RFQ
749-401-916 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0317 Avl RFQ
749-401-912 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0341 Avl RFQ
749-401-910 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0337 Avl RFQ
749-401-904 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0313 Avl RFQ
749-401-902 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0323 Avl RFQ
749-401-900 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0331 Avl RFQ
749-401-898 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0169 Avl RFQ
749-401-896 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0209 Avl RFQ
749-401-889 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-500-9982 Avl RFQ
749-401-887 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-500-9979 Avl RFQ
749-401-886 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-500-9978 Avl RFQ
749-401-885 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-500-9976 Avl RFQ
749-401-875 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0038 Avl RFQ
749-401-874 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-501-0217 Avl RFQ
380FS019M1412DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-414-9983 Avl RFQ
380FS019M1410DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-467-4982 Avl RFQ
380FS019M1408DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-467-4954 Avl RFQ
380FS019M1406DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-416-1415 Avl RFQ
380FS019M1404DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-490-0872 Avl RFQ
380FS019M1210DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-467-5378 Avl RFQ
380FS019M1208DA3 backshell dummy connector 5935-01-414-2430 Avl RFQ
380FS019M1204DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-488-6617 Avl RFQ
380FS019M1006DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-467-5376 Avl RFQ
380FS019M0806DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-453-4398 Avl RFQ
380FS019M0804DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-453-4428 Avl RFQ
380FS019B2212DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-453-3872 Avl RFQ
380FS019B2208DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-490-0940 Avl RFQ
380FS019B1812DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-488-5539 Avl RFQ
380FS019B1808DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-490-6553 Avl RFQ
380FS019B1610DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-490-0935 Avl RFQ
380FS019B1608DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-467-4911 Avl RFQ
380FS019B1512DA3A backshell electrical connector 5935-01-488-7603 Avl RFQ
380FS019B1408DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-415-8780 Avl RFQ
380FS019B1206DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-489-5420 Avl RFQ
380FS019B1204DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-488-6580 Avl RFQ
380FS019B1006DA3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-490-0279 Avl RFQ
380FS018NF2216TM3 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-461-0994 Avl RFQ
147-012 junction box 5975-01-545-5586 Avl RFQ
121-007 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-474-8429 Avl RFQ
120-117 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-511-4447 Avl RFQ
120-116 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-524-9140 Avl RFQ
SMB525567 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-049-2419 Avl RFQ
SE19FM74-4.0-4 backshell dummy connector 5935-01-438-7600 Avl RFQ
SE19FM69-4.0-4 backshell dummy connector 5935-01-438-6344 Avl RFQ
759-192-16 conduit assembly flexible 5975-01-298-1520 Avl RFQ
710-107NFA20B16C16 wye electrical conduit 5975-01-482-4573 Avl RFQ
713FL101NF14116 elbow electrical conduit 5975-01-482-4572 Avl RFQ
713FL101NF10116 elbow electrical conduit 5975-01-482-4571 Avl RFQ
620-044 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-493-8053 Avl RFQ
MWDM2L-51PBRP-110 connector receptacle electrical 5935-01-575-6388 Avl RFQ
390BA002B2012AA adapter bushing 4730-01-526-1880 Avl RFQ
SE19C18-2.5-34 backshell dummy connector 5935-01-199-1454 Avl RFQ
SE19C10-2.5-34 backshell dummy connector 5935-01-199-2820 Avl RFQ
NLS-RCT-16-01 clamp cable electrical connector 5935-01-323-1687 Avl RFQ
MS3437C130N backshell electrical connector 5935-01-170-5810 Avl RFQ
MS3188B52A backshell electrical connector 5935-01-170-5819 Avl RFQ
MS27506-A-24-2 clamp cable electrical connector 5935-00-481-6266 Avl RFQ
MS27473E14A35SA connector plug electrical 5935-00-417-4172 Avl RFQ
750-S001MF-10F10-16-300-165-2 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-243-5415 Avl RFQ
750NF102NFH131H131-12-960 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-315-9275 Avl RFQ
750NC100NF8-20 conduit assembly metal rigid 5975-01-575-0012 Avl RFQ
750NBH111H111-12-34 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-472-3184 Avl RFQ
750NB103NH191A181-08-360 conduit assembly metal rigid 5975-01-316-7653 Avl RFQ
750NB102NFH211H211-32-34 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-472-3188 Avl RFQ
750NB102NFH131H151-12-34 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-472-3199 Avl RFQ
750NA103MF241F241-32-216 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-292-5364 Avl RFQ
750NA103MF161F161-20-216 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-318-4266 Avl RFQ
750NA102NFA221A221-16-174-525 conduit assembly nonmetallic ele 5975-01-573-6427 Avl RFQ
750NA101NF24-240 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-532-5222 Avl RFQ
750NA100NF32-18 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-01-523-8493 Avl RFQ
750N052NF2016-16A48 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-00-991-4880 Avl RFQ
750N052NF1612-12A48 conduit assembly metal flexible 5975-00-991-4887 Avl RFQ
750-137-64 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-539-0160 Avl RFQ
750-137-32 conduit nonmetallic flexible 5975-01-538-8261 Avl RFQ
750-085-96 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-213-6124 Avl RFQ
750-085-80 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-213-6123 Avl RFQ
750-085-32 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-119-4382 Avl RFQ
750-085-16 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-213-7376 Avl RFQ
750-084-96 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-214-1361 Avl RFQ
750-084-80 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-214-1360 Avl RFQ
750-084-20 conduit metal flexible 5975-01-214-1355 Avl RFQ
500-008M2R3GH cover electrical connector 5935-01-511-0588 Avl RFQ
500-008M1R3GK-01 cap protective dust and moisture 5340-01-587-3957 Avl RFQ
500-008M1GKZ-01 cover electrical connector 5935-01-536-8067 Avl RFQ
500-008M1G-01 cover electrical connector 5935-01-568-9767 Avl RFQ
500-006BHR backshell electrical connector 5935-01-523-7126 Avl RFQ
469-001-27 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-408-4201 Avl RFQ
469-001-26 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-267-7189 Avl RFQ

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