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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 07618

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 07618

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
31140016 light indicator 6210-01-525-5774 Avl RFQ
22910507 panel indicating light transmitt 6220-01-281-0348 Avl RFQ
094D2512-101 filter subassembly 5915-01-112-1237 Avl RFQ
094C2641-101 printed circuit board 5998-01-127-5827 Avl RFQ
094C2640-101 printed circuit board 5998-01-127-5826 Avl RFQ
094C2621-101 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-187-9833 Avl RFQ
093D1302-101 electronic module standardized 5963-01-156-7497 Avl RFQ
093D1263-101 electronic module standardized 5963-01-171-3522 Avl RFQ
093D1089-122 electronic module standardized 5963-01-136-2716 Avl RFQ
LB6661148 electronic module standardized 5963-01-309-6878 Avl RFQ
E05-037-61-4 coil radio frequency 5950-00-013-7387 Avl RFQ
E05-037-61-3 coil radio frequency 5950-00-781-1451 Avl RFQ
E05-037-61-2 coil radio frequency 5950-00-932-0618 Avl RFQ
E05-037-61-1 coil radio frequency 5950-00-781-1450 Avl RFQ
A3171918-1 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-373-5543 Avl RFQ
A3171916-1 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-373-5541 Avl RFQ
94D2243-101 printed wiring board 5998-01-087-9015 Avl RFQ
94A1179-1 printed circuit board 5998-00-233-4232 Avl RFQ
941189 extender card electronic test 5998-00-233-4240 Avl RFQ
93D942 printed circuit board 5998-01-008-0940 Avl RFQ
93D716-101 tool assembly gridw 6350-00-360-7759 Avl RFQ
93D1376-101 interconnecting box 5975-01-114-6082 Avl RFQ
93D1154-101 electronic module standardized 5963-01-320-0089 Avl RFQ
93D1089-116 circuit card assembly 5998-01-161-3177 Avl RFQ
93A674 circuit card assembly 5998-00-552-1473 Avl RFQ
93A625-2 alarm set anti intrusion restric 6350-00-165-5833 Avl RFQ
93A466-4 detector set 6350-00-133-7881 Avl RFQ
93A466-2 detector set 6350-00-133-7879 Avl RFQ
93A421-8 alarm set anti intrusion restric 6350-00-240-8800 Avl RFQ
93A421-5 alarm set anti intrusion restric 6350-00-179-1850 Avl RFQ
93A421-4 alarm set anti intrusion restric 6350-00-179-1849 Avl RFQ
93A421-3 alarm set anti intrusion restric 6350-00-179-1848 Avl RFQ
93A418-9 receiver set 6350-00-240-8814 Avl RFQ
93A416-202 detector set 6350-00-179-1593 Avl RFQ
93A416-110 detector set 6350-00-240-8833 Avl RFQ
93A416-109 detector set 6350-00-240-8815 Avl RFQ
77E301311G1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-510-4788 Avl RFQ
77D615907G1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-510-4784 Avl RFQ
77D615403G2 circuit card assembly 5998-01-510-4787 Avl RFQ
77D615390G2 circuit card assembly 5998-01-510-4783 Avl RFQ
77D61056G1 circuit card assembly 5998-01-510-4785 Avl RFQ
7283745G11 circuit card assembly 5998-01-510-4791 Avl RFQ
7283740G2 circuit card assembly 5998-01-510-4793 Avl RFQ
66612464 keyboard data entry 7025-01-373-0587 Avl RFQ
66612405 electronic module standardized 5963-01-438-8510 Avl RFQ
66612190 electronic module standardized 5963-01-372-1201 Avl RFQ
66612140 electronic module standardized 5963-01-372-1207 Avl RFQ
66612104 electronic module standardized 5963-01-372-1204 Avl RFQ
66612102 electronic module standardized 5963-01-372-1201 Avl RFQ
66612099 electronic module standardized 5963-01-372-1198 Avl RFQ
66612049 electronic module standardized 5963-01-531-5136 Avl RFQ
66611912 electronic module standardized 5963-01-353-1603 Avl RFQ
66611908 electronic module standardized 5963-01-353-1601 Avl RFQ
66611892 electronic module standardized 5963-01-357-8319 Avl RFQ
66611891 electronic module standardized 5963-01-357-8322 Avl RFQ
66611857 electronic module standardized 5963-01-309-5947 Avl RFQ
66611364-CSAB electronic module standardized 5963-01-250-8835 Avl RFQ
66611335-RBM electronic module standardized 5963-01-252-0573 Avl RFQ
66611333-RBK electronic module standardized 5963-01-252-0571 Avl RFQ
66611319 circuit card assembly 5998-01-259-5390 Avl RFQ
66611317 PAL MODULE electronic module standardized 5963-01-259-1853 Avl RFQ
66611315-PBJ electronic module standardized 5963-01-258-0584 Avl RFQ
66611306 electronic module standardized 5963-01-372-1200 Avl RFQ
6661-1269 switch push 5930-01-297-2963 Avl RFQ
6661-1257 switch push 5930-01-297-2959 Avl RFQ
66610965 electronic module standardized 5963-01-172-5731 Avl RFQ
66610750 power supply 5963-01-218-7797 Avl RFQ
66610452 electronic module standardized 5963-01-170-2056 Avl RFQ
66610332 electronic module standardized 5963-01-222-0033 Avl RFQ
66610327 electronic module standardized 5963-01-222-0032 Avl RFQ
66610305 electronic module standardized 5963-01-158-8873 Avl RFQ
66610299 electronic module standardized 5963-01-210-9743 Avl RFQ
66610190 electronic module standardized 5963-01-136-2713 Avl RFQ
66610005 electronic module standardized 5963-01-267-0775 Avl RFQ
64611121 printed wiring board 5998-01-358-1173 Avl RFQ
6411796 backplane assembly 5998-01-358-2647 Avl RFQ
64110797 backplane assembly 5998-01-358-2646 Avl RFQ
64110794 cable assembly radio frequency 5995-01-358-7841 Avl RFQ
64110788 cable assembly radio frequency 5995-01-358-7836 Avl RFQ
64110784 cable assembly radio frequency 5995-01-358-7851 Avl RFQ
64110776 cable assembly radio frequency 5995-01-358-7845 Avl RFQ
64110036 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-187-9834 Avl RFQ
410008 printed circuit board 5998-00-887-7294 Avl RFQ
36X036-1 filter band pass 5915-00-765-0441 Avl RFQ
34A012-1 transformer audio out special 5950-00-360-7751 Avl RFQ
33A026-1 coil radio frequency 5950-00-890-5391 Avl RFQ
31730045 switch rotary 5930-01-249-5632 Avl RFQ
31210695 connector receptacle electrical 5935-01-273-6605 Avl RFQ
2161-0085 knob 5355-01-361-0429 Avl RFQ
21610084 knob 5355-01-360-3126 Avl RFQ
21610082 knob 5355-01-360-3127 Avl RFQ
171D007 cabinet electrical equipment 5975-01-087-3788 Avl RFQ
1647631 printed circuit board 5998-01-127-5826 Avl RFQ
1647630 printed circuit board 5998-01-127-5827 Avl RFQ
13218E8130 seismic module assembly 6350-00-182-7660 Avl RFQ
1241-0003 lamp electroluminescent panel 6240-01-136-9340 Avl RFQ
093D1089-117 circuit card assembly 5998-01-136-6340 Avl RFQ
043X096 circuit breaker 5925-00-833-6028 Avl RFQ
FL12A filter assembly electrical 5915-00-953-0391 Avl RFQ
93A057 filter assembly electrical 5915-00-953-0391 Avl RFQ

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