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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 0J4G8

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 0J4G8

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
LG GH22NP20 disk drive unit 7025-01-615-9932 Avl RFQ
LF-D211V disk drive unit 7025-01-489-5393 Avl RFQ
LC-R127R2P1 battery storage 6140-01-486-5248 Avl RFQ
LCR 6V 1.3P battery storage 6140-01-382-5698 Avl RFQ
ERZC10DK180 arrester lightning 5920-01-400-2253 Avl RFQ
MAZ302400L semiconductor device diode 5961-01-529-9657 Avl RFQ
BAT54A-7-F semiconductor device diode 5961-01-591-2550 Avl RFQ
ERO25CHF2373 resistor fixed film 5905-01-573-1606 Avl RFQ
ERO25CHF8251 resistor fixed film 5905-01-573-1350 Avl RFQ
EEUFR1C681 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-617-9446 Avl RFQ
ECS-H1CX335R capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-460-5338 Avl RFQ
ECOS2GP680BA capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-621-5996 Avl RFQ
ECOS1EA103BA capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-531-0846 Avl RFQ
EXC ELSA39E filter band pass 5915-01-589-7114 Avl RFQ
ECA1HHG221 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-509-9721 Avl RFQ
ERJ2RKF51R1X resistor chip fixed film 5905-01-657-8710 Avl RFQ
EXCCL4532U1 electronic componen 5998-01-631-9027 Avl RFQ
EEEFK1C472AM capacitor fixed ele 5910-01-645-3052 Avl RFQ
ERJ 3GEYJ120V resistor chip fixed film 5905-01-590-3377 Avl RFQ
ERJ8ENF2491V resistor fixed film 5905-01-529-7978 Avl RFQ
ERO25CHF2101 resistor fixed film 5905-01-573-1676 Avl RFQ
LNJ308G8LRA light emitting diode 5980-01-591-7797 Avl RFQ
ERO25CHF6341 resistor fixed film 5905-01-573-1318 Avl RFQ
ACY12112 relay solid state 5945-01-557-4666 Avl RFQ
ERJ2RKF10R0X resistor fixed film 5905-01-657-7989 Avl RFQ
ERJ 8ENF1201V resistor chip fixed film 5905-01-670-3088 Avl RFQ
SW-9576-C disk drive unit 7025-01-561-4241 Avl RFQ
N3CAYY0006 0 6H disk drive unit 7025-01-544-9696 Avl RFQ
ECE-A1HN330S capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-590-3749 Avl RFQ
CFVHDR800GB disk drive unit 7025-01-558-3985 Avl RFQ
CF-VEB272A interface unit automatic data pr 7025-01-529-7357 Avl RFQ
CF-VDR302U disk drive unit 7025-01-571-2589 Avl RFQ
CF-52HFNDZ2M laptop cf 52 7021-01-571-9049 Avl RFQ
CF-51MCMDDBM computer system digital 7010-01-544-3943 Avl RFQ
CF-51KFPDCBM computer system digital 7010-01-544-3943 Avl RFQ
CF-30LTPZZ2M computer system digital 7010-01-490-4419 Avl RFQ
CF-30LTPZZ2B computer system digital 7010-01-490-4419 Avl RFQ
CF-30GTSZZAM-1 computer system digital 7010-01-490-4419 Avl RFQ
CF-30FTSAXAM computer system digital 7010-01-490-4419 Avl RFQ
CF-29N3LGZBM computer system digital 7010-01-520-9094 Avl RFQ
CF-29HDCBL cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-534-4618 Avl RFQ
52H001 disk drive unit 7025-01-562-7488 Avl RFQ
2410J4G8ECOS2DP102CA capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-565-7368 Avl RFQ
EXC-CET220U filter radio frequency interfere 5915-01-591-7284 Avl RFQ
EVQ-PHP03T switch push 5930-01-589-7110 Avl RFQ
ET-RFF100 filter assembly electrical 5915-01-577-3346 Avl RFQ
ETQ-P6F2R0HFA filter radio frequency interfere 5915-01-590-2607 Avl RFQ
ET-LAF100 lamp incandescent 6240-01-576-8356 Avl RFQ
EEV-FK1V681Q capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-591-9617 Avl RFQ
EEV-FC1E471P capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-529-8733 Avl RFQ
EEV-FC1A102P capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-529-8728 Avl RFQ
EEUFC1V102 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-597-0241 Avl RFQ
EEUFC1J471 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-509-9261 Avl RFQ
EEUFC1H100 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-597-0243 Avl RFQ
ECS-T1ED226R capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-531-4267 Avl RFQ
ECS-T1CD686R capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-531-3587 Avl RFQ
ECQU2A154MG capacitor fixed plastic dielectr 5910-01-530-5582 Avl RFQ
ECOS2GB221EA capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-565-6209 Avl RFQ
ECOS2GA330BA capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-576-4201 Avl RFQ
ECJ-3YB1E106M capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-591-9596 Avl RFQ
ECJ-2FB1C684K capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-591-9587 Avl RFQ
ECJ-1VB1H102K capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-591-8816 Avl RFQ
ECJ-1VB1E823K capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-591-3751 Avl RFQ
ECEA1HN330U capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-590-3749 Avl RFQ
ECE-A0JKG101 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-565-5205 Avl RFQ
CF-WMBA5512 computer subassembly 7050-01-541-8043 Avl RFQ
CF-VHDS1200GB disk drive unit 7025-01-562-7488 Avl RFQ
CF-VHDL800GB disk drive unit 7025-01-532-1749 Avl RFQ
CF-VHDF120GB disk drive unit 7025-01-489-0738 Avl RFQ
CF-VFD721W disk drive unit 7025-01-518-6959 Avl RFQ
CF-VEB272A2W interface unit automatic data pr 7025-01-529-7357 Avl RFQ
CF-K52DM001 disk drive unit 7025-01-562-6894 Avl RFQ
CF-74JCJBDAM computer system digital 7010-01-571-7723 Avl RFQ
CF-52QFNDZ2M laptop toughbook 52 7021-01-585-7048 Avl RFQ
CF-52HCMDZAM laptop cf 52 7021-01-571-9049 Avl RFQ
CF-52DCCDZBM computer system digital 7010-01-562-1357 Avl RFQ
CF-51SCLDFBM computer subassembly 7021-01-544-9711 Avl RFQ
CF-51RCBDFBM computer digital 7021-01-552-6390 Avl RFQ
CF-51RCBDFBM computer tough bk5 7025-01-549-7806 Avl RFQ
CF-51LCMDDBM computer system digital 7010-01-562-1363 Avl RFQ
CF51ABLDAKM laptop 7025-01-537-6135 Avl RFQ
CF-50J2KUEKM computer system digital 7010-01-499-2262 Avl RFQ
CF-50GB2UUDM computer system digital 7010-01-499-2262 Avl RFQ
CF-48F4KFUKM computer system digital 7010-01-499-2262 Avl RFQ
CF-31BTA7A2M computer system digital 7010-01-490-4419 Avl RFQ
CF-30GWSZZAM computer system digital 7010-01-570-1682 Avl RFQ
CF-30GTJZZAM computer digital 7021-01-571-2600 Avl RFQ
CF-30G3UZZAM computer system digital 7010-01-593-6138 Avl RFQ
CF-29CSKGZDM cd rom aid aircraft 7010-01-517-3202 Avl RFQ
CF28MCFAZCM computer system digital 7010-01-490-4405 Avl RFQ
CF-27 computer digital 7021-01-399-8680 Avl RFQ
CF-19HDCBL connector assembly electrical 5935-01-558-5783 Avl RFQ
0603YD474KAT2A capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-591-8747 Avl RFQ
EXC ML20A680U shielding bead electronic 5950-01-661-2766 Avl RFQ
3Y15C13 microcircuit digital 5962-01-296-8641 Avl RFQ
ERJ-3EKF4121V resistor chip fixed film 5905-01-590-5746 Avl RFQ
ERO25CHF1822 resistor fixed film 5905-01-573-1351 Avl RFQ
ERJ-6ENF63R4V resistor chip fixed film 5905-01-590-6169 Avl RFQ
ERJ-6ENF1270V resistor chip fixed film 5905-01-590-6147 Avl RFQ
KX-P145 ribbon inking 7510-01-347-5228 Avl RFQ

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