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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 0W200

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 0W200

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
3875AS10041 cable assembly int 4920-01-564-7357 Avl RFQ
3875AS10040 cable assembly int 4920-01-564-7367 Avl RFQ
3875AS10039 cable assembly int 4920-01-564-7366 Avl RFQ
3875AS10038 cable assembly int 4920-01-564-7363 Avl RFQ
3875AS10037 cable assembly int 4920-01-564-7362 Avl RFQ
3875AS10034 cable assembly interface device 4920-01-560-2886 Avl RFQ
3875AS10033 cable assembly int 4920-01-546-5676 Avl RFQ
3875AS10031 circuit card assemb 4920-01-546-5681 Avl RFQ
3875AS10027 accessory set id mx 4920-01-560-2883 Avl RFQ
3875AS10026 accy set id otps ai 4920-01-549-0462 Avl RFQ
3875AS10024 accy set otps cass 4920-01-560-1540 Avl RFQ
3875AS10023 accessory set otps 4920-01-558-3902 Avl RFQ
3875AS10022 accessory set aircr 4920-01-549-0464 Avl RFQ
3875AS10021 accessory set interface device 4920-01-549-7710 Avl RFQ
3875AS10019 accessory set otps 4920-01-544-9993 Avl RFQ
3875AS10018 panel interface device 4920-01-560-1543 Avl RFQ
3875AS10017 panel id cass otps 4920-01-549-0466 Avl RFQ
3875AS10015 panel interface device 4920-01-560-1541 Avl RFQ
3875AS10014 panel interface device 4920-01-558-0923 Avl RFQ
3875AS10013 panel interface device 4920-01-549-0463 Avl RFQ
3875AS10012 ifd cass otps aircr 4920-01-549-2385 Avl RFQ
3875AS10011 panel interface device 4920-01-544-2107 Avl RFQ
3875AS10010 otps aircraft equip 4920-01-543-9971 Avl RFQ
3875AAS10020 accessory set interface device 4920-01-544-2106 Avl RFQ
406N-MF-M01 antenna deflector 5985-01-588-3046 Avl RFQ
GT-44-2508-001 spacer ring 5365-01-513-0744 Avl RFQ
G6-14-8027-001 connector receptacle electrical 5935-01-622-4578 Avl RFQ
G6-14-8026-003 clamp electrical conductor strai 5975-01-622-4878 Avl RFQ
G6-14-8026-002 clamp electrical conductor strai 5975-01-622-4869 Avl RFQ
G6-14-8026-001 backshell electrical connector 5935-01-622-4554 Avl RFQ
G6-02-0325-801 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-588-6326 Avl RFQ
G6-02-0301-800 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-588-6322 Avl RFQ
G6-02-0221-801 adapter test 6625-01-588-2411 Avl RFQ
G6-02-0105-802 accessory kit electrical electro 6625-01-587-1777 Avl RFQ
G6-02-0000A cable assembly radio frequency 5995-01-587-3997 Avl RFQ
5806A probe test 6625-01-587-1784 Avl RFQ
1270B plug in unit electrical electron 6625-01-432-2172 Avl RFQ
2065AS085-01 bus conductor 6150-01-581-5482 Avl RFQ
2064AS989-01 fitting structural component air 1560-01-600-4189 Avl RFQ
4290 adapter connector 5935-01-588-6311 Avl RFQ
5925V0701 locking device long 5925-01-149-5473 Avl RFQ
D6645000001 meter time totalizing 6645-01-241-4300 Avl RFQ
D6210000001 tool and equipment kit optical i 4940-01-500-6029 Avl RFQ
MODEL TU14 test set remote switching contro 4920-01-368-9987 Avl RFQ
31-29-9036-001 case electrical electronic test 6625-01-461-6093 Avl RFQ
2620002-3 case electrical electronic test 4920-01-450-6623 Avl RFQ
02005A0000 program set application 6625-01-525-9433 Avl RFQ
03013A2550 cable assembly special purpose e 6150-01-541-9468 Avl RFQ
03013A2500 cable assembly special purpose e 6150-01-541-9463 Avl RFQ
03013A2450 cable assembly special purpose e 6150-01-541-9460 Avl RFQ
03013A2200 cable assembly special purpose e 6150-01-541-9406 Avl RFQ
03013A2150 cable assembly special purpose e 6150-01-541-9405 Avl RFQ
03013A2100 cable assembly special purpose e 6150-01-541-9402 Avl RFQ
03013A2000 cable assembly special purpose e 6150-01-541-9230 Avl RFQ
G1 59 2951 801 wiring harness 6150-01-520-4957 Avl RFQ
G6 02 0000A cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-588-2467 Avl RFQ
G1-59-1503-804 bracket mounting 5340-01-567-5637 Avl RFQ
G1-59-6000-800 rail guide 5975-01-526-8453 Avl RFQ
99006A4000 circuit card assembly 5998-01-501-5195 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2958-802 cable assembly radio frequency 5995-01-519-8843 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2700-800 circuit card assembly 5998-01-519-2079 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2700-801 circuit card assembly 5998-01-519-2079 Avl RFQ
11020A2000 cable assembly spec 5995-01-622-5093 Avl RFQ
G1-59-5010-801 dummy connector plug 5935-01-564-7639 Avl RFQ
G6-02-0570-800 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-588-6319 Avl RFQ
G1 59 2952 800 wiring harness 6150-01-519-3682 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2800-802 circuit card assembly 5998-01-519-2084 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2800-800 circuit card assembly 5998-01-519-2081 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2500-800 circuit card assembly 5998-01-519-2078 Avl RFQ
G1-59-1300-800 circuit card assembly 5998-01-519-2077 Avl RFQ
G1-22-9342 microcircuit digital 5962-01-503-0769 Avl RFQ
G6-02-0241-800 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-588-2464 Avl RFQ
G1-59-6000-802 rail guide 5975-01-526-3741 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2962-803 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-519-9306 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2930-800 clamp loop 5340-01-526-3738 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2900-800 circuit card assembly 5998-01-519-2083 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2800-825 module transition 5995-01-564-4987 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2600-801 circuit card assembly 5998-01-519-2080 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2500-802 circuit card assembly 5998-01-536-4355 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2400-804 panel electrical electronic equi 5975-01-526-3735 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2115-800 rail guide 5975-01-526-3729 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2104-801 panel electrical electronic equi 5975-01-526-3724 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2020-800 circuit card assembly 5998-01-526-3721 Avl RFQ
G1-59-1505-001 cover access 5340-01-526-4727 Avl RFQ
G1-59-1504-801 panel electrical electronic equi 5975-01-526-3713 Avl RFQ
G1-59-1100-802 circuit card assembly 5998-01-519-2076 Avl RFQ
G1-45-4011-001 extender card electronic test 5998-01-459-8015 Avl RFQ
G1-44-2620-800 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-512-7955 Avl RFQ
G1-44-2236-001 connector receptacle electrical 5935-01-520-4298 Avl RFQ
G1-44-2227-800 connector receptacle electrical 5935-01-512-5093 Avl RFQ
G1-44-1122-001 bracket mounting 5340-01-520-4348 Avl RFQ
5057 adapter connector 5935-01-588-6313 Avl RFQ
3875AS10296 cover safety assy 5340-01-581-5458 Avl RFQ
3875AS10206 circuit card assemb 5998-01-561-6405 Avl RFQ
17604-10-B1 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-587-7033 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2700-802 circuit card assembly 5998-01-536-4357 Avl RFQ
G1-59-1411-802 wiring harness 6150-01-519-3683 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2800-804 circuit card assembly 5998-01-519-2081 Avl RFQ
G1-59-2800-805 circuit card assembly 5998-01-526-3737 Avl RFQ
G1 59 1504 800 panel electrical electronic equi 5975-01-526-3714 Avl RFQ

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