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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 21109

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 21109

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
ABLETHERM12-1-3179395-26 insulator plate 5970-01-295-4153 Avl RFQ
582R345H01 insulator plate 5970-01-071-0373 Avl RFQ
559MGO-650 tape pressure sensi 7510-01-462-0039 Avl RFQ
559MGO-450 tape pressure sensitive adhesive 7510-01-206-6288 Avl RFQ
559MGO-750 tape pressure sensi 7510-01-462-0228 Avl RFQ
559MGO-850 tape pressure sensi 7510-01-462-0603 Avl RFQ
559MGO-8-.050 tape pressure sensi 7510-01-206-6287 Avl RFQ
559MGO-350 tape pressure sensi 7510-01-206-6287 Avl RFQ
559MGO-1050 tape pressure sensi 7510-01-462-0038 Avl RFQ
AT-403-040 mounting pad electrical electronic component 5999-01-167-6170 Avl RFQ
239414-5 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-407-4496 Avl RFQ
239414-1 heat sink insulator 5999-01-410-2772 Avl RFQ
AT-03-015-1 S heat sink insulator 5999-01-172-8483 Avl RFQ
239414-9 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-407-4490 Avl RFQ
559MG0-7 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-204-7297 Avl RFQ
ECF561-44X5X005 heat sink insulator 5999-01-352-3261 Avl RFQ
5906441-2 heat sink insulator 5999-01-369-2698 Avl RFQ
239414-7 heat sink insulator 5999-01-410-2776 Avl RFQ
239414-13 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-407-4495 Avl RFQ
12-1-A3007768-3 insulator plate 5970-01-238-4565 Avl RFQ
ABLETHERM12-1-3179395-12 insulator disk 5970-01-295-4150 Avl RFQ
5906441-1 heat sink insulator 5999-01-347-4200 Avl RFQ
586R092H05 insulator disk 5970-01-215-1232 Avl RFQ
561KTW1-005 tape adhesive rubber 9320-01-311-8086 Avl RFQ
550-KT-1-0.005X0.40X0.40P1M0.20 insulator plate 5970-01-187-3668 Avl RFQ
ABLETHERM12-1-3179395-34 insulator plate 5970-01-295-4154 Avl RFQ
AT-404-040 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-167-6171 Avl RFQ
AT-402 insulator plate 5970-01-136-2390 Avl RFQ
AT-401 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-165-2852 Avl RFQ
AT-3-015-2 S mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-135-9760 Avl RFQ
AT200 film adhesive 6610-01-060-6952 Avl RFQ
AT-05-015-2 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-055-4184 Avl RFQ
AT-03-040-1 S mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-113-4256 Avl RFQ
AT-018-015-2 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-055-4185 Avl RFQ
559MGO 125 tape pressure sensitive adhesive 7510-01-206-6289 Avl RFQ
MA1508 insulation sheet electrical 5970-01-433-3504 Avl RFQ
12-1-035 heat sink electrical electronic 5999-01-253-5013 Avl RFQ
12-1-015 heat sink electrical electronic 5999-01-249-6169 Avl RFQ
184-1 insulating compound electrical 5970-01-171-6410 Avl RFQ
THERMAL WAFER-25 1.3X.45 heat sink insulator 5999-01-383-0607 Avl RFQ
THERMAL WAFER-025 1.8X.50 heat sink insulator 5999-01-382-6271 Avl RFQ
THERMAL WAFER-025 .90X.90 heat sink insulator 5999-01-382-4822 Avl RFQ
ABLETHERM12-1-3179395-42 insulator disk 5970-01-294-8958 Avl RFQ
ABLETHERM 12-1-010 insulator plate 5970-01-191-4808 Avl RFQ
THERMAL WAFER-25 .90X.20 heat sink insulator 5999-01-382-6298 Avl RFQ
THERMAL WAFER-025 .70X.20 heat sink insulator 5999-01-382-4738 Avl RFQ
T101203940SINGER insulator plate 5970-01-241-6327 Avl RFQ
7117415-39 insulation blanket thermal 5640-01-366-2614 Avl RFQ
7117337-1 heat sink electrical electronic 5999-01-074-4410 Avl RFQ
239414-4 heat sink insulator 5999-01-409-1852 Avl RFQ
7461400200-18 heat sink electrical electronic 5999-01-195-2558 Avl RFQ
7461400200-10 heat sink electrical electronic 5999-01-195-2558 Avl RFQ
ECF561E1-485X855X0005 heat sink insulator 5999-01-352-3264 Avl RFQ
AT-48-015-2 S mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-064-9541 Avl RFQ
AT200-1 preform adhesive film 6610-01-074-6643 Avl RFQ
ECF561FILTER heat sink insulator 5999-01-352-3266 Avl RFQ
ECF561E312X1-000X005 heat sink insulator 5999-01-352-3265 Avl RFQ
ECF561-44X94X005 heat sink insulator 5999-01-352-3262 Avl RFQ
12-1-008THK tape insulation electrical 5970-01-387-0640 Avl RFQ
7117415-9 plate electrical shield 5999-01-418-5613 Avl RFQ
7117415-6 insulation blanket thermal 5640-01-080-4174 Avl RFQ
7117415-32 heat sink insulator 5999-01-373-9770 Avl RFQ
7117415-27 insulation blanket thermal 5640-01-394-5840 Avl RFQ
7117337-5 heat sink electrical electronic 5999-01-105-5518 Avl RFQ
7117337-2 heat sink insulator 5999-01-276-2570 Avl RFQ
7117336-3 insulator washer 5970-01-393-9749 Avl RFQ
239414-2 heat sink insulator 5999-01-410-2777 Avl RFQ
239414-10 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-407-4497 Avl RFQ
239413-1 heat sink insulator 5999-01-409-1853 Avl RFQ
561K-1-005 insulation sheet electrical 5970-01-497-6761 Avl RFQ
559MG0-2-008 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-191-9738 Avl RFQ
584R105H10 o ring 5331-01-169-3376 Avl RFQ
12-1-A3007768-4 insulator plate 5970-01-278-9813 Avl RFQ
501T-4 insulator plate 5970-01-279-3602 Avl RFQ
239414-6 heat sink insulator 5999-01-410-2773 Avl RFQ
566KAPTON-1-005 insulation sheet electrical 5970-01-356-2331 Avl RFQ
7117337-4 heat sink electrical electronic 5999-01-105-4992 Avl RFQ
ECF561E1-485X855 heat sink insulator 5999-01-352-3264 Avl RFQ
559MGO 550 tape pressure sensi 7510-01-462-0040 Avl RFQ
AT 066 010 1 S mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-278-4924 Avl RFQ
12 1 3179395 1 insulator plate 5970-01-278-9812 Avl RFQ
AT 05 015 2 S mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-055-4184 Avl RFQ
AT-48-015-2 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-064-9541 Avl RFQ
AT-400 mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-135-9761 Avl RFQ
AT-018-015-2 S mounting pad electrical electron 5999-01-055-4185 Avl RFQ
ABLETHERM 927-1 insulating compound electrical 5970-01-176-0425 Avl RFQ
184-1 insulating compound electrical 5970-01-078-4132 Avl RFQ
T101203948SINGER insulator plate 5970-01-218-8050 Avl RFQ
P5376-1-1 insulation sheet electrical 5970-01-101-4054 Avl RFQ
ABLETHERM7-1-5 insulating compound kit electric 5970-00-503-2433 Avl RFQ
ABLETHERM12-1-3179395-8 insulator plate 5970-01-295-4156 Avl RFQ
ABLETHERM12-1-3179395-43 insulator plate 5970-01-295-4155 Avl RFQ
ABLETHERM12-1-3179395-22 insulator plate 5970-01-294-8960 Avl RFQ

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