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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 24446

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 24446

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
8KE1AE2 amplifier electronic control 5996-00-336-3046 Avl RFQ
8TJ39BAL2 transmitter position 6610-00-719-6001 Avl RFQ
8TJ50GBZ3 transmitter rate of flow 6620-00-943-0449 Avl RFQ
8TJ9PAV40 transmitter position 6610-00-515-4704 Avl RFQ
8TJ9PAV43 transmitter position 6610-00-515-4704 Avl RFQ
8TJ9PFY43 transmitter position 6610-00-663-4055 Avl RFQ
9012607-1X2X3 blade set turbine nonaircraft ga 2835-00-372-6605 Avl RFQ
9012607PC1-2-3 blade set turbine nonaircraft ga 2835-00-372-6605 Avl RFQ
9012608-1X2X3 blade set turbine nonaircraft ga 2835-00-372-6586 Avl RFQ
9012608PC1T03 blade set turbine nonaircraft ga 2835-00-372-6586 Avl RFQ
9012619PC1-2 blade set turbine nonaircraft ga 2835-00-372-6845 Avl RFQ
9012639PC1-2 blade set turbine nonaircraft ga 2835-00-372-6750 Avl RFQ
9012658PC1T05 blade set turbine nonaircraft ga 2835-00-313-9723 Avl RFQ
9071058 connector 5935-00-381-5772 Avl RFQ
6006T89G05 tail pipe thrust reverser 2840-01-050-6308 Avl RFQ
601853 knob 5355-00-869-1421 Avl RFQ
6021A electron tube 5960-00-615-5644 Avl RFQ
6029K71P3 connector receptacle electrical 5935-00-064-2959 Avl RFQ
6072 electron tube 5960-00-553-4498 Avl RFQ
609C883PC1 gear worm wheel 3020-00-683-9452 Avl RFQ
6100 electron tube 5960-00-615-5616 Avl RFQ
R223P120053-058 hose assembly nonmetallic 4720-00-670-7323 Avl RFQ
R259G54 elbow tube 4730-00-830-1912 Avl RFQ
R287P04D nipple tube 4730-00-440-0434 Avl RFQ
R287P06L union 4730-00-020-0745 Avl RFQ
7745152P9 capacitor fixed mica dielectric 5910-00-811-5504 Avl RFQ
7745702P009 capacitor fixed plastic dielectr 5910-00-824-2456 Avl RFQ
7745723P3 light indicator 6210-00-898-1824 Avl RFQ
7745849G1 amplifier output 5996-00-710-8308 Avl RFQ
7746672P001 transformer power 5950-00-827-2034 Avl RFQ
7747903G003 coil radio frequency 5950-00-079-5076 Avl RFQ
7747903G4 coil radio frequency 5950-00-852-7439 Avl RFQ
7747946P001 delay line 5999-00-965-7636 Avl RFQ
7747952P44 coil radio frequency 5950-00-059-9994 Avl RFQ
K7117764PC1 bracket angle 5340-00-320-0493 Avl RFQ
K7118513-2 terminal board 5940-00-164-4427 Avl RFQ
K7118514-2 terminal board 5940-00-178-0238 Avl RFQ
K7118820REV2 terminal board 5940-00-204-5443 Avl RFQ
K7124048P1 lampholder 6250-00-175-2563 Avl RFQ
K7124048PC1 lampholder 6250-00-175-2563 Avl RFQ
K7126029P1 light panel 6210-00-299-4560 Avl RFQ
K7126245G2-1 terminal board 5940-00-231-9292 Avl RFQ
K7126608 coil radio frequency 5950-00-256-2376 Avl RFQ
K7126608REV4PT10 coil radio frequency 5950-00-645-3318 Avl RFQ
K7128527P1 capacitor fixed paper dielectric 5910-00-668-4342 Avl RFQ
K7128840 clip spring tension 5340-00-684-9830 Avl RFQ
K7129230P5 ferrule metallic shielded cable 5940-00-578-2849 Avl RFQ
K729963ABITEM6 bearing ball annular 3110-00-184-1060 Avl RFQ
K7477574PC1 terminal board 5940-00-170-9996 Avl RFQ
K7861852P3 terminal lug 5940-00-258-5080 Avl RFQ
K7861863P1 insulator standoff 5970-00-158-6825 Avl RFQ
11K1945ITEM12D spring helical comp 5360-00-361-4406 Avl RFQ
T5322104PC6 gasket 5330-00-292-1669 Avl RFQ
509E142AB1 nozzle diaphragm tu 2825-00-372-8532 Avl RFQ
632A933PC7 ring piston 2825-00-972-8880 Avl RFQ
R449P08U bolt machine 5306-00-914-2752 Avl RFQ
9451590 1 jet assembly 2840-00-480-1473 Avl RFQ
129D515PC11 nozzle turbine nonaircraft gas t 2835-00-872-6240 Avl RFQ
336C303P9 seal oil gearbo 2840-00-225-5556 Avl RFQ
T6692987PC2AND6693242 worm and gear 2825-00-399-3733 Avl RFQ
575C106P1 support pressure tr 2840-00-624-0468 Avl RFQ
108R857G6 compressor rotor axial turbine e 2840-00-986-4084 Avl RFQ
303D442G2 nozzle assy fuel 2915-00-612-5210 Avl RFQ
332C607P5 seal oil bearing co 2840-00-610-1437 Avl RFQ
129D223PC11 nozzle turbine nonaircraft gas t 2835-00-872-6244 Avl RFQ
638E262P1 cone torque compres 2840-00-787-9790 Avl RFQ
252L708PC13 blade set turbine nonaircraft ga 2835-00-872-6201 Avl RFQ
T8012331 blade set turbine nonaircraft ga 2835-00-313-9715 Avl RFQ
111A4680BB glow plug 2920-00-801-2354 Avl RFQ
W5938221PC9 nozzle block turbin 2825-00-372-8992 Avl RFQ
WW8259201LIST5ITEM1 contact electrical 5999-00-588-2373 Avl RFQ
CR2940 AJ203D switch push 5930-01-023-2003 Avl RFQ
288A886ERPT1 switch rotary 5930-00-873-5652 Avl RFQ
CR9440J2A switch sensitive 5930-00-865-1364 Avl RFQ
7879609-1 bearing sleeve 3120-00-662-9057 Avl RFQ
102F126PC25 armature motor 6105-00-548-0620 Avl RFQ
T6692930PC2-5-6 blade set steam tur 2825-00-372-7719 Avl RFQ
T4F018C224 capacitor fixed metallized paper 5910-01-017-3230 Avl RFQ
5937500G1 bearing assembly 2825-00-175-7959 Avl RFQ
6666844PC3-11-17 packing labyrinth g 5330-00-372-9877 Avl RFQ
336D488PC16 nozzle block turbine 2825-00-023-1778 Avl RFQ
4149770P21 pointer 5355-00-447-0460 Avl RFQ
7411379P1 synchro differentia 5990-00-578-7755 Avl RFQ
A5428551-3 screw machine recep 5305-00-699-6293 Avl RFQ
105X34 screw machine 5305-00-206-2164 Avl RFQ
699B930 bearing plain rod end 3120-00-580-9322 Avl RFQ
NP 130080A plate instruction 9905-00-891-7453 Avl RFQ
416B251P2 gasket 5330-00-641-7407 Avl RFQ
PL162L445PC16T018 packing labyrinth d 5330-00-377-6001 Avl RFQ
11K3296REVDPC30B spring helical compression 5360-00-141-6825 Avl RFQ
139D952PC5 seal plain encased 5330-00-599-7269 Avl RFQ
W8118200PC24 sealx lain encased 5330-00-399-0074 Avl RFQ
11K1412PC24 interlock electrica 6110-00-301-4841 Avl RFQ
4136041P480 washer flat 5310-00-825-2750 Avl RFQ
934A263P1 bolt machine 5306-00-655-6097 Avl RFQ
K9484329-1 spring helical extension 5360-00-688-0188 Avl RFQ
M5843580G1 winding generator field 6115-00-239-6003 Avl RFQ
WW8679290SH1PCS2 field main assy 6105-00-468-4121 Avl RFQ
R464C0062A hose assembly nonmetallic 4720-00-605-8823 Avl RFQ
839C222PC2 gasket 5330-00-630-8540 Avl RFQ

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