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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 61058

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 61058

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
KX-PS10 interface unit automatic data pr 7025-01-381-3033 Avl RFQ
KX-P4450 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-286-0714 Avl RFQ
KX-P3196 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-481-7675 Avl RFQ
KX-P3124 WITH KXPS14 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-373-4755 Avl RFQ
KX-P3124 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-317-6607 Avl RFQ
KX-P2624 dasher replacement printer 7025-01-367-1037 Avl RFQ
KX-P2130 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-483-7736 Avl RFQ
KX-P2123 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-370-3336 Avl RFQ
KX-P1695 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-337-2714 Avl RFQ
KX-P1624 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-337-2715 Avl RFQ
KX-P1191 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-309-1761 Avl RFQ
KX-P1180I printer automatic data processin 7025-01-368-4592 Avl RFQ
KX-P1180 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-350-8523 Avl RFQ
KX-P1150 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-506-6863 Avl RFQ
KX-P1080I printer automatic data processin 7025-01-297-3666 Avl RFQ
KV-S3105C optical reader data entry 7025-01-551-1482 Avl RFQ
KV-S1025C optical reader data entry 7025-01-559-4956 Avl RFQ
JU-475-3AEG disk drive unit 7025-01-317-9888 Avl RFQ
JU475-2AEG disk drive unit 7025-01-437-3580 Avl RFQ
JU-475 disk drive unit 7025-01-420-2763 Avl RFQ
JU-257A024P disk drive unit 7025-01-364-7575 Avl RFQ
JU-257A disk drive unit 7025-01-478-8106 Avl RFQ
JU-256A198PC disk drive unit 7025-01-553-7295 Avl RFQ
FX-RS505 optical reader data entry 7025-01-348-1003 Avl RFQ
FDL28EXD lamp fluorescent 6240-01-370-3611 Avl RFQ
EUY-10E.013L printer automatic data processin 7025-01-333-6206 Avl RFQ
ERZ-C05DK470U absorber overvoltage 5920-01-371-3197 Avl RFQ
ELJ-RF2N7DF coil radio frequency 5950-01-537-7799 Avl RFQ
EETHC2W561EA capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-597-0244 Avl RFQ
ECS-T1AX106R capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-537-7419 Avl RFQ
ECS-F1EE155K capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-363-4570 Avl RFQ
ECQ-V1H474JZ capacitor fixed metallized paper 5910-01-364-2823 Avl RFQ
ECQ-V1H473JZ capacitor fixed metallized paper 5910-01-364-2822 Avl RFQ
ECQ-V1H393JZ capacitor fixed metallized paper 5910-01-364-2828 Avl RFQ
ECQ-V1H153JZ capacitor fixed metallized paper 5910-01-364-2546 Avl RFQ
ECQ-V1H104JZ capacitor fixed metallized paper 5910-01-364-2545 Avl RFQ
ECQ-U2A472MW capacitor fixed metallized paper 5910-01-363-3235 Avl RFQ
ECQ-E2A104MW capacitor fixed metallized paper 5910-01-363-3234 Avl RFQ
ECQ-E2683KS capacitor fixed metallized paper 5910-01-551-1193 Avl RFQ
ECQ-E1224JZ capacitor fixed metallized paper 5910-01-335-4889 Avl RFQ
ECQB1H182JH capacitor fixed plastic dielectr 5910-01-491-4016 Avl RFQ
ECQB1H123JH capacitor fixed plastic dielectr 5910-01-491-4012 Avl RFQ
ECQB1H103JH capacitor fixed plastic dielectr 5910-01-491-4011 Avl RFQ
ECQ-B1H102JF capacitor fixed metallized paper 5910-01-364-2821 Avl RFQ
ECOS2GP471EA capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-459-3254 Avl RFQ
ECJ-3YB1C225K capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-537-7418 Avl RFQ
ECJ-1VC1H181J capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-537-6290 Avl RFQ
ECJ-1VC1H102J capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-537-6286 Avl RFQ
ECJ-1VC1H100D capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-537-6285 Avl RFQ
ECJ-1VC1H020C capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-537-6317 Avl RFQ
ECJ-1VB1C473K capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-537-6323 Avl RFQ
ECJ-1VB0J105K capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-537-6609 Avl RFQ
ECE-B1VFS100 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-442-3949 Avl RFQ
ECE-B1EU472 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-363-4572 Avl RFQ
ECE-B1EU103 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-363-4571 Avl RFQ
ECE-B1CU221 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-363-3233 Avl RFQ
ECE-B1CU101 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-364-3593 Avl RFQ
ECE-A1VU101 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-364-3597 Avl RFQ
ECE-A-1VFS221 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-442-3981 Avl RFQ
ECE-A1HU4R7 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-364-3599 Avl RFQ
ECE-A1EKA4R7 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-363-0726 Avl RFQ
ECEA1CV101S capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-366-6855 Avl RFQ
ECE-A1CU330 capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-364-3594 Avl RFQ
ECC-F2A470JE capacitor fixed ceramic dielectr 5910-01-363-7251 Avl RFQ
DP-190 printer automatic data processin 7025-01-553-6811 Avl RFQ
DFJG065ZA-T disk drive unit 7025-01-544-6218 Avl RFQ
DFG065ZA-T disk drive unit 7025-01-532-5916 Avl RFQ
CF-WSD191231 disk drive unit 7025-01-588-9835 Avl RFQ
CFWEB271 computer subassembly 7050-01-466-4679 Avl RFQ
CF-VHDS800GB disk drive unit 7025-01-570-6416 Avl RFQ
CF-VHDJ100GB disk drive unit 7025-01-500-9272 Avl RFQ
CF-VFS271W disk drive unit 7025-01-466-3969 Avl RFQ
CF-VEB341W computer subassembly 7050-01-487-2354 Avl RFQ
CF-VEB272W computer subassembly 7050-01-468-9740 Avl RFQ
CF-K52H004 disk drive unit 7025-01-597-5637 Avl RFQ
CF-HD3080 disk drive unit 7025-01-553-5377 Avl RFQ
CF-74GCDADBM computer system dig 7010-01-586-7299 Avl RFQ
CF-72V3JUZQM computer system digital 7010-01-511-7706 Avl RFQ
CF-52MLBBD2M computer system digital 7010-01-587-7198 Avl RFQ
CF-52GFNDXAM computer system digital 7010-01-589-4345 Avl RFQ
CF-52EKNBDAM computer system digital 7010-01-587-7498 Avl RFQ
CF-30KBPAXAM computer system digital 7010-01-578-3675 Avl RFQ
CF-30CTQAZBM computer system digital 7010-01-552-3278 Avl RFQ
CF-30CBPAZBM computer digital 7021-01-568-3133 Avl RFQ
C1391C display unit 7025-01-340-1448 Avl RFQ
ANE3009P00RN doorstop 5340-01-547-6083 Avl RFQ
A63903330GP capacitor fixed electrolytic 5910-01-525-2046 Avl RFQ
A61453570CP switch thermostatic 5930-01-542-0734 Avl RFQ
A605Q3030GP printed circuit board 5998-01-542-5889 Avl RFQ
A202R3560GP cover antenna element 5985-01-547-6082 Avl RFQ
7019473 computer system digital 7010-01-592-4370 Avl RFQ
310JLB4N electron tube 5960-01-251-5995 Avl RFQ
2M137 magnetron tube 5960-01-521-6865 Avl RFQ
270-2835-030 computer laptop 7025-01-585-7035 Avl RFQ
140BEB4 electron tube 5960-01-275-7552 Avl RFQ
084-000593-001 disk drive unit 7025-01-317-9888 Avl RFQ
CF 28 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS manual technical 7610-01-553-6385 Avl RFQ
M66011FP microcircuit digital 5962-01-464-4372 Avl RFQ
KX-E45 spelling verification typewriter 7430-01-284-1564 Avl RFQ
KX-E40 board expansion 7430-01-238-0982 Avl RFQ

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