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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 80204

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 80204

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
B1867BA040180 screw machine 5305-01-502-9965 Avl RFQ
0.11240UNC2A.25B18.63 screw machine 5305-01-420-7628 Avl RFQ
1 4-28UNC-3AX5 8 IN. LG STL screw cap socket he 5305-01-297-3105 Avl RFQ
B1831BH050016L screw cap socket he 5305-01-646-6862 Avl RFQ
B18231A12040N screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-215-0099 Avl RFQ
B18.2.2 nut plain hexagon 5310-01-658-4002 Avl RFQ
1 2-20UNF X 2-1 4 IN LG NICUAL stud plain 5307-01-292-5418 Avl RFQ
B1821BH063C200N screw cap hexagon head 5305-00-724-7222 Avl RFQ
0.375-16UNC-2AX1.625T X1.875L stud welding 5307-01-293-1071 Avl RFQ
0.250-20UNC-2AX.75INLG TY1 STY2S screw machine 5305-01-466-4300 Avl RFQ
ANSI B18.6.3 screw machine 5305-00-958-5250 Avl RFQ
ANSIB74 18 240GRITX9X11 paper abrasive 5350-01-547-7790 Avl RFQ
140-2-0L link roller chain 3020-00-239-8228 Avl RFQ
ASME B18.21.1 washer lock 5310-01-564-8939 Avl RFQ
ANSI B18.2.1 screw lag 5305-00-402-5750 Avl RFQ
B1821BH063C113N screw cap hexagon h 5305-00-432-3755 Avl RFQ
2-56TTX7 16CR0SSRECESSPANHDCRES screw tapping 5305-01-226-0782 Avl RFQ
W211NAB050NN155NNNF1 washer lock 5310-01-576-0755 Avl RFQ
B1821BH050F150N screw cap hexagon head 5305-00-719-5221 Avl RFQ
B18234B06030N screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-495-3478 Avl RFQ
ANSI B1831DH050016N screw cap socket he 5305-01-384-5374 Avl RFQ
B18.3.1M screw cap socket he 5305-01-124-7057 Avl RFQ
B29.1-100-165FT chain roller 3020-01-436-0025 Avl RFQ
ASAB18-3CHCUNC1 2-1 screw cap socket he 5305-01-633-9272 Avl RFQ
5 8-11UNC-2A X 6 IN LG STL ZINC screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-286-6054 Avl RFQ
AEW24X190000EA1A91 washer flat 5310-01-576-0721 Avl RFQ
5 8-11UNC-2AX5-1 2 IN. LG STL screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-299-6601 Avl RFQ
AES07M08B080CG8A81 screw cap hexagon head 5305-01-656-2810 Avl RFQ
B18.6.3 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-550-1598 Avl RFQ
B1821BH063C175D screw cap hexagon h 5305-00-943-7152 Avl RFQ
B1821AH031F075N screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-397-1394 Avl RFQ
ASA60-2 chain roller 3020-00-256-1499 Avl RFQ
ANSI B18 6 3 10 32 UNFX3 4 T47S connector plug electrical 5935-01-449-6650 Avl RFQ
0.625-11UNC-3A X 2.000 LG NICU screw cap socket he 5305-01-286-6046 Avl RFQ
7 8 9UNC 2A X 4 IN LG ZINC screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-285-8887 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74 18 disk abrasive 5345-01-172-8401 Avl RFQ
B18.3.1M screw cap socket head 5305-01-646-1866 Avl RFQ
B1821BH050C700N screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-522-4504 Avl RFQ
ANSIB74 18 240GRITX9X11 paper abrasive 5350-00-224-7207 Avl RFQ
ASA100-2-0L link roller chain 3020-00-247-3528 Avl RFQ
S310NA42MMUD5574NMCG1 screw cap socket he 5305-01-512-9542 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74 18 belt abrasive 5345-01-271-8636 Avl RFQ
0.312-18UNC 2A X 1.125 LG screw machine 5305-01-353-1891 Avl RFQ
1 4-20UNC-2AX1-1 2 LG screw machine 5305-01-296-6653 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74 18 belt abrasive 5345-00-728-1954 Avl RFQ
ANSI B18.2.1 screw lag 5305-00-406-9226 Avl RFQ
B1821BH025C250D screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-598-8953 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74 18 belt abrasive 5345-00-394-2133 Avl RFQ
0.250-20UNRC-3AX1.250L screw cap socket he 5305-01-501-0645 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74.18 cloth abrasive 5350-00-187-6284 Avl RFQ
3 8 16UNC 3A X 1 2 IN LG screw cap socket he 5305-01-287-2261 Avl RFQ
W211NAA0019NN421NNAB1 washer lock 5310-01-576-0741 Avl RFQ
718-9UNC-2A X2 LG GR 8 screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-286-7184 Avl RFQ
B18 6 1947 screw machine 5305-00-298-8533 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74 18 disk abrasive 5345-01-086-9678 Avl RFQ
B18.2.2 TABLE 3 1-12UNF-2B HE nut plain hexagon 5310-00-800-0692 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74 18 disk abrasive 5345-01-174-1540 Avl RFQ
3 8-UNC 3A X 1-1 2 IN. LG screw cap socket he 5305-01-286-7986 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74.18 paper abrasive 5350-01-134-9114 Avl RFQ
0.625-11 UNC-2A X 5.500 LG screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-344-8226 Avl RFQ
B1821BH025C250L screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-342-2000 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74.18 cloth abrasive 5350-00-187-6282 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74 18 disk abrasive 5345-01-155-6622 Avl RFQ
B18231B05030N screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-303-5630 Avl RFQ
B1821BH037C175N screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-476-9095 Avl RFQ
B1821BH038F500N screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-457-5167 Avl RFQ
0.375-16NC-2A 0.750 IN. LG N1CU screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-346-2395 Avl RFQ
AESQ2F25CB00GC1D71 screw machine 5305-01-626-0174 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74.18 cloth abrasive 5350-01-631-5572 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74 12 lapping and grinding compound 5350-00-276-5856 Avl RFQ
B18231B10135N screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-559-2103 Avl RFQ
W211NAA0075NN155NNNF1 washer lock 5310-01-576-0748 Avl RFQ
B1821BH031F063N bolt machine 5306-00-050-1237 Avl RFQ
B1821BH025F225N screw cap hexagon h 5305-00-267-8959 Avl RFQ
3 4-10-UNC 2A X 7 IN. LG screw cap hexagon head 5305-01-345-6547 Avl RFQ
1 1 8-7UNC 2A X 3 IN. LG. STL ZN screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-296-2064 Avl RFQ
ANSIB18.2.1 screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-562-7110 Avl RFQ
B18231B06035N screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-505-3353 Avl RFQ
ANSI-B18.6.3 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-550-1598 Avl RFQ
ASAB18-3-1954 screw cap socket he 5305-00-638-8531 Avl RFQ
7 8 9UNC 2AX6 IN LG STL ZN screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-287-3572 Avl RFQ
0.190-24UNC-2AX1.000 IN. LGNYLON screw machine 5305-01-341-3892 Avl RFQ
ANSI-B18.6.2.086-56UNC-2AX.16 setscrew 5305-01-165-3279 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74 18 band abrasive 5345-01-274-3581 Avl RFQ
B1821BH150F450 screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-415-0606 Avl RFQ
0.500-13UNC-3AX1.500NICU screw cap socket he 5305-01-341-5599 Avl RFQ
B1821BH063F275N screw cap hexagon h 5305-00-726-2554 Avl RFQ
5 16 18UNC 2A X 1 3 4 LG GR 5 ZN screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-295-1064 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74 18 belt abrasive 5345-01-072-2945 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74 18 cloth abrasive 5350-01-287-3653 Avl RFQ
ANSI B74.12 grain abrasive 5350-00-184-6255 Avl RFQ
5 8-11UNC-2AX3 IN. LG STL ZN screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-286-7992 Avl RFQ
B1831BH050010N screw cap socket he 5305-01-526-0984 Avl RFQ
B1821BH025F400N screw cap hexagon h 5305-00-267-8966 Avl RFQ
B18.2.1 screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-421-0855 Avl RFQ
M47PA R1000 U lamp metal halide 6240-01-012-0829 Avl RFQ
B1821BH075C400N screw cap hexagon head 5305-00-947-4358 Avl RFQ
AES01C875D50AW9AA1 screw cap hexagon h 5305-00-934-0262 Avl RFQ
ANSIB18.6.3 screw machine 5305-01-562-7111 Avl RFQ
3 4-10 2A 3.000 IN. LG NICU AL screw cap hexagon h 5305-01-345-9528 Avl RFQ

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