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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 96941

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 96941

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
5165T19G01 valve bleed turbine engine 2840-01-667-4665 Avl RFQ
868C725G1 manifold 2840-00-798-8064 Avl RFQ
874C359G1 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-00-798-6476 Avl RFQ
6861509 tube assembly metal 4710-00-103-3321 Avl RFQ
5175T03G01 tube buffer 2840-01-666-6903 Avl RFQ
646794 tube assembly metal 4710-00-083-9351 Avl RFQ
5175T09G01 tube buffer 2840-01-666-6905 Avl RFQ
7011M56G01 manifold nozzle actuator 2840-01-092-7646 Avl RFQ
433976 tube drain adapter 2840-00-447-0424 Avl RFQ
5175T04G01 tube manifold 2840-01-666-6904 Avl RFQ
C 1487-8Z1 nut plain hexagon 5310-01-668-5487 Avl RFQ
484023 tube assembly metal 4710-00-015-1673 Avl RFQ
23683 fitting tube 2840-01-127-3190 Avl RFQ
541676 tube assy scavenge 2840-00-849-7915 Avl RFQ
868C777G1 tube assembly metal 4710-00-798-8129 Avl RFQ
5168T19G01 tube anti ice 2840-01-666-6897 Avl RFQ
041 003 010 heater muffler exha 1560-01-140-8963 Avl RFQ
L21633G01 manifold drain gas 2835-00-602-8054 Avl RFQ
J534P04 adapter straight tube to boss 4730-01-189-0530 Avl RFQ
ER1160 bellows upper anti icing tube 2840-01-093-8738 Avl RFQ
ER108-2 duct compressor aircraft gas tur 2840-00-961-6451 Avl RFQ
ER-1059 manifold air anti 2840-00-907-7235 Avl RFQ
9969M45G01 elbow tube 4730-01-172-0082 Avl RFQ
9732M31P07 nozzle lubricating aircraft gas 2840-01-171-2718 Avl RFQ
9634M81P01 nozzle lubricating aircraft gas 2840-00-110-2831 Avl RFQ
9515M41G01 elbow tube 4730-01-213-4351 Avl RFQ
9384M46G01 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-01-198-9256 Avl RFQ
9384M44G01 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-01-198-9255 Avl RFQ
9337M16G01 manifold fuel stator actuator 2915-01-172-4781 Avl RFQ
9246M50G01 manifold fuel feeder 4730-00-616-2265 Avl RFQ
874C646G1 tube rod end 2840-00-898-2326 Avl RFQ
874C508G3 tube assembly 2840-01-004-5660 Avl RFQ
761304 duct anti icing 2840-01-035-6293 Avl RFQ
745862 manifold main bearing 2840-01-009-9134 Avl RFQ
696798 manifold turbine engine afterbur 2840-00-827-1882 Avl RFQ
6865234 bracket and tube assembly fuel t 2840-00-758-2829 Avl RFQ
619B377G1 nozzle lubricating aircraft gas 2840-00-703-2232 Avl RFQ
6063T13G01 nozzle lubricating aircraft gas 2840-01-333-4713 Avl RFQ
573E491G3 nozzle lubricating aircraft gas 2840-00-819-5780 Avl RFQ
5053M57G01 manifold fuel tube 2915-01-172-4784 Avl RFQ
5052M70G02 flange pipe 4730-01-202-3572 Avl RFQ
5035T33G01 nozzle oil bearing 2840-01-087-1698 Avl RFQ
496839 housing regulator 2995-00-794-8577 Avl RFQ
493355 liner tube breather 2840-00-760-5748 Avl RFQ
479097 tube assembly fuel 2915-00-755-1518 Avl RFQ
471298 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-00-980-2647 Avl RFQ
471296 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-00-980-2649 Avl RFQ
464736 manifold assembly 2840-00-082-7813 Avl RFQ
440730 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-00-856-4052 Avl RFQ
428948 manifold assembly anti icing air 2995-01-160-5434 Avl RFQ
37E501334P101 manifold fuel 2840-00-727-6268 Avl RFQ
37E501333P101 manifold fuel 2840-00-727-6267 Avl RFQ
37E501248P101 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-00-786-5123 Avl RFQ
2425M89G01 manifold sector 2840-01-172-4782 Avl RFQ
2279M60G01 manifold sector 2840-01-172-4782 Avl RFQ
1C6886P02 tube 2835-01-094-7669 Avl RFQ
1549M44G02 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-01-313-4669 Avl RFQ
1328M32G02 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-01-198-9273 Avl RFQ
1311M59G01 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-01-198-9261 Avl RFQ
1311M33G01 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-01-232-5266 Avl RFQ
131001-004 ejector engine airframe 1560-01-039-3689 Avl RFQ
1271M95G01 tee tube 4730-01-233-4992 Avl RFQ
1271M38G01 manifold air valve 2995-01-171-2481 Avl RFQ
1264M38G02 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-01-198-9259 Avl RFQ
108R508P6 tube assembly 2840-00-911-0155 Avl RFQ
1002M67G01 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-00-001-8345 Avl RFQ
ER-1294 duct anti icing 2840-00-060-1767 Avl RFQ
ER1144 exhaust device 1560-00-356-1628 Avl RFQ
ER110 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-00-979-4666 Avl RFQ
ER1088 hose assembly metallic 4720-00-113-8693 Avl RFQ
ER1087 hose assembly metallic 4720-00-113-8694 Avl RFQ
ER1077 hose assembly metallic 4720-00-113-8691 Avl RFQ
ER1074 hose assembly metallic 4720-00-113-8692 Avl RFQ
ER1069 bellows anti icing 2840-00-998-7882 Avl RFQ
ER1068 bellows anti icing 2840-00-998-7881 Avl RFQ
ER1064 bellows anti icing 2840-00-998-7880 Avl RFQ
ER1063 bellows anti icing 2840-00-998-7879 Avl RFQ
ER1060 manifold fluid aircraft 2995-00-945-6854 Avl RFQ
ER1051-P12 tube assy anti icin 2840-00-908-0563 Avl RFQ
ER1051P11 tube assy anti icin 2840-00-908-0562 Avl RFQ
ER1051P02 tube lower anti ici 4730-00-994-3882 Avl RFQ
EL131002-001 exhaust device 1560-01-021-8625 Avl RFQ
EL041-003-011 exhaust system engine 2995-01-360-0003 Avl RFQ
131002-012 body assembly inner 1560-01-021-8623 Avl RFQ
131002-010 shell assembly outer 1560-01-021-8645 Avl RFQ
131001-003 ejector engine airframe 1560-01-039-3688 Avl RFQ
1284M46P02 adapter straight flange to flang 4730-01-217-8113 Avl RFQ
099005-401 clamp bead 5340-01-151-4999 Avl RFQ
099001-028 muffler assy 1560-01-134-4774 Avl RFQ
041-003-011 heater muffler exha 1560-01-140-8964 Avl RFQ
ER1051P13 tube air anti icing 4710-00-221-2856 Avl RFQ
646881 tube assembly metal 4710-00-972-3605 Avl RFQ
1296M75G01 tube assembly metal 4710-01-232-6004 Avl RFQ
4035T28G03 tube assembly metal branched 4710-00-523-1441 Avl RFQ
EL041-003-010 exhaust system engine 2995-01-360-0002 Avl RFQ
874C738G1 manifold fuel 2915-00-863-4268 Avl RFQ
9255M58G01 tube assembly metal 4710-00-150-7263 Avl RFQ
742884 tube and fittings metallic 4710-01-261-4617 Avl RFQ
7030M24G01 connecting link rig 3040-01-175-4232 Avl RFQ
743429 tube assembly metal 4710-01-012-0575 Avl RFQ

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