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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 97393

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 97393

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
SR10701A-5005 connecting link rigid 3040-01-290-9755 Avl RFQ
SR11578A-6208 connecting link rigid 3040-01-191-8936 Avl RFQ
SL2334-4D6 insert screw thread 5325-01-614-6753 Avl RFQ
SL3149-4-11 insert panel fastener 5325-01-048-7663 Avl RFQ
SR11578A-6209 connecting link rigid 3040-01-191-8937 Avl RFQ
SL607-06-4C insert screw thread 5325-01-618-0880 Avl RFQ
SR10701A-6001 connecting link rigid 3040-01-181-8585 Avl RFQ
SR10754-1021 connecting link rigid 3040-01-160-9449 Avl RFQ
SR10784A-1026 connecting link rigid 3040-01-245-6887 Avl RFQ
SR11578A-5307 connecting link rigid 3040-01-190-4305 Avl RFQ
4058T30P01 bumper 5340-01-535-8701 Avl RFQ
SL2-2069-3-6P insert panel fastener 5325-01-049-1415 Avl RFQ
SL3149-4-4 insert panel fastener 5325-01-048-7663 Avl RFQ
SR10784A-6035 connecting link rigid 3040-01-188-0312 Avl RFQ
SL2334 insert screw thread 5325-01-614-6753 Avl RFQ
SL100-10 nut clip on 5310-00-917-4559 Avl RFQ
SR10785A6317 connecting link rigid 3040-01-232-2002 Avl RFQ
SR11578A-6207 connecting link rigid 3040-01-191-8935 Avl RFQ
80-011S1S14D12-0 insert panel fastener 5325-01-010-5838 Avl RFQ
SL55034 pin expanding grip 5315-01-308-9054 Avl RFQ
SR11393A107 connecting link rigid 3040-01-128-2404 Avl RFQ
SL7038 nut self locking ro 5310-01-089-4327 Avl RFQ
SLS166F1032-10 spacer sleeve 5365-01-370-0049 Avl RFQ
SL7760 nut plain round 5310-01-657-1215 Avl RFQ
SR11305A connecting link rigid 3040-01-242-7176 Avl RFQ
SR10784A-6007 connecting link rigid 3040-01-472-6760 Avl RFQ
SR10985A connecting link rigid 3040-01-096-5546 Avl RFQ
9681M48P06 bushing assy fan frame 3120-00-114-0284 Avl RFQ
SL55033 pin expanding grip 5315-01-309-7866 Avl RFQ
SR11479A-2205 connecting link rigid 3040-01-517-9932 Avl RFQ
SL2370-12 nut clip on 5310-00-815-2814 Avl RFQ
80-011S5D08-0 insert panel fastener 5325-01-010-5835 Avl RFQ
SR10784A-6043 connecting link rigid 3040-01-182-6261 Avl RFQ
SR10726A-6201 connecting link rigid 3040-01-192-3713 Avl RFQ
SL212-3-1 nut clip on 5310-00-917-4559 Avl RFQ
SR10785A6343 connecting link rigid 3040-01-180-7322 Avl RFQ
SLN7080-6F nut plain round 5310-01-129-6558 Avl RFQ
SR11474A-2204 connecting link rigid 3040-01-517-9820 Avl RFQ
8-026-2 nut plain spline 5310-01-465-8964 Avl RFQ
SR11475A-2206 connecting link rigid 3040-01-517-9309 Avl RFQ
SLN7739 nut plain round 5310-01-657-1213 Avl RFQ
SR10785A6334 connecting link rigid 3040-01-182-6403 Avl RFQ
SL7043 nut self locking ro 5310-01-429-2598 Avl RFQ
SR10717A-7001 connecting link rigid 3040-01-198-7308 Avl RFQ
SL9304-4P09 stud locked in 5307-01-284-7697 Avl RFQ
SR10784A-6019 connecting link rigid 3040-01-182-6971 Avl RFQ
SL1-103125A insert panel fastener 5325-01-306-1637 Avl RFQ
SL10068-4-4 insert screw thread 5325-01-059-9612 Avl RFQ
SL253-3-1 nut clip on 5310-01-143-7511 Avl RFQ
NAS578C12B retainer nut and bolt 5340-01-651-5872 Avl RFQ
SL4001-9M nut self locking ba 5310-01-172-7116 Avl RFQ
SR11578A-6206 connecting link rigid 3040-01-191-8934 Avl RFQ
SL213-3-1 nut clip on 5310-00-815-2814 Avl RFQ
SLN7080-10PLH nut 5310-01-226-4398 Avl RFQ
SR11009A connecting link rigid 3040-01-009-4267 Avl RFQ
SR10784A-6001 connecting link rigid 3040-01-190-3844 Avl RFQ
80-011-P5C1-9 insert panel fastener 5325-01-617-5337 Avl RFQ
SR10784A-6046 connecting link rigid 3040-01-182-6972 Avl RFQ
80-011-P12F2-6 insert panel fastener 5325-01-617-0737 Avl RFQ
ST3M679T4 nut spacer plate 5310-01-027-6432 Avl RFQ
SL3469-3-L-1 nut self locking cl 5310-01-092-0237 Avl RFQ
ST3M738-8 nut self locking ba 5310-00-907-0940 Avl RFQ
80-13S5D1-0 insert panel fastener 5325-01-011-7493 Avl RFQ
SR10784A-6036 connecting link rigid 3040-01-181-8588 Avl RFQ
SL61N11F nut self locking ro 5310-01-552-8366 Avl RFQ
SLR40 10 retainer nut and bo 5340-01-644-7958 Avl RFQ
80-013S4F12-9 insert panel fastener 5325-01-025-0585 Avl RFQ
SL2609-4-50 spacer sleeve 5365-01-326-1194 Avl RFQ
SMG06F3A eyelet metallic 5325-01-216-6731 Avl RFQ
SL603-3-400S insert panel fastener 5325-01-043-6090 Avl RFQ
SLS162D6-10 sleeve 5325-01-331-4175 Avl RFQ
SLR4001-5AC retainer rod end locking 5340-01-655-9664 Avl RFQ
SL2-2069-3-6P-6 insert panel fastener 5325-01-048-6707 Avl RFQ
SL9314-4P02 stud locked in 5307-01-135-8700 Avl RFQ
SR10784A-6012 connecting link rigid 3040-01-182-4577 Avl RFQ
SLW40194M60C washer flat 5310-01-334-5294 Avl RFQ
SL50-5A nut self locking ba 5310-00-839-2017 Avl RFQ
SL5000 bolt adjustable fit 1560-01-181-9262 Avl RFQ
SL3149-3-6 insert panel fastener 5325-01-061-4537 Avl RFQ
NAS578C5B retainer nut and bolt 5340-01-651-5873 Avl RFQ
SL9303-4P03 stud locked in 5307-01-168-4629 Avl RFQ
664D3-62-60 insert panel fastener 5325-01-334-3744 Avl RFQ
SL9301-3P17 stud locked in 5307-01-159-4528 Avl RFQ
SL4176-4 nut self locking barrel 5310-00-470-1572 Avl RFQ
STSMT300F110B462 support structural component aircraft 1560-01-294-5372 Avl RFQ
SLR0N10A retainer nut and bolt 5340-01-334-5329 Avl RFQ
SR11365C 0013 turnbuckle body 5340-01-203-6515 Avl RFQ
SL4001 16M nut self locking barrel 5310-01-197-6432 Avl RFQ
SLR40568M10 retainer nut and bolt 5340-01-406-8678 Avl RFQ
STSMT300F109B361 support structural component aircraft 1560-01-294-5373 Avl RFQ
SLR414 3B retainer assembled nut 5340-01-664-3034 Avl RFQ
SL602 5 410S fastener panel 5340-01-189-4143 Avl RFQ
SLW7080-8F washer lock 5310-01-129-6887 Avl RFQ
SLN40745M54X1.5 nut self locking in 5310-01-589-7573 Avl RFQ
SL50047 support structural component air 1560-01-291-0308 Avl RFQ
SL6109 08 insert self locking 5340-01-608-6235 Avl RFQ
SMG3DC3A grommet sandwich structure 5325-01-257-8810 Avl RFQ
80-025-4 washer lock blank 5310-01-583-8248 Avl RFQ
SL602M4 14S insert screw thread 5340-01-218-0381 Avl RFQ
SL3087A3 fall support 5340-01-188-5926 Avl RFQ

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