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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 99207

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 99207

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
8TJ85GHM1 transmitter rate of flow 6620-00-115-7620 Avl RFQ
9161930 nozzle assy fuel 2915-00-612-5210 Avl RFQ
AA7655-1D10 spring 5360-00-499-1086 Avl RFQ
ACSB17444 wafer assembly filter 2945-00-724-0656 Avl RFQ
AS1986-05 adapter straight tube to boss 4730-01-491-3220 Avl RFQ
AS3217-172 ring retaining 5325-01-443-6503 Avl RFQ
F404-GE-400 engine gas turbine nonaircraft 2835-01-266-0346 Avl RFQ
FSJA1700040A strainer element sediment 4730-01-155-8259 Avl RFQ
GB6-44A ball bearing 3110-00-227-6533 Avl RFQ
J1220G23 clamp loop 5340-00-869-7563 Avl RFQ
J234E0146-240CT hose assembly nonmetallic 4720-00-054-1028 Avl RFQ
J643P09A bolt machine 5306-00-097-7304 Avl RFQ
JS813P120A bolt shear 5306-01-216-7887 Avl RFQ
JZM1915T15G13 ball bearing 3110-00-117-4586 Avl RFQ
4108T05P01 plug compressor 2840-01-495-8377 Avl RFQ
4108T25P01 damper turbine blade aircraft tu 2840-01-396-8510 Avl RFQ
4108T30P01 spacer plate 5365-01-394-7551 Avl RFQ
4108T33P01 bushing sleeve 3120-01-482-8023 Avl RFQ
4108T34P02 bushing sleeve 3120-01-513-6019 Avl RFQ
4108T36P01 bushing sleeve 3120-01-446-8931 Avl RFQ
4108T39P01 ring retaining 5325-01-467-0929 Avl RFQ
4110T15P01 retainer nut and bolt 5340-01-443-1760 Avl RFQ
4110T20P02 strap tiedown electrical compone 5975-01-445-1632 Avl RFQ
4110T21P01 bracket angle 5340-01-443-1660 Avl RFQ
4110T24P01 bracket mounting 5340-01-443-1663 Avl RFQ
4110T32P01 plug machine thread 5365-01-459-8285 Avl RFQ
4110T55P38 control unit supervisory turbine 2995-01-584-8420 Avl RFQ
4110T55P51 eecu spec 2925-01-594-0198 Avl RFQ
4112T66G02 manifold jumper ais 5935-01-500-3343 Avl RFQ
4112T73P01 clip retaining 5340-01-535-2641 Avl RFQ
4112T81G01 bracket mounting 5340-01-535-2653 Avl RFQ
4123T44P01 spacer ring 5365-01-486-9399 Avl RFQ
4125T93G01 bracket mounting 5340-01-578-8190 Avl RFQ
4133T05G02 bracket mounting 5340-01-535-2647 Avl RFQ
4133T05G03 bracket mounting 5340-01-535-2646 Avl RFQ
4135T64G01 case scroll 2840-01-537-4299 Avl RFQ
4135T65G01 case scroll 2840-01-537-4300 Avl RFQ
4135T67G01 case scroll 2840-01-537-4304 Avl RFQ
4146T00G02 fuselage section 1560-01-491-1562 Avl RFQ
162C9315P01 tube oil filter 2995-00-772-6916 Avl RFQ
162C9316P01 tube vent 2995-00-774-8886 Avl RFQ
162C9321P02 shaft shouldered 3040-01-138-8431 Avl RFQ
162C9325P01 sleeve dowell 2995-00-773-7364 Avl RFQ
162C9333 bearing ball annular 3110-01-425-3951 Avl RFQ
162C9334 plate output adapte 2995-00-773-7370 Avl RFQ
162C9335 support adapter 2995-00-772-6919 Avl RFQ
162C9341 bearing ball annular 3110-01-425-3949 Avl RFQ
162C9350P01 link control input 2995-00-774-8962 Avl RFQ
162C9352 gear assy clutch ho 2995-00-790-8407 Avl RFQ
162C9354P02 bushing sleeve 3120-00-015-8476 Avl RFQ
162C9363 bearing ball annular 3110-01-425-3952 Avl RFQ
162C9371P01 spring helical torsion 5360-00-888-8495 Avl RFQ
162C9376 spacer sleeve 5365-00-863-7093 Avl RFQ
162C9377 clipx retainer 2995-00-722-1659 Avl RFQ
162C9378 spacer sleeve 5365-00-439-6853 Avl RFQ
162C9379 shaft close nozzle 2995-00-735-7694 Avl RFQ
162C9380P01 spider actuating sh 2995-00-735-7695 Avl RFQ
162C9384 ringx gear 2995-00-722-1657 Avl RFQ
162C9386 sleeve teaser guide 2995-00-735-7697 Avl RFQ
162C9390 spring coil clutch 2995-00-896-5198 Avl RFQ
162C9391P01 spring helical torsion 5360-00-874-2407 Avl RFQ
162C9394-2 disk valve 2915-01-425-3957 Avl RFQ
162C9394G01 disk molded 2995-00-736-1851 Avl RFQ
162C9401 carrier bearing 2995-00-895-5256 Avl RFQ
162C9401P01 carrier bearing 2995-00-895-5256 Avl RFQ
162C9403P01 gasket oil filter 2995-00-858-1689 Avl RFQ
163A208P4 shim 5365-00-576-3864 Avl RFQ
163A257P1 spacer sleeve 5365-00-628-4674 Avl RFQ
1671M11G08 device engine aircr 2840-01-504-6759 Avl RFQ
21C7037P33 guide positioning 5365-01-525-2786 Avl RFQ
6072T80G05 nozzle segment turbine aircraft 2840-01-494-8719 Avl RFQ
5121T01G02 shaft turbine aircraft gas turbi 2840-01-541-1630 Avl RFQ
4034T50P01 nozzle lubricating aircraft gas 2840-00-553-1193 Avl RFQ
6004T97P01 blade turbine rotor turbine engi 2840-00-548-4606 Avl RFQ
5003T94G09 linkage assembly 2840-01-076-5265 Avl RFQ
5043T26G01 lever vane actuator 2840-01-087-4109 Avl RFQ
37B200113P101 retainer pin 2840-00-724-1140 Avl RFQ
37B201987P101 piston check valve 2840-00-804-6810 Avl RFQ
6049T91G06 rotor turbine aircraft gas turbi 2840-01-417-7389 Avl RFQ
37B201943P101 clevis assy servo 2915-00-806-7948 Avl RFQ
3000T71P03 lever fuel valve 2915-00-073-7217 Avl RFQ
5034T83P12 nut assembly self l 5310-01-112-3119 Avl RFQ
4034T99P01 control assembly pu 1680-01-077-7827 Avl RFQ
4025T66P01 cable assembly special purpose e 6150-00-095-9504 Avl RFQ
R1383P005 insert screw thread 5325-00-913-5407 Avl RFQ
108784 disk valve 4820-01-415-9466 Avl RFQ
4056T41P01 elbow oil 4730-01-169-1733 Avl RFQ
3046T73 cap tube 4730-01-375-8082 Avl RFQ
5038T85 hose assembly metallic 4720-01-003-0234 Avl RFQ
R1306 18 packing preformed 5330-00-833-3265 Avl RFQ
4063T58 power supply 6120-01-491-7800 Avl RFQ
124A2300P003 setscrew 5305-00-878-9474 Avl RFQ
131B209 valve fuel drain 2915-00-639-9341 Avl RFQ
3008T64P01 connecting link rigid 3040-00-998-6797 Avl RFQ
5000T10G03 housing antifriction bearing air 2840-00-156-9474 Avl RFQ
595E821G008 housing antifriction bearing air 2840-00-156-9474 Avl RFQ
4059T29P06 retainer packing 5330-01-662-4330 Avl RFQ
4059T23P05 retainer packing 5330-01-662-4335 Avl RFQ
3004T48P01 flange section oute 5340-00-630-8316 Avl RFQ
3024T47P02 spacer plate 5365-00-612-9090 Avl RFQ

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