Advantages and Uses of Polyurethane Rollers

As their name suggests, polyurethane rollers are cylindrical rollers blanketed in a layer of an elastomer material called polyurethane. Based on the application in question, the inner roller core may be susceptible to scratches, dents, corrosion, and other types of damage. However, the layer of polyurethane has innate properties that provide the inner roller core with a certain level of abrasion resistance and impact strength. As such, polyurethane rollers are utilized in many manufacturing processes for carrying out a multitude of operations, including printing, laminating, coating, and more.

It is possible to produce an array of different types and proportions of polyurethane’s compounding ingredients, and through blending, differing mechanical properties can be obtained to meet specific operational needs. For polyurethane, the most desirable properties include toughness, high impingement resistance, shock absorption, and fatigue resistance. In addition, various formulations of polyurethane can produce rollers that are hard and firm or soft and malleable.

Advantages of Polyurethane Rollers

Polyurethane and rubbers like nitrile and neoprene belong to a family of materials known as elastomers, which offer a number of impressive mechanical properties. For instance, polyurethane is a very versatile material that has a service life four times longer than other typical rubber materials. In food production, polyurethane rollers are used in the place of rubber or plastic rollers because they do not leave marks or residue that can contaminate food. Moreover, they do not necessitate carbon roller linings for extra support, avoiding the potential of carbon blacking. Depending on the type of polymer system in place, polyurethane can often be capable of withstanding water, oils, and other petroleum-based solvents.

Use of Polyurethane Rollers

For any given application, the choice of polyurethane rollers is based on their durability, as well as a wide range of durometers. A durometer is the international standard for the hardness measurement of rubber, plastic, and other non-metallic materials. While rubber rollers are expensive and require an extensive production process, polyurethane casting takes advantage of aluminum molds that can be easily formed and shaped to the proper dimensions of the designed roller. Below, we will cover some of the ways in which polyurethane rollers are used.

  • Conveyor Rollers

Polyurethane conveyor rollers offer noise abatement, in addition to abrasion and solvent resistance. In packaging and shipping, conveying systems ensure efficient and smooth operations. As materials have to move quickly without being damaged or mishandled, polyurethane rollers provide a great solution that keeps a work environment stress-free for workers.

  • Industrial Casters

Industrial polyurethane-coated casters are a rugged, durable, and strong type of caster that can support up to five tons. They have a higher capacity than rubber wheels and are often preferred over their counterparts because they can carry tremendous loads without damaging floors or other surfaces. Furthermore, the elasticity of industrial polyurethane casters makes them long-lasting components that offer ergonomic benefits.


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