The aircraft engine is a complex system that provides for the propulsion and flight generation of an aircraft. During operation, there may be a great amount of engine system components that undergo heavy use, generating intense heat and causing friction through rubbing and sliding against each other. To mitigate the damaging effects that this can all cause, engines utilize an aircraft lubrication system.

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In completing pilot training, it is important that a pilot has a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of flight. A pilot must be well versed on the hundreds of components featured on an aircraft, how they might differ in the many types of aircraft, and the various stressors an aircraft can encounter in its flight cycle— including systems malfunction and adverse weather conditions. In addition, the pilot must be able to simultaneously monitor RPM, altitude factors, navigation, and more. So how can they realistically prepare for complex conditions that are so difficult to replicate in real-time?  Nowadays, a virtual reality (VR) flight simulator is often used to prepare pilots for circumstances they might encounter.

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