What is the Aircraft Engine Lubrication System and Components?

The aircraft engine is a complex system that provides for the propulsion and flight generation of an aircraft. During operation, there may be a great amount of engine system components that undergo heavy use, generating intense heat and causing friction through rubbing and sliding against each other. To mitigate the damaging effects that this can all cause, engines utilize an aircraft lubrication system.

The way that the aircraft lubrication system is able to cool and protect an engine and internal components is through the use of oil. The oil system of an aircraft may come in the form of a wet or dry sump, meaning that the oil is either a separate or included tank. A complete oil pump moves the oil around the aircraft engine, spraying lubrication where needed. Pressure gauges then monitor the oil pressure within the system, and pressure sensors will be used to detect the right amount of pressure build up.

With constant contact between aircraft engine components, lubrication from oil is utilized to mitigate corrosion and rusting of parts. When oil is applied between parts, its incompressible fluid capabilities allow for it to prevent metal to metal contact between parts. By utilizing fluid friction through lubricants, output of the engine can be increased while maintaining the health and integrity of system components.

For the protection of engine system components, oil lubrication also serves as an aircraft cooling system. Oil sprayed within the engine absorbs heat from internal components and then is moved towards oil coolers where thermostats ensure that the oil is cooled and kept at a certain set temperature. Beyond just acting as an aircraft cooling system, the oil system also functions to remove and clean debris and other contaminants from the engine system components. Filters within the aircraft lubrication system capture any picked up materials by oil as it passes through so that they can later be removed from the system during regular inspection and maintenance.

With the many benefits that the aircraft lubrication system brings to component health, it is critical that they are well maintained. Oil tanks should be regularly filled and levels checked to ensure that there is enough for standard operation. Pressure is also important to monitor, and thus screens and pressure relief valves should be inspected during normal routine maintenance. When the time arises to procure parts for your aircraft lubrication system for maintenance, repair, or replacement, ASAP Axis has you covered.

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