Hex Bolts, Their Use, and Common Types

Hex bolts are a common type of threaded fastener that finds use in construction, automobile manufacturing, engineering, and much more. Diverse in its capabilities, a hex bolt may be relied on for either construction or repair jobs with their ability to interconnect parts with the use of a mating nut. To help you better understand the importance of hex bolts, we will provide a brief overview of their design, applications, and common types.

Somewhat similar in appearance to screws and other bolt types, hex bolts distinguish themselves from other components with the hexagonal shape of their head. Surpassing the standard Phillips head screw or slotted drive screw in regard to popularity, hex bolts serve as the industry standard. With a six-sided head, the hex screw allows for a user to grip the fasteners from various angles with tools or by hand with ease. Unlike a bolt with a four-sided head or one with more than six sides, a hex bolt ensures optimal torque during the installation process.

While many hex bolts are only partially threaded, fully threaded sets are available and can be used for numerous applications. Furthermore, hex bolts can be specifically manufactured with a particular application in mind, many being constructed to meet environmental and tensile requirements. Because of their versatility in design, the same type of hex bolt can optimally serve different projects and be paired with a variety of materials.

Due to the strength of their materials, design, and construction, hex bolts provide high tensile strength which can be beneficial for a number of applications. Furthermore, their six points of contact enable them to be used in tight spaces where tool use is limited. Widely ranging in length, thread style, and finish, various hex bolts find use in the fastening of wooden assemblies, steel, and other construction materials. As such, hex bolts may be found on docks, highways, buildings, bridges, and vehicles alike.

When choosing between hex bolts, one should first consider the material they are made from. Stainless steel bolts are quite common, and they are well resistant to corrosion without requiring a coating. As such, they are often utilized in marine environments. Despite this, stainless steel hex bolts are weaker than other various options. BZP hex bolts are also common, often being used for fixings due to their finish that promotes aesthetics. While the BZP layer is somewhat resistant to moisture, it is too thin to optimally protect the bolt in an outdoor setting.

Whether the hex bolt is partially or fully threaded is also important as well, changing how the fastener is able to handle certain stressors. Fully threaded hex bolts are often used for heavy-duty applications where grip strength is prioritized over alignment and shear strength. Additionally, fully threaded hex bolts are typically installed in pre-threaded holes where the most significant holding pressure is placed on its head.

Partially threaded hex bolts, on the other hand, exhibit an unthreaded shank underneath their head. With their differing design, partially threaded hex bolts serve resistance and alignment needs. If installed in a fitting hole, the partially threaded hex bolt will be capable of resisting vibration and shear force. Despite lacking the strength of their fully threaded counterparts, partially threaded hex bolts lack weak points to better mitigate strength.

Once one has determined the threading and materials necessary for a given application, the specific type of hex bolt may be chosen. Depending on the specifications of an application, common bolts types like the lock hex bolt, drilled hex bolt, or wrench hex bolt may be used. On ASAP Axis, we can help you procure all the various types of hex bolt components that you require for carrying out your operations.

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