What Is a Fender Washer and Its Benefits

When speaking about fasteners, many often discuss the various nuts, bolts, and screws that connect various parts together. Despite these components being extremely useful for assembling items, they often require supportive hardware known as washers for load distribution, surface protection, locking, and more. Depending on the assembly in question, the fasteners used, and environmental conditions, there are a number of washers that one may take advantage of. In this blog, we will discuss the Fender washer in particular, that of which is a fairly common option that is comparable to standard flat washers.

Fender washers are often referred to as penny washers, and they are known for their flat design in which the inner diameter is much smaller than the outer diameter. In order to be paired with a fastener, the tail-end of a threaded component is passed through the central opening of the Fender washer, allowing the head to rest on the washer’s surface. When tightened, the washer will take on the load of the fastener, distributing it so that force is spread out more evenly on assembly components. As compared to other types of flat washers, Fender washers are known for having a much larger outer diameter than what is typically seen, meaning that they have ample ability to distribute the load of a fastener.

While the large surface area provided by the Fender washer is quite beneficial, it is not the only benefit that such components provide. In addition, Fender washers are useful for surfaces that are facing rust or corrosion. When a surface is rusting, a fastener may not hold well as it has the possibility of going straight through the hole as weakened materials break down. As the fastener head is what secures parts together with ample reliability, there must be a way to keep it secure. As a result, the large diameter of a Fender washer can allow for a fastener to be installed into a surface facing corrosion or rust with a much higher chance of implementing ample security.

Depending on your particular needs, there are a number of Fender washer types that vary in their size, thickness, material, and more. For size, washers are generally measured by their inner or outer washer diameter, and the outer diameter may range anywhere from half of an inch to two inches. For material construction, zinc-plating, stainless steel, and neoprene are all common, and the choice between each will often come down to the application in question and environmental conditions. For instance, some metals may face specific types of wear or corrosion if mixed, so the choice of material is an important factor to consider.

As a final consideration when purchasing washers for your needs, some applications may require parts that have been manufactured and tested in accordance with specific guidelines and specifications, meaning that you must be careful when procuring parts if you operate a civil or defense aircraft that necessitates the use of FAA-approved parts or Mil-Spec components. Regardless of the washers that you require and the specifications they must abide by, ASAP Axis is your sourcing-solution for everything that you need to carry out your operations with ease.

ASAP Axis is a premier purchasing platform owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and we present customers access to top-quality Fender washers from leading manufacturers such as Metric and Multistandard Components, Aeronautical Standards Group, and various others. With team members serving customers around the clock, you can always give us a call or email when you are ready to initiate the procurement process. With our RFQ services, you can also receive a customized quote for your comparisons in a matter of minutes. Connect with a representative today and experience the future of part procurement with ASAP Axis


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