Why Aviation and Aerospace Industries Use PTFE

While many materials used in day to day operations are also used in high-grade industrial applications, the aviation and aerospace industries face unique challenges that sometimes call for unique solutions. While stainless steel works well for fasteners and other part types in both aircraft and home appliances alike, some parts of aircraft require materials with specific properties and exceptionally high standards that cannot be met by common materials. As such, a popular material known as polytetrafluorethylene, shortened to PTFE, is commonly sought out by the aviation and aerospace industries for certain demanding applications. A type of fluoroplastic, PTFE is a unique material with many advantages for critical operations. For your better understanding of what this material is and why it is a great protective coating in high-demand industries, this blog will explore the characteristics and applications of PTFE that make it such a popular choice for aircraft.

With its many unique qualities, PTFE is unrivaled by any other substance in its use for aircraft. Some properties of this versatile substance include its high temperature resistance, its low coefficient of friction, its low dielectric constant, and its inflammability. These properties combined make PTFE a good surface material for applications that require insulation and protection, as well as little friction. As such, common uses for PTFE comprise cable insulation, fuel hose manufacturing, protecting the surfaces of doors, and aiding in the assembly and protection of various parts.

When used for cable insulation, it is best to procure unsintered PTFE for wrapping your cables and wires because it provides electrical insulation as a dielectric medium. On the other hand, fuel hoses should be made from PTFE filled with carbon, made by coextrusion, because it provides a conductive core with an insulated outer layer. When using PTFE for your aircraft’s doors, you will be guaranteed low friction and resistance to allow for smooth openings and closings. This same principle also makes PTFE a wise choice for the assembly and protection of other materials, such as a friction reducing material between aluminum and other metals.

An example of this last application is the PTFE used in leading edges of aircraft wings. These landing slats and flaps are used to slow down the aircraft during landing. Assembling the aluminum rod which drives the landing slats and flaps is also made easy by the very low coefficient of friction of PTFE. Furthermore, the PTFE provides a protective shield during the landing itself that prevents increased vibration level during landing from causing the aluminum rod to break when it slams into the other wing parts.

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