Why Flight Simulation is Important?

When learning to fly aircraft and helicopters, there is nothing better than using a flight simulator. From the 1930’s Blue Box, all the way to free and paid mobile apps, the ability to simulate flight has improved tremendously over the years. Simulators can allow for aspiring or operating pilots to practice a multitude of aircraft types, scenarios, and more without having to utilize an actual aircraft. Simulators are now even able to replicate most functions of an aircraft and external factors to allow for the practice of flying, design of aircraft, and even investigations of aviation accidents.

Today’s simulators range from arcade games that may be found on mobile devices, all the way to fully housed, professional grade simulators that feature a navigation panel, motion, sounds, visuals, and more to aid with training. Depending on the grade of the simulator, a pilot may even be able to become a type-rated pilot without ever piloting the real aircraft. With more robust simulators, cost effective training can be conducted that can even cut learning time in half for new pilots, all with less pressures and dangers present.

With simulators, pilots also have the ability to face many unique scenarios so they may be able to know how to avert them and create safer flying. As they are not real situations, any mistake does not cause danger or pose any monetary risk. Flight simulation also allows for pilots to maintain their flying skills as well as practice for an upcoming flight, such as a landing at a new airport. Other things that pilots can benefit from with a simulator include learning radio communication fundamentals, improve navigation skills, and practice a specific situation over and over again to master it.

Besides just pilots, many others can benefit from flight simulation as well. Those who have a passion for flight, but may not be able to meet the financial ability to own a plane, have certain disabilities, or do not wish to go into an aviation profession can pilot from the comfort of their homes. Consumer markets have also become a popular sector for flight simulation, and many reap the benefits that such thorough simulations have to offer.

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