What Types of Springs Are Used in the Aerospace Industry?

Springs are elastic components, storing mechanical energy through their operation. When a standard spring is either compressed or stretched, it begins to exert an opposing force that is nearly equivalent to its change in length. Depending on their shape, size, materials, and other factors, springs may benefit a variety of applications. Across the industries that springs serve, the aerospace industry in particular benefits greatly from their capabilities. Springs are implemented in a number of aerospace systems and components, including those such as drones, solar panels, valves, aircraft controls, throttles, satellites, and more.

From retractable tray doors on the back of passenger seats to the operation of stairs, springs provide for many facets of flight that we highly depend upon. Aircraft springs typically facilitate the operation of compartments and components, though they are also present in critical areas such as the aircraft landing system, navigation equipment, refueling systems, and more. In general, without springs, aircraft as we are familiar with would not be possible.

The primary reason why aircraft springs are so beneficial is due in part to their high resistance to pressure. For aircraft parts to be desirable and relied upon, they need to be very sturdy and must not require high amounts of maintenance and replacement. Due to the harsh conditions and environments that aircraft operate in while in flight, components must be engineered to withstand such stressors while avoiding damage and failure. To ensure that aircraft springs are robust enough, they are typically constructed from a variety of metals such as steel and aluminum. There are also multiple types of springs that are commonly used, and these include those such as the compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring, double torsion spring, clock spring, taper spring, flat spring, and wire form spring type.

Compression springs are a standard type that many are familiar with, providing for the movement of an object through compression and release. These types of springs are often found in engines and suspension systems. Extension springs work opposite to compression springs, extending and retracting rather than being compressed. These types of springs are common to doors and similar applications. Torsion springs function with coils that twist and rotate rather than extend or retract, and these allow for the opening and closing of cabinet doors and similar assemblies. Double tension springs operate similarly, featuring a second coil set that is separated by a wire section.

Clock springs were originally engineered for use within clocks and other time keeping devices, but they have since been phased out with electronics. Conical springs are similar to compression springs, though they feature coils that are assembled in different diameters, allowing the resistance to increase more the further they are compressed. Flat springs are constructed from metal strips, benefiting applications where typical wire springs are not as practical. Lastly, the wire form spring consists of shaped wire that is placed in various different configurations, either performing a spring function or not depending on the application.

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