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It should be noted that bearings and fasteners are key hardware types. To streamline the buying process however, bearing and fasteners each have their own section. Hardware is an extensive category that ranges from seat covers to valves. Any element of an aircraft, that is not categorized as avionics or within the turbo engine hardware, can be classified as  a piece of aircraft hardware. Below are a few other key hardware parts that are found in aircraft.

Brackets help support the structural integrity of an aircraft by holding two components together. Aircraft brackets are classified into Class A, Class B, and Class C.  Aircraft brackets can be found throughout an aircraft.

A spring is typically a helical metal coil. When you pull on a spring, the energy will be retained, stored and released. Springs are one of the more recognizable aircraft hardware. The springs in the tray tables allow passengers to move the tables up and down for takeoff and landing. The benefit of using springs as opposed to fasteners, is the speed in which they release an object. An example of a spring system on an aircraft is spring - damper system in the landing gear.

Unlike most aircraft hardware, seals are non-metal components, usually made out of rubber. The purpose of a seal is to prevent leakage between two physical objects. Seals also maintain pressure in certain locations on an aircraft. For example, seals are found on the windowpanes of passenger windows. Different types of seals include: O ring seals, strip seals, sealed cells, and seal rings. The most common place to find a seal is in a hydraulic system.

Ropes, Chains, and Applicable Fitting Parts
Ropes and chains are defined in terms of their strength and durability. Ropes can be grouped into stationary ropes and running ropes. Typically running ropes are used in aircraft for drums. Stationary ropes are for high tension connections. Chains and cables are a similar group within this part category. Cables are used for suspension purposes and chains are used for assembly purposes. 

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post 156 lh cover strip panel rete shim stop fitting no 3 stop aft
cmshft cable seb ueb aud j deicer atr72 32 172 38 1 stand fire extinguisher
wipe wypall waterless hand shroud assembly clutch fed ex purple butyrate switch lens pushbutton switch wh
n l a plate assy propeller sp spacer link assembly inertial vane rotary buckle assy ctr fixed table runner end plug lower
valve assy filter connctng rod 331a32244300 6805 plaque chauff label identicication
mounting bracket assy lh 327138 lug terminal ground power receptacle control el decal grnd here wht
valve handle sx 16mod junction bo xfmr trans currant output reamer expansion 31 32in taper sh
ecs0727r02a connector edge member top cowl shield rfi emi governor propeller rep exch
pressure strip a p panel bk x sw turb sw interl inhibitor corrosion 14oz pipe exhaust crossover right
angle aircond inlet round bar drawn arriel metallic oil tank grommet assy cable control
pitot head cover goodrich 9275306 angle nacelle installation aft kit cessna hpu hyd coupl paint red 21105 7 8qt
ring 2 63 x 08 bushings pmsm2501 c 4174 tape blue fitting backup adg hinge
refresh center plate restriction 1650kg french angle main landing gear dr cutou fransformer
control heater circuit card shroud blank upper tenon wear gauge longeron tailcone
kit carpet cockpit cover door assem m clevis assy vert tube clamp airfuse
placard 35669 154 int support coil 53111 32ael washer unit oil 5us gal
harness assy rh engine tube assy bleed airc017 latch assy painted spare placar gear spur shaft 32 80
reamer 0 36 hss tube tube breakage fltr kit adhesive epoxy a b 3 2oz
std switch clip main ldg door instl stud 38 16 24 x 1 50 lg element filter mb
2 62x113 9 23b7 o ring rack gear assembly 22256bc040048l bolt duct assy piccolo supply rh
lycoming oil filter support 77852 quick disconnect nonlocking polarized window pane hnir 27 cushion 8mm tk
res 332 ohms 1 0805 airdata computer 200 plus reservoir sling assembly block engine control supp
manual 182s checklist rev 3 1998 ccsc seal window cockpit dr l h soap hand foaming germ killa
body cover sensor comp doubler lower angle panel front aisle
nla blk tactel jkt chey l grille air capacitor fxd cer diel 5 6pf chain upr control colum assem
clip seat and install assembly angle main gear door cutout r nut clinch 6 32unc steel crankshaft kit fp hi crush
aviation weather services cartier box 03200 nvl 649200 cos9 cas rotating c a ail trim fwd
kit engine exciter relocation ca assy tst extnd 25 to 25 pin 1 8 x 1 1 8 lg roll kit assy tower extension
elevator le outbd cover plates slideay pin shear nlg jet cal howell
target aft bagg door tube dossier ar manchonne rech combo d sub 9w4 plug blower sub assembly
rod bracket assy avpac 5 fairing liner outer suppt cowl assem door overhaul kit
lens assy lavatory occupied sign paint super whi qt piston head shock strut deicer break light lh estane
stiffener circuit card vhannel trim de icer atr72 32p172 5 2 kickstrips upper
rib le inboard flap brkt at cont assy kit connector b
mtr motor dc rod assembly control paint first star 3 4gl backshroud assembly
undrill skin strip r326v 062 x 1 00 plug outboard thr and cont asm
fairing cover fill overflow valve with gearbox 182t bp cl 03 undercarriage assy main
orifice assy 1 25 dia duct cap lwr rib l e w s 147 735 window porthole doubler evas safe sys c 9
inst placard g2 bit drill sb 12 carbide bur sleeve tool res pf 806k qw 1
seat fh00kyk2ya00001 unit ng training control pcba compl tbc 1 sunvisor pilot
clip tension spring door 3 lh a valve oxygen mbu 5 p resistor fxd film 20 5k 1
plate identification mod lock assy lower rh brshpltasy edgetrim
skyscapes yellow orange sh infill panel beige 206 0 mm 375f f50 5 5 aramid core bs2 kit amp co
roof fitting inner repeater pipette pinlocating superceded by 10 4894
planet gear equipped nomencla b1035 hfaa pba5 mod piston assy shk stru
transducer monopole mag mylar orifice assy union mirror lavatory kit repl w s anti ice valve
gasket throttle body inle plg l1 papr wxr 700x weather radar adapter assy ma cover cover assembly pitot tube
lwr shrd assy side hng lh support front lh assy strain gage access cover mfd
color glass lh sliding door rudder ecu g5k dflt pilot profile mixer a o
ground connection elec generation adapter post body display arm visor monitor rib aileron lt c345

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