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ASAP Axis can help you find the parts you need including Xtal Unit Qtz 19 88500khz, Xtal Unit Qtz 18900 00khz, Xtal Unit Qtz 18 49850mhz, Xtal Unit Qtz 17 10000mhz, Xtal Unit Qtz 16 81250mhz and more. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, our inventory is comprised of over six billion parts and is sourced from trusted manufacturers. We adhere to a strict NO CHINA POLICY to ensure that our customers always get premium parts. We operate as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 0056B certified enterprise with a supply chain that spans across North America. and offer some of the quickest lead-times in the industry. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to aid in the procurement process and works tirelessly to ensure that all parts are inspected for quality and cross referenced before they are shipped out. If you are ready to begin, submit an Instant RFQ today.

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xtal unit qtz 19 88500khz xtal unit qtz 18900 00khz xtal unit qtz 18 49850mhz xtal unit qtz 17 10000mhz
xtal unit qtz 16 81250mhz xtal unit qtz 16 77500mhz xtal unit qtz 16 73750mhz xtal unit qtz 16 70000mhz
xtal unit qtz 16 66250mhz xtal unit qtz 16 62500mhz xtal unit qtz 16 58750mhz xtal unit qtz 16 55000mhz
xtal unit qtz 16 51250mhz xtal unit qtz 142 5000khz xtal unit qtz 14 82500mhz xtal unit qtz 14 81250mhz
xtal unit qtz 14 80000mhz xtal unit qtz 14 72500mhz xtal unit qtz 14 70000mhz xtal unit qtz 14 62500mhz
xtal unit qtz 14 60000mhz xtal unit qtz 14 52500mhz xtal unit qtz 14 50000mhz xtal unit qtz 14 42500mhz
xtal unit qtz 12 45750mhz xtal unit qtz 12 35750mhz xtal unit qtz 12 18250mhz xtal unit qtz 12 08250mhz
xtal unit qtz 12 03250mhz xtal unit qtz 12 00750mhz xtal unit qtz 11 88250mhz xtal unit qtz 11 85750mhz
xtal unit qtz 11 78250mhz xtal unit qtz 11 68500mhz xtal unit qtz 11 63250mhz xtal unit qtz 11 58250mhz
xtal unit qtz 11 53250mhz xtal unit qtz 11 50750mhz xtal unit qtz 10mhz xtal unit qtz 10238 00khz
xtal unit qtz 10154 60khz xtal unit qtz 10113 00khz xtal unit qtz 101 4667mhz xtal unit qtz 10071 30khz
xtal unit qtz 10029 60khz xtal unit qtz 100 7667mhz xtal unit qtz 100 5667mhz xtal unit qtz 100 4500mhz
xtal unit qtz 100 3667mhz xtal unit qtz 100 2667mhz xtal unit qtz 100 1667mhz xtal unit qtz 10 97500mhz
xtal unit qtz 10 87500mhz xtal unit qtz 10 72500mhz xtal unit qtz 10 67500mhz xtal unit qtz 10 62500mhz
xtal unit qtz xtal unit xtal tcxo 4 950mhz xtal smt 24 000mhz
xtal sm 48mhz xtal quartz 10 00m xtal osc smd 3 3v 40 mhz xtal osc 20 000mhz
xtal miprcs 8mhz 0 to 70c xtal fund 2 0 mhz 25ppm xtal filter assy 69 8 mhz xtal filter 6 pole
xtal filter 10 5 mhz xtal crystal 8 0 mhz xtal crystal 1 6176 mhz xtal ass no7 sold bd
xtal 99 975mhz xtal 99 2500mhz xtal 96 975mhz xtal 95 975mhz
xtal 85 700mhz xtal 8 76mhz xtal 8 192mhz xtal 8 000mhz
xtal 71 0250mhz xtal 69 55 mhz xtal 60 01mhz quartz hc 4 xtal 60 010mhz
xtal 60 00mhz quartz hc 4 xtal 60 000mhz xtal 6 4mhz xtal 6 000mhz
xtal 5th ot 69 3 mhz xtal 55 5000mhz xtal 53 93125mhz xtal 52 825mhz
xtal 4mhz ext temp xtal 400 010khz xtal 4 046875mhz xtal 3579 545khz
xtal 35 00mhz xtal 30 503mhz xtal 3 2000mhz xtal 24 576mhz
xtal 22 069mhz xtal 20mhz 20pf xtal 2 125mhz xtal 18 432mhz
xtal 18 000867mhz xtal 15 000 mhz xtal 14 75mhz xtal 14 60mhz
xtal 14 300mhz xtal 136 250mhz xtal 135 97r xtal 135 55r
xtal 132 47r xtal 131 50r xtal 131 37r xtal 130 60r
xtal 13 95mhz xtal 13 500mhz xtal 13 450mhz xtal 129 57r
xtal 129 37r xtal 128 97r xtal 128 92r xtal 128 85r
xtal 128 82r xtal 128 750mhz xtal 128 45r xtal 128 40r
xtal 128 35r xtal 127 70r xtal 127 00r xtal 124 20r
xtal 123 60r xtal 123 30r xtal 123 05r xtal 123 00r
xtal 122 85r xtal 122 77r xtal 122 60r xtal 121 70r
xtal 121 65r xtal 120 25r xtal 12 8mhz xtal 12 8000mhz
xtal 12 00mhz xtal 119 90r xtal 119 75r xtal 118 10r
xtal 118 00r xtal 110 975mhz xtal 11 0592 mhz 50 ppm tol xtal 107 77mhz ptc
xtal 10 95mhz xtal 10 345mhz xtal 10 00mhz xtal 1 8432mhz
xtal xt st1291 trs4014k xstrsnpnommbt222 xstrs tpr400r
xstrrjfe xstrpad xstrnpn bcx56s0t89 xstrcx45c697c697
xstrbam20 xstra xstr6s3pnp mpsu55 xstr3s7e174174
xstr3s3npn604 xstr22n2222ajanjan xstr xfmr audio freq sub minitur xstr x x38d5559
xstr vp1310n3 xstr vn1310n3 xstr vn109n2 xstr vn108n2
xstr vmos vn40af xstr v440 xstr u431 xstr u 1502
xstr tz1049 xstr transistor see screen 10 xstr transistor power set xstr transistor power 4
xstr transistor power 2 xstr transistor pb pbf xstr transistor npn 2222a smd sot xstr transistor npn
xstr transistor 2n6287 xstr transistor xstr tis151 xstr tip36a w hard
xstr tip 31a xstr sw pnp 2907a sot23 xstr sw npn 2222a sot23 xstr stnpn1tip41
xstr srf648 xstr spsps680000 xstr sps1200 xstr spnpn2sps8286

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