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A servomechanism is a device which provides mechanical control at a distance.  The servos read signals and converts the signals into negative feedback. The servos then uses motors or hydraulics to move and adjust the aircraft’s control surfaces. Radio control servos are used to convert electrical signal into polar or linear movement.

Radio control servos are composed of a controller circuit, the feedback potentiometer, the motor, the gearbox and the drive shaft.

The potentiometer is connected to the circuit board and the gears and is driven by the motor. The potentiometer works on the basis of error correction. Essentially, the potentiometer interprets the signals from the circuit board and then tells the motor which way to move.

The gearbox drives the motor to the drive shaft. The drive shaft is rotated to the user’s desired angle. In an aircraft, the ailerons are controlled by a radio control servo.

There are different types of RC Servos. When considering the different RC Servos, you should consider factors such as precision, bearing type, gearbox type, motion type and strength. As with all radio equipment, radio control servos work on frequency channels. In North America radio control servo operate within the 72MHz band. There are both digital and analog servos. Digital are becoming more common as they offer faster response times. Digital servos may have more power if they are fitted with a powerful motor.

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