Aircraft Radio & Servos Parts Lookup

A servomechanism is a device which provides mechanical control at a distance.  The servos read signals and converts the signals into negative feedback. The servos then uses motors or hydraulics to move and adjust the aircraft’s control surfaces. Radio control servos are used to convert electrical signal into polar or linear movement.

Radio control servos are composed of a controller circuit, the feedback potentiometer, the motor, the gearbox and the drive shaft.

The potentiometer is connected to the circuit board and the gears and is driven by the motor. The potentiometer works on the basis of error correction. Essentially, the potentiometer interprets the signals from the circuit board and then tells the motor which way to move.

The gearbox drives the motor to the drive shaft. The drive shaft is rotated to the user’s desired angle. In an aircraft, the ailerons are controlled by a radio control servo.

There are different types of RC Servos. When considering the different RC Servos, you should consider factors such as precision, bearing type, gearbox type, motion type and strength. As with all radio equipment, radio control servos work on frequency channels. In North America radio control servo operate within the 72MHz band. There are both digital and analog servos. Digital are becoming more common as they offer faster response times. Digital servos may have more power if they are fitted with a powerful motor.

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
9408000001 turnigy turnigy™ tgy-ts531a analog nano servo 20t 0.5kg / 0.12sec / 3.7g Avl RFQ
15000008 top manufacturer 30cm servo lead extention (jr) with hook 26awg (5pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
RD820II-35 corona corona 8ch dual conv. rx 35mhz (without crystal) Avl RFQ
641000020-0 tbs tbs crossfire 8ch diversity rx Avl RFQ
9468000020-0 rotorstar rotorstar rs-2130mgc/rs-3870mgt 25t servo combo pack suits 450 size helicopters Avl RFQ
AM-2wireswitch hobbyking receiver switch Avl RFQ
T-Neckstrap turnigy turnigy transmitter strap Avl RFQ
620DMG-HS turnigy turnigy™ 620dmg high torque - ds/mg 10.6kg / 0.13sec / 52g Avl RFQ
BMS-20610 bluebird bms-20610 metal gears for bms-631mg Avl RFQ
9408000003 turnigy turnigy™ t541bbd high torque ds nano servo 20t 0.7kg / 0.09sec / 4.7g Avl RFQ
015000126-0 top manufacturer twisted 15cm y servo leads (futaba) 24awg (5pc) Avl RFQ
015000162-0 top manufacturer twisted 80cm servo lead extention (jr) with hook 22awg (5pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
017000436-0 hobbyking cnc aluminum servo arm - futaba (gold) Avl RFQ
9022000048-0 trackstar trackstar evo-t2 full size hv bldc (ultra high speed) servo 18.2kg / 0.10sec / 68g Avl RFQ
171000781-0 top manufacturer twisted 22awg servo wire red/black/white 500cm Avl RFQ
9468000017-0 turnigy turnigy™ tgy-d003hv 1/10 scale drift spec (ultra high speed) servo 25t 5.9kg / 0.03sec / 72g Avl RFQ
9315000335-0 sino hobby mini-q slash & mini-q replacement 5g servo Avl RFQ
9345000006-0 turnigy turnigy transmitter case w/fpv goggle storage - black Avl RFQ
9171000001 turnigy turnigy be found lost model beeper Avl RFQ
171001285-0 orange 6cell flight pack voltage & temperature sensor for orangerx telemetry system. Avl RFQ
014000043-0 corona corona r4dm-sb dmss compatible 4ch receiver w/sbus Avl RFQ
AM2001-20x10 top manufacturer 20cm servo lead (futaba) 32awg ultra light (10pcs/set) Avl RFQ
236000037-0 frsky frsky replacement 2 position long switch with flat toggle for taranis transmitter Avl RFQ
236000074-0 frsky frsky xsr 2.4 ghz accst receiver Avl RFQ
RP8FII-2.4G corona corona 2.4ghz futaba module & rx (v2 dsss) Avl RFQ
015000152-0 top manufacturer twisted 15cm servo lead extention (futaba) with hook 22awg (5pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
571000049-0 turnigy turnigy 2.4g antenna mount for racing drones (grey) Avl RFQ
TEMS-01 frsky frsky tems-01 telemetry temperature sensor Avl RFQ
032000006-0 sanwa sanwa/airtronics rx-371w 2.4ghz fh-2 3ch waterproof receiver Avl RFQ
HK-OA3F hobbyking heavy duty alloy 3.6in 25t pull-pull servo arm - futaba (red) Avl RFQ
17000076 hobbyking alloy heavy duty servo arm 37mm x m2 - hitec Avl RFQ
9122000012 turnigy turnigy™ tgy-390v coreless hv/ds/mg servo w/heat sink 5.4kg / 0.11sec / 22.5g Avl RFQ
AM1043-15CM top manufacturer 15cm servo lead extention (jr) 26awg (10pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
9236000127-1 frsky frsky taranis q x7s digital telemetry radio system 2.4ghz accst (eu) Avl RFQ
9458000002-0 hobbyking hobbyking™ hk-732mg coreless digital mg/bb servo 3.5kg / 0.07sec / 28g Avl RFQ
9171000303-0 orange orangerx 2.4ghz dsmx/dsm2 compatible transmitter module (futaba compatible) Avl RFQ
CS238MG corona corona cs238mg metal gear servo 4.6kg / 0.14sec / 22g Avl RFQ
236000018 hobbyking 2.4ghz a-fhss compatible 4ch micro receiver (hitec minima compatible) Avl RFQ
9171000873-0 orange orangerx openlrsng 433mhz with bluetooth (tx module) Avl RFQ
AM1043-60CM top manufacturer 60cm servo lead extention (jr) 26awg (10pcs/bag) Avl RFQ
BMS-20806 bluebird bms-20806 metal gears for bms-830dmg+hs Avl RFQ
BMS-20618 bluebird bms-20618 metal gears for bms-617mg+hs & bms-617dmg+hs Avl RFQ
BMS-20506 bluebird bms-20506 metal gears for bms-555mg & bms-555dmg Avl RFQ
9914000008-0 jumper jumper t12 transmitter w/jp4in1 multi protocol transmitter module (mode 1) Avl RFQ
236000068-0 frsky frsky x4ra 3/16ch 2.4ghz accst receiver w/s.bus, smart port & telemetry (eu) Avl RFQ
BMS-376DDG bluebird bms-376ddg digital servo 1.5kg / .11sec / 9.8g Avl RFQ
236000076-0 frsky frsky mini lipo voltage sensor mlvss Avl RFQ
HK47XX-G-S hobbyking hobbyking™ mi replacement gear set (hk47010dmg hk47110dmg hk47002dmg) 25t Avl RFQ
9468000007-0 turnigy turnigy™ tgy-rs-93 robotic ds/mg servo 25t 9.0kg / 0.20sec / 59g Avl RFQ
HKSCM9-6 hobbyking hobbyking™ hkscm9-6 singlechip digital micro servo 0.8kg / 0.11sec / 10g Avl RFQ
9171000185 orange orangerx rx3s 3-axis flight stabilizer w/dsm2 compatible 6ch 2.4ghz receiver Avl RFQ
HKSCM16-6 hobbyking hobbyking™ hkscm16-6 single chip digital servo 1.5kg / 0.19sec / 16g Avl RFQ
236000072-2 frsky frsky 2.4ghz taranis x9e digital telemetry radio system (mode 1) (eu) (uk plug) Avl RFQ
OR013A-02803B hobbyking turbothumbs super big futaba rocker (1pair) blue Avl RFQ
9345000014-0 turnigy turnigy pick n pull hard case Avl RFQ
258000155-0 hobbyking hobbyking super clean rc female to female extension set (150mm) Avl RFQ
450000185-0 hobbyking neck strap adjuster for dji transmitters Avl RFQ
9236000145-0 frsky frsky sd1 sbus decoder Avl RFQ
HK47011DMG hobbyking hobbyking™ mi digital high torque servo 25t mg 11.8kg / 0.07sec / 61g Avl RFQ
HK-5095 top manufacturer twist and turn electric retract with 3mm landing gear leg (2pc) 29.0g Avl RFQ
HX5010 hextronik hxt 5010 twin bearing digital servo 25t 6.5kg / 0.16sec / 39.2g Avl RFQ
476000020-0 futaba futaba bls274sv s.bus 2 high speed brushed servo 5.0kg / 0.05sec / 53g Avl RFQ
114000035-0 turnigy turnigy 9x replacement 3 position switch Avl RFQ
122000006 hobbyking color servo mounting screw set (orange) Avl RFQ
9408000002 turnigy turnigy™ tgy-ts541a analog nano servo 20t 0.7kg / 0.12sec / 4.3g Avl RFQ
9171000270-0 orange orangerx open lrs 433mhz transmitter 100mw (compatible with futaba radio) Avl RFQ
615000005-0 hobbyking 5 inch 800x480 5.8 ghz little pilot hd fpv monitor with mushroom antenna and bracket Avl RFQ
9045000012-0 turnigy turnigy™ mx-341s mini mg servo 3kg / 0.12sec / 19g Avl RFQ
258000154-0 hobbyking hobbyking super clean rc female to female extension set (100mm) Avl RFQ
9070000004 hobbyking hobbyking led servo tester Avl RFQ
9355000068-0 turnigy turnigy™ tgy-605c high speed ds/mg servo 25t 6.5kg / 0.048sec / 56g Avl RFQ
HKS9257-Gear hobbyking hks9257 - replacement gear set Avl RFQ
14000015 corona corona cs-918mp analog servo 1.8kg / 0.06sec / 9g Avl RFQ
236000052-0 frsky frsky x4r 4ch 2.4ghz accst receiver (w/telemetry) Avl RFQ
122000007 hobbyking color servo mounting screw set (red) Avl RFQ
720000014-0 scherrer scherrer tx700 lite uhf long range transmitter and rx700nr receiver Avl RFQ
HK15138 hobbyking hobbyking™ hk15138 standard analog servo 4.3kg / 0.17sec / 38g Avl RFQ
9355000060-0 turnigy turnigy™ tgy-245-lv low voltage dlg wing servo 25t w/alloy case 1.4kg / 0.12sec / 8.6g Avl RFQ
9249000572-0 quanum quanum 2.4ghz 3ch pistol grip receiver Avl RFQ
17000151 top manufacturer alloy universal servo arm extension (pull/pull type) 65mm Avl RFQ
068000016-0 power hd power hd 1810mg metal gear brushed digital servo 21t 3.9kg / 0.13sec / 15.8g Avl RFQ
9225000025 hobbyking hobbyking™ hk15318b low voltage servo 0.11kg / 0.08sec / 2.2g Avl RFQ
151000112 hobbyking heavy duty 24t aluminum servo arm - hitec (blue) Avl RFQ
9171001329-0 orange orangerx tx6i full range 2.4ghz dsmx compatible 6ch radio system (mode 1) (eu) Avl RFQ
277000002 immersionrc immersionrc ezuhf 8-channel diversity receiver Avl RFQ
014000035-0 corona corona ds928hv servo 1.7kg / 0.09sec / 9g Avl RFQ
236000036-0 frsky frsky replacement 3 position switch with short, flat toggle for taranis transmitter Avl RFQ
9331000003-0 turnigy turnigy 5x 5ch mini transmitter and receiver (mode 2) Avl RFQ
9914000011-0 jumper jumper sf810 sfhss/fhss compatible 2.4ghz 8ch receiver w/s.bus Avl RFQ
BMS-20309 bluebird bms-20309 plastic gears for bms-380 Avl RFQ
171000709-0 top manufacturer flat 26awg servo wire 100cm (r/b/y) Avl RFQ
9171000905-0 orange orangerx r820x v2 8ch 2.4ghz dsm2/dsmx compatibility full range rx w/sat, div ant, f/safe & sbus Avl RFQ
236000009 frsky frsky d4r-ii 4ch 2.4ghz accst receiver (w/telemetry) Avl RFQ
9114000055-0 turnigy turnigy tgy-i6s digital proportional radio control system (mode 2) (black) Avl RFQ
9236000131-0 frsky frsky xsrf40 integrated flight controller / micro receiver (eu version) Avl RFQ
9029000274-0 orange orangerx dsmx/dsm2 compatible 2.4ghz diy transmitter module Avl RFQ
TGY-MG959-V2 turnigy turnigy™ mg959 v2 alloy dg/mg servo 25t 30kg / 0.15sec / 78g Avl RFQ
9355000075-0 turnigy turnigy™ tgy-313c helicopter cyclic ds/mg w/alloy case servo 25t 3.5kg / 0.08sec / 20g Avl RFQ
BMS-955DMG bluebird bms-955dmg digital low profile high speed metal gear servo 5.2kg / 0.08sec / 45g Avl RFQ
14000032 corona corona s.bus programming card csbp-1 Avl RFQ

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