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ASAP Axis is owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, an industry leading Alvarion parts distributor and supply chain manager that is FAA AC 0056B accredited and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified. We have an extensive inventory of over six billion items such as AP-10DPRO.11, ALV-SURA36B -08, ALV-SURA35E -08, ALV-SURA35B -08, ALV-PS1081 -08 from Alvarion that are all sourced from top manufacturers. Whether you are searching for IT hardware components or obsolete parts, our dedicated team can help you find what you need and we have a dedicated account manager on hand to aid you in the purchasing process. All of our Alvarion parts undergo rigorous quality assurance testing and are cross referenced and inspected before they are shipped out to ensure that all of our customers get top quality products. We are a proud member of the ASA and serve the aerospace and defense industries. If you are ready for a competitive quote, please submit an Instant RFQ today.

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Part No Description Part Type QTY RFQ
AP-10DPRO.11 ap-10d pro.11 base station bridge in-building access point NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SURA36B -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl su-ra-3.6b 3.6 ghz outdoor subscriber u NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SURA35E -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl su-ra-3.5e 3.5ghz outdoor subscriber un NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SURA35B -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl su-ra-3.5b 3.5ghz outdoor subscriber un NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1081 -08 alvarion ps1081 power supply input 100-24v 50/60 hz 1a output: 7 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1078 -08 alvarion ps1078 power supply input 100-24v 50/60 haz 1.5a output NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1073 -08 p>alvarion idu universal indoor unit model: 0334b5555 p/n: ps107 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1068 -08 NA NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1067 -08 NA NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1065-N -08 p>alvarion bmax-cpe-idu-1d universal indoor unit model: 0334b555 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1065 -08 p>alvarion bmax-cpe-idu-1d universal indoor unit model: 0334b555 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1064 -08 alvarion bmax power supply p/n: ps1064 (new overstock) NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1055 -08 alvarion universal indoor unit ac power adapter ps1055 model: t2 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1036 -08 breezecom alvarion: vl breezenet-b ds.11 ds5800 universal indoor NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1033 -08 alvarion power supply ps1033 potrans ite input 100-240v output: NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1017-08 p>alvarion ps1017 ite power supply input:100-250v output: 5vdc 3 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1005-08 alvarion ps1005 power supply input 100-250v 50-60hz output:12vdc NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PC0083 -08 internal dc power supply pc0083 ps-bs p/n: as0146 rev:d05 has er NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MT-120018 alvarion mti wireless edge flat panel antenna mounting kit mti m NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MSD343660 -08 breezecom antenna msd3436-60-stud 60 degree 3.5 ghz 3.4-3.7ghz a NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MSA343618 -08 breezecom antenna msd3436-18 3.5 ghz 3.4-3.7ghz sma female conne NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MD-0087 alvarion walkair 3000 ts-odu ts-rfu antenna mounting kit md - 00 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MC301701 -08 breezecom r-metal mc3017-01 outdoor weatherproof enclosure dimen NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MC295301 -08 breezecom r-metal mc2953-01 outdoor weatherproof enclosure dimen NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MC1-U breezenet alvarion model mc-1 part #: 872105 cb0139 monitor cabl NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MC1 -08 breezenet alvarion model mc-1 part #: 872105 monitor cable or co NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MACJ8014 -08 p>mars ma-cj80-14 gsm dual band antenna gsm-900 gsm-1900 complet NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MA431X21 -08 jaybeam wireless ma431x21 antenna 3.4 - 3.6 ghz 10.5 dbi fibergl NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MA343718NW -08 NA NA Avl RFQ
ALV-LNA10 -08 breezenet lna-10 low noise amp pn: 872219 an1009 - conifer low n NA Avl RFQ
ALV-IFUBS105 -08 alvarion walkair 3000 ifu-bs as2427 as2429 (new overstock) NA Avl RFQ
ALV-IFMUX26 -08 breezenet if-mux-26ghz 3000 pn: 500001 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-E1SWITCH -08 alvarion e1-switch for walkair 3000 pn: 500068 e1 switch for idu NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAXPSU -08 alvarion bmax-bst-psu-ps unit type: cpc1dc-3u-200s pn: 735203 an NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAXODUSE36 -08 alvarion breezeaccess bmax-cpe-odu-pro-se-3.6 outdoor unit pn:73 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAXODUSE33G -08 alvarion breezeaccess bmax-cpe-odu-pro-se-3.3g outdoor unit pn:7 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAXODUSA36A -08 alvarion breezeaccess bmax-cpe-odu-pro-sa-3.6 outdoor unit pn:73 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAXDVTD1D2V -08 alvarion bmax-cpe-idu-dv-tc-1d2v ba t 735811 (new overstock) NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAXCPESRU -08 alvarion bmax-cpe-sru 735801 (new overstock) NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAXCPESIE3X -08 alvarion breezeaccess bmax-cpe-si-e-3.x unit pn:733195uk (used-t NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAXCPE35 -08 alvarion breezeaccess bmax-cpe-odu-pro-av-3.5 outdoor unit pn:73 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAXBSTSHSP -08 alvarion bmax-bst-sh-spchassis part #: 735201 (new overstock) NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAXBSTAU33 -08 alvarion breezeaccess bmax-bst-au-odu-3.3g outdoor unit pn:73321 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAX1D2VB -08 alvarion bmax-cpe-sru-tc-1d2v-bat 735801 (new overstock) NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BCP03024 -08 NA NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUSESA900VL-F p>alvarion aus-e-sa-900-vl rev f pay as you grow stand-alone acc NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUREOFHP35A1 -08 breezeaccess xl alvarion au-re-of-hp-3.5a1 3.5ghz ofdm outdoor a NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUREOF35B -08 p>breezeaccess xl alvarion au-re-of-hp-3.5b part #: 635319 3.5gh NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUREMMDS -08 breezeaccess alvarion au-re-mmds part #: 825007 outdoor access u NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AURELP24 -08 breezeaccess ii alvarion au-re-lp-2.4 outdoor low power 2.4ghz a NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUREHP24 -08 p>breezeaccess ii alvarion au-re-hp-2.4 outdoor unit part #: 824 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AURE900 -08 alvarion breezeaccess ii au-re-900 outdoor access unit 900mhz pn NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AURE57 -08 breezeaccess alvarion au-re-5.7 outdoor access unit with externa NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AURE36B -08 p>breezeaccess xl alvarion au-re-3.6b outdoor access unit with e NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AURE35B -08 breezeaccess xl alvarion au-re-3.5b outdoor access unit with ext NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AURE35A1 -08 breezeaccess xl alvarion au-re-3.5a1 part #: 835650 outdoor acce NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AURE35A -08 breezeaccess xl alvarion au-re-3.5a outdoor access unit with ext NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AURE33A -08 breezeaccess alvarion au-re-3.3a outdoor access unit with extern NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AURE26B -08 breezeaccess alvarion au-re-2.6b outdoor access unit with extern NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AURA35B -08 breezeaccess xl alvarion au-ra-3.5b outdoor access unit with 3.5 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AURA35A1 -08 breezeaccess xl alvarion au-ra-3.5a1 outdoor access unit with 3. NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUOS24 -08 p>breezenet alvarion au-o-s-2.4 802.11 2.4ghz fhss outdoor and i NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUO24 -08 breezenet alvarion au-o-2.4 pn: 824001 802.11 2.4ghz fhss outdoo NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUNISAOF35 -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl au-ni-sa-of-3.5 3.5 ghz pn: 635314 or 6 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUNIMMDS -08 alvarion breezeaccess au-ni-mmds standalone indoor access unit ( NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUNIHP24-U alvarion breezeaccess ii au-ni-hp-2.4 indoor access unit high-po NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUNIHP24 -08 alvarion breezeaccess ii au-ni-hp-2.4 indoor access unit 2.4ghz NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUNI900 -08 p>alvarion breezeaccess au-ni-900 900mhz standalone indoor acces NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUNI57 -08 breezeaccess xl alvarion au-ni-5.7 standalone 5.7ghz indoor acce NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUNI35A1 -08 breezeaccess xl alvarion au-ni-3.5a1 standalone 3.5ghz indoor ac NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUIVER4 -08 breezeaccess ii alvarion au-i-2.4 version 4 indoor unit with int NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUID24 -08 breezeaccess ii alvarion au-i-d-2.4 indoor unit part #: 824403 ( NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUI24 -08 alvarion breezeaccess ii au-i-2.4 indoor unit with integrated an NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUESA900VL -08 p>alvarion au-e-sa-900-vl rev f. stand-alone indoor network inte NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUENI900 -08 alvarion au-e-ni-900 900mhz access unit includes standalone indo NA Avl RFQ

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