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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 0HDW7

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 0HDW7

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
D7500-1A2 thumbscrew 5305-01-144-7666 Avl RFQ
DFHQ-7900-10-B-5 screw cap socket head 5305-01-656-7353 Avl RFQ
FGD6010L-10-D-4 nut self locking sp 5310-01-304-5785 Avl RFQ
FGD6010-10-A-1 nut self locking flare 5310-01-051-2049 Avl RFQ
FFJ6010L-10-B nut self locking pl 5310-01-617-8297 Avl RFQ
FRB7500-12-C-5 screw captive 5305-01-226-4669 Avl RFQ
OHCP-B04-05 rivet blind 5320-01-033-8641 Avl RFQ
MLSP-B05S06 rivet blind 5320-01-105-4522 Avl RFQ
MLSP-M04-02 rivet blind 5320-01-360-9175 Avl RFQ
HR3242-4-03 rivet blind 5320-01-034-1885 Avl RFQ
FRWS7500-6-B-2DL screw assembly pane 5305-01-248-4775 Avl RFQ
MLSP-M06S04 rivet blind 5320-01-092-9971 Avl RFQ
GR501AM04-06B rivet blind 5320-01-419-8425 Avl RFQ
HC3243-4-03 rivet blind 5320-01-552-4475 Avl RFQ
FSC7900-10-B-6 screw assembly pane 5305-01-382-8198 Avl RFQ
MLSP-B04S02C rivet blind 5320-01-406-7892 Avl RFQ
HC3213-5-09 rivet blind 5320-01-086-4963 Avl RFQ
MLS100-B06S04 rivet blind 5320-01-180-7170 Avl RFQ
HC3212-6-02 rivet blind 5320-01-163-0179 Avl RFQ
HJBE7900-6-C-2 screw assembly pane 5305-01-090-7164 Avl RFQ
VA213-8-8 rivet blind 5320-00-121-3042 Avl RFQ
HC3243-5-06 rivet blind 5320-01-034-2843 Avl RFQ
LSTW7900V-10-M-7.5 screw assembly pane 5305-01-591-0075 Avl RFQ
FRSS7500-12-C-5 screw assembly panel 5305-00-980-7288 Avl RFQ
MLS100-M04S02 rivet blind 5320-01-406-7890 Avl RFQ
HC3212-4-07 rivet blind 5320-01-126-2660 Avl RFQ
OB100-EU12-17 rivet blind 5320-01-412-1280 Avl RFQ
OB100-EU12-16 rivet blind 5320-01-530-2972 Avl RFQ
HR3243-4-03 rivet blind 5320-01-033-8642 Avl RFQ
HLW7900L6-B-3 screw assembly pane 5305-01-198-4621 Avl RFQ
HR3243-6-02 rivet blind 5320-01-033-9125 Avl RFQ
UBP-MV04-05ACW SERIES rivet blind 5320-01-591-8594 Avl RFQ
HC3243-6-05 rivet blind 5320-01-033-8181 Avl RFQ
OB100-EU08-11 rivet blind 5320-01-412-1768 Avl RFQ
BACR15FP6E4R rivet blind 5320-01-632-7105 Avl RFQ
FRB7500P-12C-B-3 screw assembly pane 5305-01-509-9859 Avl RFQ
O3A404-08-06 rivet blind 5320-01-459-0391 Avl RFQ
CFBT7950-6-B-9 screw assembly panel 5305-01-131-3770 Avl RFQ
DKZC7900-12C-B-18 screw assembly pane 5305-01-266-4669 Avl RFQ
DTF7900-P-3B5 screw assembly pane 5305-01-341-6617 Avl RFQ
HR3553-5-02 rivet blind 5320-01-288-0890 Avl RFQ
67920-HSL-10-F-8 screw assembly pane 5305-01-433-5624 Avl RFQ
F7500P-10-B-2.5 screw assembly pane 5305-01-509-9790 Avl RFQ
HR3553-5-01 rivet blind 5320-01-288-0889 Avl RFQ
HC3213-5-04 rivet blind 5320-01-085-1240 Avl RFQ
SMLSP M-04-00 WU rivet blind 5320-01-588-5572 Avl RFQ
UB130-EV06-04 bolt internal wrenching 5306-01-583-1710 Avl RFQ
HR3242-5-02 rivet blind 5320-01-034-6673 Avl RFQ
HS5912-06-02 pin rivet 5320-01-471-8429 Avl RFQ
MLS100-B06-S10 rivet blind 5320-01-180-7171 Avl RFQ
UB130-EV08-07 bolt internal wrenching 5306-01-583-1700 Avl RFQ
FTR7900-10D4 fastener panel 5325-00-824-6899 Avl RFQ
3MLS100-B05-02 rivet blind 5320-01-097-8628 Avl RFQ
MLSP-B04S03 rivet blind 5320-01-099-1001 Avl RFQ
MLSP-B04S06 rivet blind 5320-01-180-5131 Avl RFQ
D7500-8-B-4 screw assembly panel 5305-00-112-9456 Avl RFQ
OB100-EU08-09 bearing roller airframe 3110-01-425-6299 Avl RFQ
SMLSP-B04-05 rivet blind 5320-01-180-5130 Avl RFQ
MLSP-B06S11 rivet blind 5320-01-342-9523 Avl RFQ
HC3213-8-02 rivet blind 5320-01-395-1145 Avl RFQ
C10139-12CB4 screw assembly pane 5305-01-137-6727 Avl RFQ
HS6048-5-05 rivet blind 5320-01-561-2727 Avl RFQ
MLSP-B04S05 rivet blind 5320-01-180-5130 Avl RFQ
03A225-4-9 screw close toleran 5305-01-348-7099 Avl RFQ
FGD6010L10-M-2 nut self locking sp 5310-01-522-4091 Avl RFQ
UBP-MV04-02 rivet blind 5320-01-629-8016 Avl RFQ
HR3242-6-03 rivet blind 5320-01-136-7163 Avl RFQ
MLS100-M05-S06C rivet blind 5320-01-257-8642 Avl RFQ
HR3243-6-07 rivet blind 5320-01-091-9179 Avl RFQ
DRB7500TS-6-A-2 fastener panel 5325-00-007-3334 Avl RFQ
860106-411 fastener panel assembly 5325-01-039-0315 Avl RFQ
3M1260-4 receptacle turnlock fastener 5325-01-416-8932 Avl RFQ
UB130-EV06-05 bolt internal wrenching 5306-01-516-5229 Avl RFQ
UB130-EV06-03 bolt internal wrenching 5306-01-516-5227 Avl RFQ
UB130-EV05-02 bolt internal wrenching 5306-01-516-5214 Avl RFQ
UB100-MV06-03 bolt machine 5306-01-498-5351 Avl RFQ
KNH813JMONELR insert self locking 5340-01-595-6535 Avl RFQ
DRBWW37500P-10-A-1 stud turnlock fastener 5325-01-485-3405 Avl RFQ
DPYE900-4B4 fastener panel 5325-00-325-2860 Avl RFQ
DFP7900F-6-C02.5 stud assembly turnlock fastener 5325-00-390-0770 Avl RFQ
DBP3001-0-8 stud turnlock fastener 5325-00-195-2006 Avl RFQ
C6LB-C6-7 bolt lock 5340-01-538-2111 Avl RFQ
UB100-MB06-08 rivet blind 5320-01-472-5728 Avl RFQ
110-223-06-06 rivet blind 5320-01-569-5252 Avl RFQ
HR3243-6-06 rivet blind 5320-01-033-8180 Avl RFQ
FGD6010L-10-H-3 nut self locking sp 5310-01-279-2303 Avl RFQ
HR3243-5-06 rivet blind 5320-01-033-8178 Avl RFQ
HR3243-5-05 rivet blind 5320-01-033-8176 Avl RFQ
FGD6010L-10K-3 nut self locking clinch 5310-01-621-4264 Avl RFQ
FGD6010L-10N-1 nut self locking clinch 5310-01-621-4262 Avl RFQ
HR3213-4-01 rivet blind 5320-01-562-3057 Avl RFQ
0B100-T08-06D rivet blind 5320-01-399-5918 Avl RFQ
FRB7500P-12C-D-4 screw assembly pane 5305-01-509-9800 Avl RFQ
FFM67020-10FB nut self locking clinch 5310-00-046-7828 Avl RFQ
HF91-L-10-4-F-3 nut self locking sp 5310-01-457-6238 Avl RFQ
PL501-1-1 stud assembly turnlock fastener 5325-01-166-3691 Avl RFQ
O4B100-T08-03 rivet blind 5320-01-203-6470 Avl RFQ
UB100-EV08-11 rivet blind 5320-01-562-1071 Avl RFQ
HR3243-6-10 rivet blind 5320-01-323-4204 Avl RFQ
D700-10A4 screw assembly pane 5305-00-338-5661 Avl RFQ

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