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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 11851

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 11851

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
DAK126-23A inserter electrical contact 5120-01-335-8664 Avl RFQ
DAK126-20A inserter electrical contact 5120-00-005-8054 Avl RFQ
DAK126-20A inserter electrical contact 5120-01-335-8663 Avl RFQ
DAK126-20 ENV inserter electrical contact 5120-01-473-7653 Avl RFQ
DAK126-16A inserter electrical contact 5120-00-007-5752 Avl RFQ
DAK126-16A inserter electrical contact 5120-01-335-8662 Avl RFQ
DAK123J inserter electrical contact 5120-01-334-2398 Avl RFQ
DAK123A inserter electrical contact 5120-00-930-7504 Avl RFQ
DAK123A inserter electrical contact 5120-01-335-8652 Avl RFQ
DAK123-22A inserter electrical contact 5120-01-227-3173 Avl RFQ
DAK123 inserter electrical contact 5120-01-361-9582 Avl RFQ
DAK12 remover electrical contact 5120-00-042-7077 Avl RFQ
DAK12 inserter electrical contact 5120-00-079-4600 Avl RFQ
DAK118 inserter electrical contact 5120-00-859-9548 Avl RFQ
DAK1-16S-S tool kit electrical contact 5180-01-259-6748 Avl RFQ
DAK1-16S-S inserter electrical contact 5120-01-361-9574 Avl RFQ
DAK1-16S-2A inserter electrical contact 5120-01-361-9573 Avl RFQ
DAK1-16S inserter electrical contact 5120-01-361-9572 Avl RFQ
DAK1-16P-S tool kit electrical contact 5180-01-063-7463 Avl RFQ
DAK1-16P-2A inserter electrical contact 5120-01-361-9570 Avl RFQ
DAK1-16P inserter electrical contact 5120-01-361-9569 Avl RFQ
DAK103 inserter electrical contact 5120-00-910-4885 Avl RFQ
DAK10-1 inserter electrical contact 5120-00-071-3130 Avl RFQ
DACK24L inserter electrical contact 5120-01-408-3219 Avl RFQ
DACK24 remover electrical contact 5120-00-941-5468 Avl RFQ
33-101 die crimping tool 5120-00-116-3276 Avl RFQ
33-05 die crimping tool 5120-00-116-3276 Avl RFQ
33-02 die crimping tool 5120-00-116-3275 Avl RFQ
33-000 crimping tool terminal hand 5120-00-117-4830 Avl RFQ
33-178 die crimping tool 5120-00-116-3282 Avl RFQ
181-20A inserter electrical contact 5120-01-462-7605 Avl RFQ
164488 crimping tool 5120-01-334-2405 Avl RFQ
11-10137 knob aircraft mater 4920-01-504-2389 Avl RFQ
11-10136 expander aircraft m 4920-01-504-2383 Avl RFQ
C10-218JAPKG safety cable kit 5340-01-551-3251 Avl RFQ
3999AS4000-1 tool set assembly 1680-01-631-2916 Avl RFQ
C10-318JA-ENV safety cable kit 5340-01-664-6393 Avl RFQ
G200 M22520 6 021 gage plug plain cylindrical 5220-01-659-8505 Avl RFQ
DMC276-NP plate identificatio 9905-01-144-4959 Avl RFQ
F08-3N N/A N/A Avl RFQ
M2700-969 manual technical 7610-01-671-0305 Avl RFQ
G1122 go no go gage spec 5220-01-597-4089 Avl RFQ
G624 ENV gage profile 5220-01-547-3077 Avl RFQ
DMC1700B-03-NP label 7690-01-671-0291 Avl RFQ
DMC276-CCB-1 chart contents 2590-01-144-1766 Avl RFQ
DMC1567A repair kit electrical cable insu 5970-01-582-8590 Avl RFQ
C10-318PKG safety cable kit 5340-01-452-0343 Avl RFQ
C10-218JA safety cable kit 5340-01-551-3251 Avl RFQ
DMC1700B-01-NP label 7690-01-671-0282 Avl RFQ
5M1988-002 connector plug electrical 5935-01-272-0896 Avl RFQ
G1055 ENV gage profile 5220-01-547-3075 Avl RFQ
F11-1 ferrule safety cabl 5340-01-474-6187 Avl RFQ
F08-2N ferrule grooved clamp coupling 5340-01-573-0069 Avl RFQ
F08-1N ferrule grooved clamp coupling 5340-01-573-0074 Avl RFQ
DMC894 maintenance kit electrical conne 5935-01-309-1171 Avl RFQ
DMC712 maintenance kit electrical conne 5935-01-172-0901 Avl RFQ
G768 ENV gage crimping tool 5220-01-662-5417 Avl RFQ
DMC276-CV vial contact storage 5340-01-548-9567 Avl RFQ
DMC1567AMOD2 repair kit electrical cable insu 5970-01-582-8590 Avl RFQ
DMC1455 maintenance kit electrical conne 5935-01-486-6906 Avl RFQ
C08-324N safety cable kit 5340-01-573-0466 Avl RFQ
C08-224N safety cable kit 5340-01-572-9629 Avl RFQ
C08-124N safety cable kit 5340-01-572-9621 Avl RFQ
BT-J-120 jam nut socket 5935-01-591-5035 Avl RFQ
BT-A-6185 strapping 5340-01-577-7935 Avl RFQ
11-10135 rod threaded end 5306-01-504-2384 Avl RFQ
G1027 gage crimping tool 5220-01-645-5605 Avl RFQ
DMC1700-L2 label 7690-01-671-0295 Avl RFQ
DMC1700B-L3 label 7690-01-671-0294 Avl RFQ
DMC1700B-L1 label 7690-01-671-0293 Avl RFQ
C10-318EFPKG line supporting strap 5340-01-618-6760 Avl RFQ
DMC1700A-04-CC marker identification 7690-01-671-0260 Avl RFQ
DMC1700A-02-NP label 7690-01-671-0250 Avl RFQ
DMC1700A-02-CCA marker identification 7690-01-671-0248 Avl RFQ
C10-318JA safety cable kit 5340-01-664-6393 Avl RFQ
DMC1700B 03 CCA marker identification 7690-01-671-0289 Avl RFQ
DMC1700B-01-CCB marker identification 7690-01-671-0280 Avl RFQ
DMC1700B-01-CCA marker identification 7690-01-671-0279 Avl RFQ
DMC1700A-05-CC marker identification 7690-01-671-0268 Avl RFQ
DMC1700A-04-NP label 7690-01-671-0261 Avl RFQ
C10-318JAPKG safety cable kit 5340-01-664-6393 Avl RFQ
DMC324 VL 68 label 7690-01-135-2673 Avl RFQ
FW10-1 washer flat 5310-01-631-8694 Avl RFQ
9 1073 6 1 case electrical equipment cabine 5975-01-671-0239 Avl RFQ
DMC1700A 05 NP label 7690-01-671-0269 Avl RFQ
BT-A-6010B strap webbing 5340-01-628-8291 Avl RFQ
DMC1700A 02CCB marker identification 7690-01-671-0249 Avl RFQ
C10-218EFR safety cable kit 5340-01-495-4038 Avl RFQ
DMC536-7 maintenance kit electrical conne 5935-01-670-9291 Avl RFQ
SCTD010 sleeving textile electrical 5970-01-661-4175 Avl RFQ
F10-04 fairlead block 5342-01-669-4941 Avl RFQ
DMC324 VL 71 label 7690-01-135-2676 Avl RFQ
DMC536 7 02 maintenance kit electrical conne 5935-01-670-9282 Avl RFQ
CMSJT 12 clamp cable electri 5935-01-629-6207 Avl RFQ
C10-312JA safety cable kit 5340-01-650-7592 Avl RFQ
DMC324 VL 64 label 7690-01-132-9944 Avl RFQ
A10 121 cable assembly special purpose e 5995-01-661-0760 Avl RFQ
BT-A-6175B strap webbing 5340-01-628-8734 Avl RFQ
3921AS30001 toolsetassembly 1680-01-597-6714 Avl RFQ
DMC1723 maintenance kit electrical conne 5935-01-524-3621 Avl RFQ

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