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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 19710

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 19710

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
255-3480-803A housing mechanical 3040-01-389-0424 Avl RFQ
29945257131 shaft shouldered 3040-01-217-6302 Avl RFQ
GRD24604-1 gear spur 3020-01-578-5000 Avl RFQ
155-1200-027A gearcase motor 3010-01-517-3355 Avl RFQ
999-4568-779L screw externally re 5305-01-388-7231 Avl RFQ
259-D530-002L plate retaining sha 3040-01-371-7856 Avl RFQ
299-4525-100A shaft shouldered 3040-01-283-6770 Avl RFQ
2R44401012-3 housing mechanical 3040-01-629-3081 Avl RFQ
999-4567-148A insert screw thread 5325-00-827-4024 Avl RFQ
716-702004-3 connecting link rigid 3040-01-115-7619 Avl RFQ
2W6-207A actuator electro me 3010-01-305-5346 Avl RFQ
2W6-200G actuator electro me 3010-01-482-8880 Avl RFQ
2994575030-2 bearing ball annula 3110-01-628-6805 Avl RFQ
615L14 A amplifier electronic control 5996-01-486-6447 Avl RFQ
299-4575-448C bearing ball annular 3110-01-371-0639 Avl RFQ
299-4525-711M shaft shouldered 3040-01-285-9732 Avl RFQ
999-4575-495L bearing ball annular 3110-01-390-3863 Avl RFQ
143-4453-005B plate backing brake 3040-01-313-1672 Avl RFQ
999-4568-632A screw machine 5305-01-389-2368 Avl RFQ
29904575-659A retainer and rollers bearing 3110-01-155-2598 Avl RFQ
2H4-C527-022A housing mechanical 3040-01-390-5709 Avl RFQ
2F4-3527-002B differential gear u 3040-01-448-4341 Avl RFQ
199-4575-045C bearing ball 3110-01-203-7983 Avl RFQ
299-4504-020 B key machine 5315-01-218-0883 Avl RFQ
2R9-3401-005A housing mechanical 3040-01-373-1861 Avl RFQ
999-4575-866A bearing ball annular 3110-01-267-2317 Avl RFQ
999-4568-633A screw machine 5305-01-389-2363 Avl RFQ
2F4-3527-001B differential gear u 3040-01-449-3402 Avl RFQ
999-3515-001B gearshaft spur 3040-01-421-1585 Avl RFQ
233-3525-003C shaft and spring assembly pressure regulator 3040-01-317-1426 Avl RFQ
998-D568-217L screw machine 5305-01-389-0728 Avl RFQ
255-1390-806A differential gear u 3040-01-372-9747 Avl RFQ
GRD24014 retainer ball bearing 3110-01-578-5120 Avl RFQ
998-D568-205L screw machine 5305-01-389-2522 Avl RFQ
999-7545-632A bearing ball annular 3110-01-479-8319 Avl RFQ
199-4575-037C bearing ball annular 3110-01-285-3154 Avl RFQ
291223A housing mechanical 3040-01-644-8602 Avl RFQ
299-4560-002A seat bearing 3110-01-315-2368 Avl RFQ
233-3525-004C shaft and spring assembly pressure regulator 3040-01-317-0253 Avl RFQ
999-4568-608A screw machine 5305-01-389-2543 Avl RFQ
999-4568-778M screw externally re 5305-01-388-7248 Avl RFQ
299-3580-001D differential gear u 3040-01-466-4170 Avl RFQ
996-D568-409L screw machine 5305-01-267-8282 Avl RFQ
999-4568-623A screw machine 5305-01-389-3440 Avl RFQ
299-4575-435L bearing ball annular 3110-01-390-0034 Avl RFQ
9994575632A bearing ball track 3110-01-621-4131 Avl RFQ
2994575039-1 ball bearing 3110-01-629-3086 Avl RFQ
199-4575-030B bearing ball 3110-01-203-7992 Avl RFQ
992-D568-419L screw machine 5305-01-389-0752 Avl RFQ
223-4514-700M gear spur 3020-01-285-9750 Avl RFQ
2F4-4526-001A shaft shouldered 3040-01-421-1581 Avl RFQ
9994560001-8 washer flat aircraf 5310-01-562-8715 Avl RFQ
3FP3475004 3 cap assembly 1650-01-666-8333 Avl RFQ
8TE1200001A brake dynamic aircr 1680-01-545-9420 Avl RFQ
992-4568-812A screw machine 5305-01-371-4919 Avl RFQ
3FP4486015-5 cover support 1650-01-663-9184 Avl RFQ
2R7486001A cover spring aircra 1680-01-545-9411 Avl RFQ
2R9-200A actuator electro me 1680-01-352-4073 Avl RFQ
U62-A position sensor gearbox 1680-01-232-0669 Avl RFQ
3F93449011-5 lever assembly engi 1680-01-614-9518 Avl RFQ
2R9231E actuator electro mechanical rota 1680-01-654-2619 Avl RFQ
3FP4508033 5 bracket cover 1650-01-665-1248 Avl RFQ
339200A pos transmitter air 1680-01-581-7888 Avl RFQ
3F14486035A cover access aircra 1560-01-643-4664 Avl RFQ
GRD23963 key special 1680-01-651-3958 Avl RFQ
716-702002-10 arm pivot 1680-01-244-7047 Avl RFQ
9994560001-36 washer flat 5310-01-587-8499 Avl RFQ
19EC420905A rotor assy 1680-01-217-6480 Avl RFQ
2R73513006B gear assy pinion ai 1680-01-545-9407 Avl RFQ
992-D568-620L screw machine 5305-00-925-4777 Avl RFQ
996-D568-407L screw machine 5305-01-260-0412 Avl RFQ
2R74569002B pin spring aircraft 1680-01-545-9409 Avl RFQ
9994568781-3 screw cap socket he 5305-01-587-8532 Avl RFQ
2994559013-1 shim 5365-01-628-6809 Avl RFQ
2R44573001-1 connector rod end 5340-01-582-7528 Avl RFQ
3FP4512037 1 plate adjustment 1650-01-667-2385 Avl RFQ
P7H 200A motor tachometer ge 6105-01-317-5871 Avl RFQ
1BF 1200 002A motor direct current 6105-01-312-3504 Avl RFQ
2B4224B actuator electro me 1680-01-572-0965 Avl RFQ
2R9237A actuator electro mechanical rota 1680-01-654-2619 Avl RFQ
2993494007B clutch brake assy a 1680-01-545-9401 Avl RFQ
1754C03304L cup tach 1680-01-217-6481 Avl RFQ
716-102000-71 nrp control assembl 1560-01-617-8944 Avl RFQ
3994483015 4 switch push 5930-01-585-5656 Avl RFQ
999-4562-241A washer spring tensi 5310-01-420-3514 Avl RFQ
221-3515-031A gear drive motion 3020-01-212-3988 Avl RFQ
2G3 A303 034A gearhead assy 1680-01-212-8819 Avl RFQ
999-4560-516A washer 5310-01-218-4853 Avl RFQ
1253440106A stud winding assy 1680-01-217-6509 Avl RFQ
2C6-200 gearcase motor 3010-01-294-2755 Avl RFQ
999-4569-729L pin straight headle 5315-01-389-0991 Avl RFQ
1984500716M fan 1680-01-217-6511 Avl RFQ
6F6-1200-001A drive electronics 1680-01-447-4513 Avl RFQ
3F14512045A lining friction 1630-01-643-4710 Avl RFQ
2R73536002-1 shaft assy outpt ai 1680-01-570-2229 Avl RFQ
2994569859L pin spring 5315-01-474-5963 Avl RFQ
2W6-207E actuator electro me 3010-01-305-5346 Avl RFQ
9994569300-63 pin straight headle 5315-01-474-5948 Avl RFQ
P87-R88B drive and feedback 1680-01-278-3487 Avl RFQ
95L581 snap hook 5340-01-009-7083 Avl RFQ

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