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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 1B6R3

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 1B6R3

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
9667M35P01 shim 5365-01-481-6615 Avl RFQ
9664M21G04 bracket engine accessory 5342-01-481-5395 Avl RFQ
9653M99O01 shim 5365-01-344-8272 Avl RFQ
9633M07P01 bearing sleeve 3120-01-559-1612 Avl RFQ
9333M87P01 vane deflectors 2840-01-532-2000 Avl RFQ
9333M85P01 vane deflectors 2840-01-531-7856 Avl RFQ
931236-5153 leading edge aircraft 1560-01-500-3438 Avl RFQ
931235-5156 leading edge aircraft 1560-01-500-3435 Avl RFQ
9151M29P02 clamp loop 5340-01-481-7401 Avl RFQ
9107M31P05 shim 5365-01-557-9288 Avl RFQ
9107M31P04 shim 5365-01-553-5530 Avl RFQ
9107M31P02 shim 5365-01-553-5532 Avl RFQ
9077M46P01 bracket mounting 5340-01-558-8025 Avl RFQ
9059M63G07 adapterassembly 2840-01-574-9133 Avl RFQ
9059M62P06 adapter link 2840-01-575-3734 Avl RFQ
9017M97P02 clip end strap 5340-01-553-8123 Avl RFQ
9017M75P04 latch assembly aircraft 1560-01-558-7113 Avl RFQ
606A0102-002 rib instl mlg outbd 1710-01-541-0995 Avl RFQ
606A0102-001 rib instl mlg outbd 1710-01-541-0994 Avl RFQ
491F5000202-503 thrust reverser aircraft 1560-01-575-0355 Avl RFQ
491F5000201-503 thrust reverser aircraft 1560-01-575-0354 Avl RFQ
491F5000101-503 thrust reverser aircraft 1560-01-579-1973 Avl RFQ
491F1200321-001 hose assembly nonmetallic 4720-01-531-3268 Avl RFQ
491F1200319-019 tubing nonmetallic 4720-01-534-8516 Avl RFQ
491F1200314-009 mount resilient general purpose 5340-01-537-5408 Avl RFQ
491F1200311-003 hose assembly nonmetallic 4720-01-531-4838 Avl RFQ
491F1200307-003 pylon section aircraft 1560-01-553-4537 Avl RFQ
491F1200307-001 pylon section aircraft 1560-01-553-4541 Avl RFQ
491F1200306-005 thrust reverser section aircraft 1560-01-553-4536 Avl RFQ
491F1200306-003 thrust reverser section aircraft 1560-01-553-4532 Avl RFQ
491F1200306-001 thrust reverser section aircraft 1560-01-553-4535 Avl RFQ
491F1200302-005 gearbox accessory drive turbine 2840-01-567-5707 Avl RFQ
491B1613043-001 shim 5365-01-558-8022 Avl RFQ
491B1360004-001 support structural component air 1560-01-578-0029 Avl RFQ
491B1343002-039 duct assembly bleed air 1560-01-531-1984 Avl RFQ
491B1330040-021 shim 5365-01-553-5487 Avl RFQ
491B1330036-001 retainer coupling 4730-01-554-4191 Avl RFQ
491B1330032-001 retainer coupling 4730-01-554-6406 Avl RFQ
491B1330026-009 housing section gearbox turbine 2835-01-531-0001 Avl RFQ
491B1330008-017 plate structural aircraft 1560-01-570-4159 Avl RFQ
491B1313100-006 plate structural aircraft 1560-01-531-0833 Avl RFQ
491B1313100-005 plate structural aircraft 1560-01-531-3833 Avl RFQ
491B1313033-005 shim 5365-01-553-5480 Avl RFQ
491B1220020-030 cover access aircraft 1560-01-578-3700 Avl RFQ
491B1220017-049 cable door 2840-01-576-4415 Avl RFQ
491B1220017-039 cable door 2840-01-576-4412 Avl RFQ
491B1220017-029 wire rope assembly single leg av 1640-01-536-5109 Avl RFQ
491B1220017-009 wire rope assembly single leg av 1640-01-536-5111 Avl RFQ
491B1220002-009 door access aircraft 1560-01-531-0838 Avl RFQ
491B1213030-280 latch assembly aircraft 1560-01-561-0170 Avl RFQ
491B1213030-279 latch assembly aircraft 1560-01-561-0165 Avl RFQ
491B1200075-001 shim 5365-01-553-5472 Avl RFQ
491B1200065-029 support structural component air 1560-01-560-9124 Avl RFQ
491B1200030-005 bolt machine 5306-01-553-8119 Avl RFQ
491B1200030-003 bolt machine 5306-01-553-8118 Avl RFQ
491B1200030-001 bolt machine 5306-01-553-8116 Avl RFQ
491B0700050-001 bolt machine 5306-01-531-0843 Avl RFQ
3114M98G01 door access aircraft 1560-01-533-6047 Avl RFQ
3114M14P005A shim 5365-01-532-0784 Avl RFQ
3114M14P004A shim 5365-01-532-3896 Avl RFQ
3114M14P003A shim 5365-01-532-0787 Avl RFQ
3114M14P002A shim 5365-01-532-0789 Avl RFQ
1749M85P01 bolt shear 5306-01-536-3519 Avl RFQ
1749M29P13 bolt machine 5306-01-536-4401 Avl RFQ
1749M29P10 bolt close tolerance 5306-01-536-0388 Avl RFQ
1749M29P08 bolt close tolerance 5306-01-536-0392 Avl RFQ
1477M91P02 fireseal aircraft 1560-01-535-7233 Avl RFQ
1477M91P01 fireseal aircraft 1560-01-536-1370 Avl RFQ
1477M47P02 spacer spring 2840-01-575-3736 Avl RFQ
1378M69P01 thrust reverser aircraft 1560-01-483-8168 Avl RFQ
1313M65P01 vane deflector rh 2840-01-534-2877 Avl RFQ
1313M63P01 vane deflectorlh 2840-01-534-2876 Avl RFQ
1313M36P01 bushing sleeve 3120-01-536-2936 Avl RFQ
1291M28G13 door access aircraft 1560-01-533-6066 Avl RFQ
0619-002A plate structural aircraft 1560-01-525-9287 Avl RFQ
0619-001A plate structural aircraft 1560-01-525-9284 Avl RFQ
1315M97G01 connecting link rig 3040-01-575-0350 Avl RFQ
491F1200305-001 shaft drive flexibl 3040-01-533-8406 Avl RFQ
491F1200308-007 shaft shouldered 3040-01-554-4193 Avl RFQ
491B1340029-003 gasket 5330-01-535-9922 Avl RFQ
1291M25G01 cap retention pre 1560-01-618-6013 Avl RFQ
9679M04P06 beam thrust reverse 1560-00-531-7053 Avl RFQ
4C51066-101B idler elevator control 1560-00-101-9350 Avl RFQ
491F200301-025 actuator mechanical 1680-01-606-9803 Avl RFQ
491B1345000-059 door access aircraf 1560-01-618-7968 Avl RFQ
4J41520-134A trailing edge aircraft 1560-00-497-0527 Avl RFQ
9058M16P03 latch assembly aircraft 1560-01-558-7112 Avl RFQ
491F1200323-007 aircraft structural component support 1560-01-625-8539 Avl RFQ
9678M33P01 arm switch thrust r 1560-00-463-1211 Avl RFQ
491F1200323-011 aircraft structural component support 1560-01-625-8955 Avl RFQ
491B1213030-330 latch assembly aircraft 1560-01-561-0170 Avl RFQ
9689M49P48 plate structural aircraft 1560-01-483-8244 Avl RFQ
1378M33G01 cover access aircraft 1560-01-436-0219 Avl RFQ
9667M06P04 support structural component air 1560-01-435-4076 Avl RFQ
4W12536-140A panel closure lower 1560-00-498-1141 Avl RFQ
931235-155 leading edge aircraft 1560-01-583-9808 Avl RFQ
9648M30G51 blocker assy thrust 1560-00-520-2725 Avl RFQ
1956M39G01 clevis rod end 5340-01-450-7395 Avl RFQ
491F1200301-013 actuator mechanical 1680-01-553-7539 Avl RFQ
9078M29P02 retainer helical co 5340-01-624-1132 Avl RFQ

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