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Whether you are searching for 23040 assigned to Ford Motor Co Ltd or any hard to find and obsolete part, we are here to help you. ASAP Axis, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, is an FAA AC 0056B accredited and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified enterprise and sources the NSN parts from premium manufacturer like Ford Motor Co Ltd with the CAGE Code 23040. Our extensive inventory of over six billion parts includes top quality items such as Frame Section Structural Vehicular, Parts Kit Metering And Distributing Fuel Pump, Filter Element Intake Air Cleane, Pump Cooling System Engine, Ring Set Piston with the NSN 2510013212253, 2910004019394, 2940009122907, 2930013158204, 2815002385426 and we are the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing pledge. Our quality assurance testing and inspections ensures that every part will exceed the expectations of our clients and we have a dedicated account manager that can help you through the purchasing process. If you are ready for a competitive quote, submit an Instant RFQ today.

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 23040

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 23040

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
F0TZ16138A frame section structural vehicular 2510-01-321-2253 Avl RFQ
CKPN600A parts kit metering and distributing fuel pump 2910-00-401-9394 Avl RFQ
B7A9601A filter element intake air cleane 2940-00-912-2907 Avl RFQ
C7NN-8501-C pump cooling system engine 2930-01-315-8204 Avl RFQ
2704E6149A ring set piston 2815-00-238-5426 Avl RFQ
383761S8B bolt ribbed shoulder 5306-00-433-4643 Avl RFQ
E1HZ4237A parts kit axle vehicular nondriving 2530-01-359-8306 Avl RFQ
FL21 filter element fluid 2940-00-554-7712 Avl RFQ
D9BZ5421952A latch door 5342-01-251-2849 Avl RFQ
E3TZ6148-D ring set piston 2815-01-331-6626 Avl RFQ
FIOD7SE0WYA transmission hydraulic vehicular 2520-01-221-2178 Avl RFQ
E0HZ2B431-A valve assembly air 2530-01-175-7725 Avl RFQ
E3TZ 6626-A gasket 5330-01-313-6746 Avl RFQ
387677S washer flat 5310-01-300-5149 Avl RFQ
TSX241B carburetor float 2910-00-255-2315 Avl RFQ
D20Z11450-A relay solenoid engine starter el 2920-01-145-4112 Avl RFQ
TCAA4676A seal plain encased 5330-00-933-3588 Avl RFQ
GPA17508 motor windshield wiper vacuum 2540-00-262-7576 Avl RFQ
E9TZ 19980-B head control 2920-01-316-4720 Avl RFQ
C0DE8620B belt v 3030-00-987-1762 Avl RFQ
81A702402A handle door inside 2540-00-388-3775 Avl RFQ
ARF6 spark plug 2920-00-007-8355 Avl RFQ
C8ZZ7C488B button transmission 2520-01-062-3952 Avl RFQ
GTB12105B cap ignition distribution 2920-00-362-0583 Avl RFQ
EBP6659A gasket 5330-00-651-4313 Avl RFQ
ECZ6565A push rod engine poppet valve 2805-00-863-6171 Avl RFQ
E1AF-12A697-AA sensor exhaust gas oxygen emissi 2990-01-332-6046 Avl RFQ
C8PZ8255U gasket 5330-00-423-9454 Avl RFQ
18-11052 bearing sleeve 3120-00-358-6369 Avl RFQ
D3TZ 11390-A solenoid electrical 5945-01-011-1075 Avl RFQ
E9TZ6333-H bearing sleeve 3120-01-332-4163 Avl RFQ
D0HZ8100A cap filler opening 2930-00-402-5267 Avl RFQ
E3TZ7B215-G seal plain encased 5330-01-340-8133 Avl RFQ
E661138 S ring retaining 5325-01-323-3720 Avl RFQ
C3AZ6A251A bearing sleeve 3120-00-136-4752 Avl RFQ
C6DZ8501A pump cooling system engine 2930-00-869-3381 Avl RFQ
D7PZ12259D lead set electrical 5995-01-166-6781 Avl RFQ
C5AE-8286-E hose radiator 4720-00-728-7515 Avl RFQ
C4TZ6148CA ring set piston 2805-00-522-2457 Avl RFQ
FOTZD014A washer flat 5310-01-323-3727 Avl RFQ
D4ZZ7E207A spring helical compression 5360-01-321-3404 Avl RFQ
C6DZ10884B transmitter temperature electric 6685-00-456-5742 Avl RFQ
C8TZ6009D engine block assembly gasoline 2805-00-006-6199 Avl RFQ
E0TZ3A131B tie rod steering 2530-01-216-3279 Avl RFQ
E3FZ-6766A cap filler opening 2590-01-272-0514 Avl RFQ
D6AZ19562A gasket 5330-01-131-8410 Avl RFQ
D7UA-18045-GA shock absorber dire 2510-01-225-2522 Avl RFQ
703F6102AAB piston internal combustion engin 2815-00-217-5471 Avl RFQ
E2DZ6881A head fluid filter 2940-01-268-8318 Avl RFQ
C5TZ1119C stud shouldered 5307-00-232-0824 Avl RFQ
E8TZ 2005-A brake booster assem 2530-01-314-4397 Avl RFQ
GAA9752 ball joint 3040-00-371-5584 Avl RFQ
C0TF17504A motor windshield wi 2540-00-863-4008 Avl RFQ
33797S36 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-804-4806 Avl RFQ
371300-1 manifold exhaust 2805-01-312-1360 Avl RFQ
EBA59 drive engine electrical starter 2920-00-375-2911 Avl RFQ
C3AZ17758A bolt machine 5306-01-280-7336 Avl RFQ
C1UU8100A cap filler opening 2930-00-200-8138 Avl RFQ
9550C wrench float arm be 5120-00-474-9252 Avl RFQ
D3TZ3304B drag link steering 2530-01-041-0596 Avl RFQ
C6TZ8286D hose preformed 4720-00-900-7270 Avl RFQ
E0T23004-B tie rod end steerin 2530-01-185-1291 Avl RFQ
E1FZ12A199A modulator assembly ignition 2920-01-139-9692 Avl RFQ
E43Z3078B arm control vehicul 2530-01-354-8171 Avl RFQ
D4TZ9A624A tube assembly metal 4710-01-180-3185 Avl RFQ
C4TZ9510T carburetor float 2910-00-932-4852 Avl RFQ
C40Z-8512-B impeller pump centrifugal 4320-00-420-4565 Avl RFQ
E7TZ1521536-A window vehicular 2510-01-271-3827 Avl RFQ
D0AZ13800A horn electrical 6350-00-848-1214 Avl RFQ
DIAZ9510J carburetor float 2910-00-251-2165 Avl RFQ
C5NE-9G546-A gasket 5330-01-102-5604 Avl RFQ
C2DZ11350A drive engine electrical starter 2920-00-987-1790 Avl RFQ
355836S7 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-012-0361 Avl RFQ
E9TZ 18611A72-D belt vehicular safety 2540-01-314-4472 Avl RFQ
EAM8592C adapter straight flange to hose 4730-00-349-4805 Avl RFQ
E93Z6B209A tensioner assembly drive belt 3020-01-351-8602 Avl RFQ
E8TZ 6754-D tube bent metallic 4710-01-314-4198 Avl RFQ
D0AZ10304A rectifier assembly 2920-00-018-2769 Avl RFQ
33949S7 nut plain hexagon 5310-00-012-4949 Avl RFQ
C1TF10347B brush set electrical contact 5977-00-891-2406 Avl RFQ
C4TZ7561B bearing unit ball 3130-00-242-2887 Avl RFQ
D0TZ 1108-A bolt ribbed neck 5306-01-023-1892 Avl RFQ
E3TZ1217-A cup tapered roller bearing 3110-00-606-1842 Avl RFQ
72145S pin cotter 5315-00-010-3413 Avl RFQ
D6TZ6781-A gasket set 5330-01-161-0044 Avl RFQ
C30Z2262A cylinder assembly hydraulic brak 2530-00-238-5395 Avl RFQ
D6PZ8620E hose preformed 4720-00-772-5767 Avl RFQ
33802S nut plain hexagon 5310-00-010-3027 Avl RFQ
4818512 gasket set 5330-00-375-3838 Avl RFQ
BF5Z5230A muffler exhaust 2990-00-588-4131 Avl RFQ
E3TZ 6D083-A gasket 5330-01-313-7885 Avl RFQ
C7TZ 2A449 A valve relay air pressure 2530-00-160-8689 Avl RFQ
C1AZ7A377B diaphragm assembly 2520-00-936-4846 Avl RFQ
E3AZ13833A horn signal 6350-00-298-8957 Avl RFQ
33816S nut plain hexagon 5310-00-012-2210 Avl RFQ
D0KZ10883A indicator temperature electrical 6685-00-139-5713 Avl RFQ
E3DZ426885A channel lift vehicle window glass 2540-01-324-6499 Avl RFQ
SZ641 parts kit point 2920-00-491-3162 Avl RFQ
D3TZ2140-G cylinder assembly hydraulic brake master 2530-01-064-5380 Avl RFQ
D5PZ9510S carburetor float 2910-01-178-6679 Avl RFQ

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