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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 80378

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 80378

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
DAA3121A793-005 support structural component air 1560-01-369-6015 Avl RFQ
202-16107-06-1 nut assembly blind 5320-00-121-2064 Avl RFQ
CV21-508510-1 spring helical extension 5360-00-313-5496 Avl RFQ
CVC1413-285 plate identification 9905-00-189-7228 Avl RFQ
CVC3311 764H1 decal 7690-00-197-5160 Avl RFQ
CVC3016 665 marker tube 7690-00-158-5728 Avl RFQ
CVC3315 2H1 marker identification 7690-00-206-7983 Avl RFQ
CV15-901711-1 cylinder actuating 1650-00-785-5448 Avl RFQ
CVC1985 angle structural 9540-00-251-2580 Avl RFQ
CVC754-548E30 washer flat 5310-00-153-7162 Avl RFQ
1281046-196 seal nonmetallic sp 5330-01-248-7089 Avl RFQ
215-20150-207 lip fairing 1560-00-782-0111 Avl RFQ
DAA3122A023-023 duct assembly air c 1660-01-371-5802 Avl RFQ
CV15-158719-2 support assy 1560-00-508-6682 Avl RFQ
CV21 151020 246 seal 1560-00-207-0651 Avl RFQ
DAA3122D054-009 piston linear actua 1650-01-351-5975 Avl RFQ
CV15-710030-15 trailing edge aircraft 1560-00-589-7001 Avl RFQ
CV21-420094-21 hinge lh 1560-00-240-8293 Avl RFQ
215-24471-1 bearing sleeve 3120-00-053-4301 Avl RFQ
CV15 510719 2 fitting assy 1560-00-625-1774 Avl RFQ
202-15520-14A22 bolt shear 5306-00-845-9902 Avl RFQ
202-18004-7 catch flush 5340-00-178-4426 Avl RFQ
DAA3121A632 fairing aircraft 1560-01-492-5822 Avl RFQ
CV15 905027 3 valve assy wing 1560-00-261-8106 Avl RFQ
216 36383 1 duct assembly airframe 1560-00-523-5072 Avl RFQ
215-34041-5 angle support 1560-00-482-4242 Avl RFQ
CV21-658541-4 retainer 1560-00-243-7228 Avl RFQ
CV15-140001-69 rib rudder 1560-01-021-3496 Avl RFQ
226-70435-101 fitting side 1560-01-083-5062 Avl RFQ
215-21118-14 panel assy instrume 1560-00-152-3493 Avl RFQ
DAA3122A590-039 cover access aircraft 1560-01-367-4792 Avl RFQ
DAA3121A521-015 frame access hole aircraft 1560-01-372-3890 Avl RFQ
215 70725 3 rib airfoil 1560-00-355-0246 Avl RFQ
15H28871-105 insulation thermal special purpose 1560-01-100-8616 Avl RFQ
215-49400-1 armor supplemental 1560-00-134-1082 Avl RFQ
CV21-464504-1 pin assy drag link 1620-00-918-6398 Avl RFQ
218-60222-1 clamp assy 1560-00-459-4551 Avl RFQ
215-72031-21 valve assembly hydr 1650-00-460-5147 Avl RFQ
DAA3121A623 fairing aircraft 1560-01-492-3250 Avl RFQ
214 21320 101 support structural component aircraft 1560-01-113-3098 Avl RFQ
DAA3121A932 011 connector rod end 5340-01-391-6181 Avl RFQ
CV21-410545-2 fitting 1560-00-770-2366 Avl RFQ
DAA3121F529-071 shim 5365-01-324-7255 Avl RFQ
202-16108-08-1 rivet blind 5320-00-824-6277 Avl RFQ
215 70028 55 cover access aircraft 1560-00-106-9093 Avl RFQ
215-38309-2 arm assembly ailero 1560-00-468-1953 Avl RFQ
26-910548-3 hinge half flap 1560-00-995-5964 Avl RFQ
215-22327-3 accumulator pneumat 1650-00-781-9966 Avl RFQ
CVC6063AE12SG connector receptacle electrical 5935-00-824-4764 Avl RFQ
CVC3016 668 marker identification 7690-01-072-0749 Avl RFQ
26-710003-76 duct assy aileron 1560-00-995-5490 Avl RFQ
CV15-151039-4 cylinder assembly a 1650-00-469-9568 Avl RFQ
215-72304-9 extension unit hydr 1650-00-484-9243 Avl RFQ
CV15-610098-26 blanket insulation 1660-00-587-8548 Avl RFQ
CVC10010-118CJ beam structural 9540-01-429-3719 Avl RFQ
CVC10011-54CJ beam structural 9540-01-429-3022 Avl RFQ
215-24084-2 link assy 1560-00-852-9099 Avl RFQ
220-24516-101 actuator electro me 1680-01-021-8749 Avl RFQ
CV15-910591-2 washer special 5310-00-246-3852 Avl RFQ
CV21-507506-5 plate identification 9905-00-271-4627 Avl RFQ
CV15-158775-10 arm assembly 1560-00-770-0889 Avl RFQ
215-30031-4 cover access aircraft 1560-00-852-9391 Avl RFQ
220-46112-101 duct assembly air c 1660-01-021-8713 Avl RFQ
CVC6063E61PY connector receptacle electrical 5935-00-878-1377 Avl RFQ
CV15-300026-17 fire seal assy 1560-00-305-3132 Avl RFQ
CV15-730022-237 door outboard 1560-00-246-2651 Avl RFQ
L5873404-007 rod piston linear actuating cyli 1650-01-187-3202 Avl RFQ
DAA3121A673-013 door access aircraft 1560-01-432-4225 Avl RFQ
1201538-101 housing latch 1560-00-208-8663 Avl RFQ
CV21-406784-4 retainer 1560-00-207-0721 Avl RFQ
CVC5001-3 gasket 5330-00-480-8375 Avl RFQ
CV21-206513-1 cover antenna probe 1680-00-792-9213 Avl RFQ
CV15-610098-30 blanket insulation 1660-00-587-8552 Avl RFQ
DAA3122A624-055 control pressurizin 1650-01-434-8505 Avl RFQ
DAB3122D007-005 retainer sleeve sea 5330-01-353-1343 Avl RFQ
215-33315-1 valve assembly stop main fuel su 2915-00-936-9502 Avl RFQ
215-70053-29 pin spring 5315-00-020-2381 Avl RFQ
DAA3121D168-007 panel structural aircraft 1560-01-294-5385 Avl RFQ
13030352 cable assembly spec 6150-01-123-3982 Avl RFQ
CV15-410172-261 duct assy eng air 1560-00-717-6547 Avl RFQ
215-33051-2 kit baffle fuel 1560-01-042-3391 Avl RFQ
DAA3122A003-021 panel control elect 1680-01-373-6644 Avl RFQ
DAA3121A913-035 pad cushioning 1680-01-367-9457 Avl RFQ
215-78455-2 arm 1560-00-404-8047 Avl RFQ
215-32336-2 extension unit hydr 1650-00-484-9241 Avl RFQ
DAA3122A050-005 cylinder assembly a 1650-01-263-0414 Avl RFQ
CV15-601704 cap damper 1650-00-587-3037 Avl RFQ
CV15-901711 cylinder actuating 1650-00-785-5448 Avl RFQ
210-32277-7 cylinder assembly a 1650-00-880-3755 Avl RFQ
218-21151-115 seat aircraft eject 1680-01-015-2606 Avl RFQ
CVC10011-69CA beam structural 9540-01-429-3018 Avl RFQ
DAA3122D054-007 piston linear actua 1650-01-351-5974 Avl RFQ
DAA7257G822-045 nut plain hexagon 5310-01-256-9717 Avl RFQ
CVC10001-525CJ angle structural 9540-01-428-4066 Avl RFQ
CVC10010-23CJ beam structural 9540-01-429-4912 Avl RFQ
CVC10012-164GA beam structural 9540-01-435-9669 Avl RFQ
DAA3121F264-004 fairing aircraft 1560-01-379-5843 Avl RFQ
CV21-901501-1 retainer cylinder 1650-00-703-0796 Avl RFQ
13029756 drive unit angle 3010-01-113-1955 Avl RFQ
CVC1152-5A nut plain hexagon 5310-00-158-5483 Avl RFQ

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