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Manufacturer for CAGE Code 84971

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 84971

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
JSFL09P2242NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-666-0188 Avl RFQ
JSFL04N3431E clamp block 5342-01-649-8700 Avl RFQ
JSFL03RWP22NB clamp loop 5342-01-649-8523 Avl RFQ
JSFL19WA44NB clamp loop 5342-01-650-2178 Avl RFQ
JSFL03RWP19NB clamp loop 5342-01-649-8518 Avl RFQ
TA025228-14HC clamp loop 5340-01-380-7971 Avl RFQ
JSFL02P4HS clamp loop 5342-01-649-8367 Avl RFQ
TA1720SS6T clamp loop 5340-01-599-8103 Avl RFQ
JSFL03WP8NB clamp loop 5342-01-649-8585 Avl RFQ
JSFL07RP0712NB1 clamp loop 5342-01-650-1963 Avl RFQ
TA0230065NB03 clamp loop 5340-01-454-7943 Avl RFQ
JSFL07P1710NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-649-8781 Avl RFQ
TA027016 20 clamp loop 5340-01-661-5586 Avl RFQ
JSFL07RP1012NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-650-1984 Avl RFQ
TA02212H008HB1 clamp loop 5340-01-240-4292 Avl RFQ
TA02214C007NB clamp loop 5340-01-334-2879 Avl RFQ
TA102SS1 06 06 bracket angle 5340-01-461-9258 Avl RFQ
JSFH14-20-1 fireseal aircraft 1560-01-650-7615 Avl RFQ
JSFL04M2311H clamp block 5342-01-649-8613 Avl RFQ
TA520WD18-34 clamp loop 5340-00-400-0012 Avl RFQ
7-611B25037-003 grommet assembly 5340-01-656-1275 Avl RFQ
TA30300631-123 block assembly airc 1680-01-532-0925 Avl RFQ
JSFL09RP1020NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-650-6976 Avl RFQ
TA0910026 clamp loop 5340-01-236-6841 Avl RFQ
JSFL02RWP9NB clamp loop 5342-01-649-8427 Avl RFQ
JSFL07RP2424NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-650-2031 Avl RFQ
JSFL07P0414NB1 clamp loop 5342-01-666-0139 Avl RFQ
TA5000BH022CR02 clamp loop 5340-01-539-0997 Avl RFQ
JSFL09P3034NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-650-2125 Avl RFQ
NAS1716C40ZX clamp loop 5342-01-652-5695 Avl RFQ
JSFL04N3212G clamp block 5342-01-649-8698 Avl RFQ
TA4C87WS18-43 strap retaining 5340-01-080-6060 Avl RFQ
TA20300009 clamp loop 5342-01-650-2205 Avl RFQ
JSFL19WA12NB clamp loop 5342-01-650-2169 Avl RFQ
TA09110GA48FS clamp saddle 1650-01-664-7288 Avl RFQ
TA12C59H20T clamp loop 5340-01-173-3787 Avl RFQ
JSFL09P1220NB1 clamp loop 5342-01-650-2080 Avl RFQ
JSFL03RA6TF clamp loop 5342-01-649-8502 Avl RFQ
TA027043DC19NB clamp loop 5340-01-440-6009 Avl RFQ
JSFL02RWA10HS clamp loop 5342-01-649-8357 Avl RFQ
JSFL09RP2028NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-650-7007 Avl RFQ
JSFL03RWA48NB clamp loop 5342-01-649-8571 Avl RFQ
JSFL02P3HS clamp loop 5342-01-649-8362 Avl RFQ
JSFL09RA1036NB1 clamp loop 5342-01-650-2144 Avl RFQ
JSFL09RP0842NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-650-6974 Avl RFQ
414HS140 1 block hydraulic 1650-01-329-8943 Avl RFQ
TA3030315 001 block assembly line support 1560-01-367-5191 Avl RFQ
JSFL30P1320NB clamp loop 5342-01-666-0237 Avl RFQ
JSFL03RWP16HS clamp loop 5342-01-649-8578 Avl RFQ
TA02208H104NB clamp loop 5340-01-649-2223 Avl RFQ
JSFL02RWA8NB clamp loop 5342-01-649-8421 Avl RFQ
TA0220036NB17 clamp loop 5340-01-455-0689 Avl RFQ
TA0640009R20FSA clamp loop 5340-01-549-0677 Avl RFQ
TA09C89DO40TF clamp loop 5340-01-621-9215 Avl RFQ
TA12300025 15 clamp loop 5340-01-665-3269 Avl RFQ
TA520WD26-40 clamp loop 5340-00-400-0016 Avl RFQ
JSFL02WP26NB clamp loop 5342-01-649-8454 Avl RFQ
TA025035WDC07NB clamp loop 5340-01-348-4989 Avl RFQ
TA02214DC26HB clamp loop 5340-01-325-2862 Avl RFQ
TA11C82WDC17HB clamp loop 5340-01-215-5479 Avl RFQ
TA09C89COR24T strap retaining 5340-01-653-9430 Avl RFQ
TA565D20 clamp loop 5340-01-034-5319 Avl RFQ
TA09110C0 48CR strap retaining 5340-01-351-5440 Avl RFQ
TA1716D5V clamp loop 5340-01-331-4436 Avl RFQ
JSFL04N1221C clamp block 5342-01-649-8633 Avl RFQ
TA12C59H015HB clamp loop 5340-01-539-3902 Avl RFQ
JSFL07RA0611NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-650-2322 Avl RFQ
TA028M014HC26 clamp loop 5340-01-560-4904 Avl RFQ
TA02103DA02TF clamp loop 5340-01-147-4517 Avl RFQ
TA025035WDC26NB clamp loop 5340-01-327-9171 Avl RFQ
TA025035WHO15HR clamp loop 5340-01-329-5164 Avl RFQ
TA13C02WH06 clamp loop 5340-00-510-4606 Avl RFQ
JSFL09P2426HS1 clamp loop 5342-01-666-0167 Avl RFQ
TA0630003 16 clamp assembly retaining 5340-01-661-6264 Avl RFQ
JSFL03WP6HS clamp loop 5342-01-649-8583 Avl RFQ
TA71000879CO05 grommet assembly 5340-01-650-8764 Avl RFQ
TA05102PH24 4HA clamp loop 5340-01-329-7133 Avl RFQ
TA1720H8FG clamp loop 5340-00-808-4165 Avl RFQ
TA0630007 32 clamp loop 5340-01-472-5867 Avl RFQ
TA02112PH02HA5 clamp loop 5340-01-330-6401 Avl RFQ
TA04C74S20T clamp loop 5340-00-680-3361 Avl RFQ
TA0910058-40 clamp loop 5340-01-649-2411 Avl RFQ
JSFL07RA0918NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-650-2333 Avl RFQ
JSFL04N2311A clamp block 5342-01-649-8675 Avl RFQ
JSFL02RWA10NB clamp loop 5342-01-649-8342 Avl RFQ
TA71000292HU15 grommet nonmetallic 5325-01-549-0698 Avl RFQ
JSFL07RA1628NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-666-0151 Avl RFQ
TA4C45 6D clamp loop 5340-01-056-2026 Avl RFQ
TA520D9-17HT clamp loop 5340-00-177-4049 Avl RFQ
TA71000888NB04 grommet assembly 5340-01-650-8771 Avl RFQ
TA08406C025 25HA strap retaining 5340-01-187-1622 Avl RFQ
JSFL07RP1809NB2 clamp loop 5342-01-650-2027 Avl RFQ
TA102D02 12 26 bracket mounting 5340-01-651-5114 Avl RFQ
TA716S11 clamp loop 5340-01-331-4459 Avl RFQ
JSFL03RWA40NB clamp loop 5342-01-649-8513 Avl RFQ
30-302-2C08J16 clamp rectangular a 1680-01-554-6560 Avl RFQ
TA30300631-47 block assembly airc 1680-01-522-3936 Avl RFQ
TA101DO2 06 08 bracket angle 5340-01-631-7650 Avl RFQ
JSFL30RP1719NB clamp loop 5342-01-666-0205 Avl RFQ
JSFL04M1111C clamp block 5342-01-649-8591 Avl RFQ

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